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      me again sorry...

      im kinda of excited about finding this site after 40 years of not knowing i might be able to controll my dreams. i have these series of dreams where im about 3 or 4 feet off the ground and im sort of flying around an old house where my aunt lived and i used to play as a kid (maybe 10 or so) and the same thing at a factory i worked at when i was 17 to about 21 while i was going to school. and and old house where i was maybe 1 or 2 but not as much. im cant see my arms or legs and im on some sort of invisible roller coaster going in circles around the house some nights and the factory on others, im going faster than i could run but not airplane fast, everything is very detailed,ive had them enough that i know im in the dream but i just sort of fade out of it when i realize im having the dream. im not afraid it just weird....any thoughts

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      It is common to dream about places, sights, etc from childhood and your younger years thoughout life.

      Maybe this is your brain forming important connections between current events in your life with your past?
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