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      I am new here, help please!

      I don't know if this is In the right spot. I just started my dream journal with this entry. Can/do people usually input advice straight to your dream journal or is this in the right spot now? I am pretty confused about my dream and the setup of this forum. Any help would be much appreciated.

      A friend and I are walking around in this vacant storage looking place, just lookin to kill some mo' Fucka's, But wait! Their behind us , talkin shit n what not. Muh homie ain't quick 'nuff can't dodge bullets like I can. (I wanted to write a rap song while writing this down haha, Im a white kid I just like to put enthusiasm into my dreams because otherwise I find writing them down to extremely boring and a waste of my time)
      Anyway, I'm talking about these guys up in a tower off in the distance behind us. I can sence them through the walls like my spidey sense was tingling or something, and I could see them through the wall in my mind. I start to walk out of the warehouse through this huge door to see exactly whats going on. There are these two kids (I think I know them, I'm not sure) and they're shooting staples at me! I run to the nearest cover, which at the moment was a pile of boxes. As staples are whizzing past my face I notice a N-I-C-E Mercedes just chillin there outside of the ware house. Look's something like this

      And I'm like, 'damn, that shit is sexy'
      (Now I'm not sure if this happened before or at the end of the dream so my sequence is all fucked)
      While Im pinned down I cannot remember if my friend got shot by the staples or if he just kept doing whatever it was he was doing. As these idiots keep shooting staples at me I can see them gather around me as they bounce off the walls and everywhere else, so I simply grab a handful and chuck them at one of my enemies. I take him out and am pretty sure the other one starts talking to himself, saying someting like, 'Oh man, he picked up the staples and threw them at you dude! How could we see that coming?' ahaha
      So as my enemies are occupied I make a dash to the Mercedes, which is unlocked. There is a cover over the seats like its there for storage and is in very nice condition I might add. The keys are in the ignition of course, and I immediately speed away. As all this was happening I'm rushing to get away as if the dude was right behind me. Driving this baby is soooo much fun, Its a stick and I am so stoked the whole time I'm driving it. ahaha
      I soon come upon china town.

      Its night time and there aren't anyone on the roads. They are really steep too.

      I'm driftin around these turns like its nothin goin ahundred somethin. I look through my rear view mirror and theres these CRAZY Naked Chinese bitches chasing me on bicycles trying to KILL ME! ahahha
      Im driving from them for a while because It's super fun, but then I decide I've had enough. I come to a stop, and get out of my car. A group of them are coming down a hill really fast and I run up and karate kick the lot of em, knocking them off their bikes. Then I just start jumping on them. ahahhaha

      This whole dream scape had a Chinatown feel to it, but the other side is a really snowy landscape. With mounds of snow everywhere and it was almost as if it was all down hill.
      At some point in this dream I have sex with two chicks. It was pretty sweet.
      When I leave Chinatown it's all snowy with hills. I see a Giant mound of snow with icy cubby holes built all around it. In every cubby there is a naked chick. I called it a 'Snowy Pile of Heaven' and 'My Winter Wonderland'

      I go up to the top of this mound and have sex with the one at the very top, because I thought she was the 'queen' or the giver of ultimate pleasure in this dream world. I will spare the details because it is odd this being my first post and all, I don't know haha, But I do remember every detail vividly.
      I ask her if there is is like a nice little hole in the snow or something we could go. The snow was very warm and soft, It was very relaxing and indulging, you could get lost in it. We were very intimate, it was very strange as if I had met my true love in my dream or something.

      At the end of our 'session' she asks, 'Now, was that the best head you've ever had or what?' Completely ignoring her question, I ask her if she is the best experience this world has to offer. She tells me there is someone, an 'evil bitch or queen' something of the sorts. She asks me If I know of her. I vaguely recall from another dream perhaps that I might know who she is talking about but other than that no.
      She tells me to be weary of her and points me in the direction and I am on my way.

      I think I changed my mind, because now I head to this small house at the end of the snowy hill part with a little bit of pagoda influenced architecture.
      With the red balloon things stringed around alittle bit.

      And their all lit up.
      Anyway I walk inside up to this receptionist desk, and ask for someone. I am let down these stairs and there is Whoopi Goldberg chillin in the corner. Shes smokin something and talking to someone. She looks up and says 'Can I help you?' And I say, 'You know me, we used to be real tight' or something of the sorts. I say this because I think Ive been there before, there is this feeling of dejavu. She looks at the other lady in the room and asks her if she knows me. Deep down I really have no idea whether I knew her or not but I have this memory of being there before. After a while we just sat there and chilled, some of her other friends came down (I think I was the only white person in that room). WHooopi starts blowin smoke rings, aaha like Gandalf.
      She blows some figure, looks at me and says, 'Thats for good luck'.
      A doodle in my journal looks something like this:

      I don't know what to think of this and is was very strange.
      I want to ask some questions, but Im busy wondering and thinking if I've really been here before. I want to ask her if this is a dream, but don't.
      They bring out some snacks, we're eating fruit cake and rice crispies. ahahhaha

      I have a lot of questions, was Whoopi Goldberg my 'Dream Guide'? I know if you don't necessarily believe in anything your dream guide will be a wise old person. Is that what this was? Or does believing this make it come true?
      What should I ask her if I see her next time?
      Has anyone seen this symbol before?
      I was looking up good luck symbols.

      This sort of looks like it. Idk
      What do you think?
      What does this mean? if anything
      Any advice/input at all would be much appreciated.
      This is the best dream I have ever had (so far)
      What about this one?

      And after writing all of this down, when I stood up I had the strangest feeling, I felt intensely enlightened, and as if I had just woken up from something. It was extremely odd I was just looking at everything in my room and saying 'what the fuck?' Like Id never seen any of it before. weird
      Has this ever happened to anyone?

      Oh and I found something really weird in the second picture i posted! If you take the symbol and flip it its pretty much the same as the other one.

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      So that was an amazing dream, and I havn't had any thing even close to its vast awesomeness. It wasn't even a lucid dream either. Currently I am having maybe one ld a month if I am lucky, but not really trying to have any at all.

      I am surprised now, by that dream and how absurd it is. I know I have plenty of ridiculous dreams, so this is beginning to influence me to start a dream journal back up, so I can start to actually remember them.
      I might or might not start posting in here regularly, Im not sure. I might start drawing my dreams too, but again idk.

      I am starting to focus more on meditation now, so hopefully lucid dreams will start to come more regularly.


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