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      Flooded Earth, Meteors

      It starts off with me seeing the Earth. Compared to me it's about the size of a gian beach ball. Blue and green colors surround the Earth like the whole thing is flooded but it's not. People are still living on Earth. The atmosphere is almost non existent but still people survive and can breathe and live.

      So here I am looking down at the Earth in front of me and the sun starts shining on the Earth. Wherever the sunlight touches the Earth the blue and green swirly water stuff goes away, evaporates and beneath it the sun is burning the earth turning it brown and killing everything, turning it into a desert wasteland but people still live in the dry part.

      I get a garden hose from somewhere (oh everything is black, it's like I'm a giant in space with the Earth and the Sun) and I start watering the earth, making the dry places wet again. The sun's burning stops. The water coming out of the hose is also the same blueish green swirly colors (like blue and green paint almost, it's almost that thick and you cant see through it).

      I start watering the coastal areas. I can see where the land descends under the water and so I cover it in the blueish green paint water. Two of my friends live along the coast. Tim Dye and Chris Lima. I call each of them and ask them what's goin on and everything is fine apparently.

      The scene switches and now I'm actually on earth. The sky is now a dark purple and there are huge clouds like a storm is approaching but the clouds are also a deeper purple. The area that I'm in is open and dry, it used to be a city and there are broken buildings and shelters (I guess they are bomb shelters) just concrete boxes almost where people can take shelter.

      Meteors start falling from the sky and the atmosphere isn't there to burn them up before they hit the ground. It's gorgeous because they're red in the purple sky. My friend Margie (my best friend from South Africa) go into one of the shelters. There are a couple of kids sitting against the wall. They're scared and confused. Margie goes to use the bathroom and I go back outside.

      There are still meteors in the sky but they're not hitting the earth anymore. Planes and helicopters and jets are all heading in the same direction, to the North East. A huge helicopter appears and there are TV screens all over it, some are huge and some are small and you can barely make out that it's a helicopter. Each screen has a different image. One has numbers running across it, almost like stocks but it's not stocks... There are statistics flashing on the screens and some screens are showing people on the news.

      Next thing I know, I'm in a house and I can see the jets and helicopters flying by when I look out the window. The meteors are still there but now they're floating and forming patters and folllowing the planes and jets. It's very pretty. I turn and look at everyone in the room. They're watching cartoons on TV. It's my family in the room and I'm pretty sure Daniel's family too. I tell them to turn on the news becuase I want to know what's going on but they ignore me. I ask a couple more times and then they start laughing at me...

      and that's the end of the dream...

      ...a little about me...
      I'm 19, female, college grad, immigrant from south africa, I work for a marketing co as head graphic designer. Since I was little I've had a lot of dreams, a couple about the end of the world or disaster situations. I'm not an environmentalist but I care about the Earth. I love science and space.

      ...a little about the people in my dream...
      Chris Lima, a friend from high school. he's a cook. He is very sarcastic but has great intellectual conversations. I used to have a little crush on him.
      Tim Dye, another of my very good friends. He's a marine and does actually live along the coast. Funny and also makes great conversation
      ... Both of these boys have helped me through tough times
      Margie... she's an old friend. The last time I saw her was about 10 years ago. We found each other through facebook and have been chatting on and off for the past couple of months, not so much recently though.
      Daniel is my soon to be Fiance, I'm very close with his family.

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      Very graphic dream.

      What I took from it is the amount of calmness, and awe of beauty in midst of disaster and world destruction/change.

      Perhaps you are someone who deals with change very easily, and who can see the beauty in everything.

      I don't think destruction dreams are negative things at all, in fact, just the opposite. They symbolize rebirth and the chance for life to regrow after the world has been "cleansed" so to speak. The fact that despite the flooding and meteors, etc., everyone survived and was OK, shows that you have faith that no matter what you and the ones you love can tough things out and can survive any storm.

      I think this is a positive, very poetic, dream.


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