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      in a slummy part of a small town in north dakota

      plane crashes, killing my dad with an axe, a pillar of body parts shooting out of the ground?

      i JUST registered on this site, cuz it seemed helpful.
      one of my recurring dreams is one where im walking around town at night, by myself, which i usually do every night, because i cant fall asleep. but anyways, im walking through town, and the sky doesnt ever look normal in my dreams. its always a weird reddish-brown color, or a greenish-brown. and every few minutes in my dream, 2 low-flying planes crash not even half a block away from wherever i am, and i always try to tell people in my dream about the airplanes, but no one ever believes me, even though its clear to see the airplanes crashing.

      and another one was where i was sitting on the ground, everything was pitch black, and then things came into vision, and i was in the middle of a circle of jets. there was a huge white thing on the back of all the jets that would lift up and crash down and shatter the concrete. i was trapped in the middle of them. then, the jets all turned on simultaneously and i burned.

      and ONE MORE that really scared me, but i couldnt wake up...

      ok in my nightmare, i was in this house, that was like a mix of a bunch fo different houses of people i knew. i was in a room with a pool table, with this guy i liked, and he laid down on his stomach on the pool table, and all of a sudden, a HUGE BLADE comes from the ceiling and cuts his head off o.O an older lady took his head and threw it in a swimming pool, and put his body in a room with a bunch of other bodies. i tried to run to get out of there, but there were hundreds of blades in the ceiling, and i was running up the stairs that loked like they were from my house, and a blade shot down and took off my right forearm. i woke up at this point, but i couldnt move, or stay awake. i closed my eyes again and i was looking at the ceiling, seeing all these different blades in it, and i tried to run to the door without getting cut, and i opened the door, and another blade shot down but i moved my arm. i was standing in the entryway and i opened the shed door, and i was outside and i was on the porch. all of a sudden, i try to wake up again, and when i fall back asleep, im back where i started. this time, me and the guy i like go into the bedroom, and we start touching, and we end up doin it. then my dad walks in and tells us to go on the couch. so we do lol. then, we walked through the house, avoiding the blades, and he goes outside, and i go to the bathroom. when i go in there, that little kid that plays sam on iCarly is taking a bath o.O then it goes into this sick lesbian action, and we go outside after that, and i try to run, but i cant get away from the blades, and they keep falling after i go under them, and i have to keep running, and i run for miles back and forth across town and i cant get away from them. during this, i tried to wake up about 20 times, only to be dragged back into this nightmare in the same spot i was in before. then, i was trapped in the house again, with blades closed in around me. i asked why all these blades were here, and the old lady was like "i need this to finish my work." and she showed me this horriffic bridge that came out of the ground made out of billions of human parts, like sliced off faces, skinned palms of hands, arms, legs, organs, bodies.. it was so real.. and the lady came at me and i was knocked out for a few minutes, and when i woke up (still in the dream) i couldnt talk. she held up a little red box, and said "this is your voice-box." and she put in on the bridge, and hundreds of dead people came over it from out of the ground, and i ran back into the house, and i was trying to tell them what i just saw, but i couldnt talk..

      i seriously couldnt wake up from this nightmare.. i couldnt move to shake my head or anything, i couldnt even talk, i could just open my eyes for a brief second, and they'd close, and id be back where i was before my eyes opened. it lasted 7 hours, and it definitely felt like 7 hours..

      i even did a drawing of what the bridge kind of looked like. i didnt draw ALL the faces, but it resembles it.


      and theres one more with my dad in it. o.O
      i dreamt that i had to kill my dad with an axe to get into a gang, but i couldnt do it, and i was hugging my dad, about to hit him with the axe, and then i started bawling, and i said i couldnt do it, and dropped the axe, and i saw one of the gang guys pick up the axe and get ready to hit my dad, and i shoved dad out of the way, so they killed ME with the axe instead..
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      wow whys that anightmare when you have sex and see lesbian action well the first time i came lucid was a reoccurin dream so u obviously know ure dreaming so become lucid kill the old women and do what u want get out of the mansion imagine somethin?
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