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      Exclamation urgent HELP with dream

      here it is :

      I saw my Godmother in dream like wanted to give me some money and i refused money! also I was like saying goodbye to her (like I was about to go someplace), than there was a cute little girl around 3 year old that I picked up and say goodbye to at that point I start to cry , had feeling someone else was looking at me at that point (thinking maybe godmother son, or my husband).

      that's the dream,, why did I cry ?
      Ok now here is part of my real life,,, that maybe can help in undecoding this dream messg. : in my life first have not seen my Godmother for a while as I live in US and she in europe, and think that she is symbol for something (God ? mother?) second currently my walking life confusion is shall I go to visit my husband that lives in europe ,, and I have lots of hesitations about it , as we got married only 6m.ago,, and well not to go into details there was lots of issues there, he keeps calling me, and basically if i don't go good chance is it is over, but I am still undecided , and had to decide today !

      so with dream like that , me crying, me refusing money, me about to go ?, than child,,, HELP ??? will I have regrets if i go, or will i regret if i don't go

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      Well she probably is in the dream because of one thing. Both she and your husband are in europe. dreams use symbols to express something that is common. Thats the key problem here.. maybe you are not sure to go to europe.. its a big question in your mind...

      Understanding your dreams is not going to help you or change your life in any major way. The message of a dream will hit home even if you do not try to interpret it. But it is interesting to see how the brain works and how symbols work. I have collected together a series of correctly interpreted dreams and they will help you understand how dreams work and what kind of issues that they relate to.
      http://www.unclesirbobby.org.uk/dreambookgun.php This page deals with violence within dreams and shows you how to interpret suuch issues

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      Sometimes people are forced to make very hard decisions when they are too weary and sad to do so.

      In this dream you bring a mother figure to yourself. This mother figure has lived a long time and seen many, many things and also had her own hardships.

      This grandmother offers you her help - her money and you refuse the money.

      There is a child - maybe you want children to this marriage and you might also be saying goodbye. Or maybe this is the part in you that is asking to have her needs met and you must also say good bye.

      You are saying good bye to all that is good in your life.

      Can you have counselling to help you with support in a new country? Maybe someone who is female and much older who speaks your mother tongue.

      All the best
      Do not be forced into making decisions you are not ready for.



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