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      Hey All,

      I posted a dream on here quite some time ago and I received great responses. I recently had a few dreams that I am interested in interpreting and wanted to see what other people think. I have listed them below:

      Dream #1: I was in a church and I ran down the steps, while a medicine man was leaving. He was carrying a small backpack and looked me right in the eye. I walked down the hallway towards a figure standing directly in the center of the aisles. He looked at me and pointed a finger towards the medicine women. For some reason, I knew that I needed change. I created six coins with my own hands and then walked towards the spiritual dances in the center of the church. One woman was sitting on a high podium in colorful garb and chanting “good woman” to me as I walked around the various tables. The first one that I stopped at, there was a small Thai/Japanese looking woman in a black cloth rag that covered her entire body except for her face. She was chanting, humming, and dancing in circular movements. She had a beautiful knitted and woven silk cloth on a tiny pedestal on the table that was above an even smaller knitted black container. I turned my hand over and held the coins tight. She saw them, and opened up the top of the tiny container. Inside were magic coins, small mushrooms, and delicate objects. I placed two coins inside and she looked at me intensely. Then, she took out a long, orange circular elongated tube that appeared to be knitted and put one eye through the hole and the other still staring at me. She began to chant and look at me and I switched back from seeing her eye outside of the tube to the inner workings of the tube with her black eye at the end. Then, I looked around and saw various knitted and silk cloths, some were extraordinary in color. One woman had just finished hers and the sunlight poured through the windows to highlight its orange/yellow color. To me, it looked like the sun itself. I traveled to the second and third tables where there were two Japanese children that I had a memory of. I remembered them losing pieces of their scalps and I had thought of them as already dead. They were each sitting on different tables and I was deeply disturbed watching them. Both, nearly dead, had pieces of their scalp knitted back on to their heads just as the centerpieces at the other tables. One of the children, a boy, had his head knitted back but in a very large, conehead shape. He had various decorations and beads attached to the top and sides of his head. He was lying sideways on the table with eyes half open. The girl had one of the containers tied to the top of her head. I didn’t want to open the top to see what was inside. I felt tears rush to my eyes and then moved to the fourth table. On this table, was a boy with beautiful red, black, and yellow decorations covering his head and body. He had three containers and before I opened the tops, I read the outside of each. The words “Fear, Pain, and Hope” were woven on each, respectively. I put the rest of my coins in the “Pain” jar just as he turned around and vomited all over the floor. When he turned around, I was already gone back up the steps. But I still heard “good woman” being chanted by the woman on the podium.

      Dream #2: I am sent to the depths of the forest to make a special soup. I am walking through the dense woods and find a small, brightly lit kitchen that stands on the forest floor. I look in the distance and see my sister sitting on a rock on a mountain peak. She is watching me and it makes me feel very comfortable and secure. I walk into the kitchen and there is a pot sitting on a stove and a fly catcher next to it. I take the fly catcher and turn on the bright lights. I begin catching fireflies, particles of dust, and everything that I can see with the light. Then, I pour it into the pot with warm water that is spurting from a spout that is attached to the wall. Then, I stir and continue finding ingredients. Sometimes I use the fly catcher as a wind shaft to attract nature to me, and other times I use it to catch objects. I kneel on the forest floor and pick wild mushrooms, various plants, fruit, and bugs, mixing it into my soup and stirring it with the warm water. I realize that an Italian chef is suddenly cooking near me and he is making a special pasta sauce. I hear the sauce bubbling and particles of it are flying into the air. I take my fly catcher and secretly catch sauce particles and add it to my soup. I am jumping around, being inspired by the woods around me and the soup is getting higher and higher in the pot. It is an enchanting summer night. There are so many flavors and objects stirred into the warm water. I stir it in big circles and then take a large spoonful up to my lips. I wake up.

      Dream #3: I am standing in a convention center flooded with people of all ages. There are various games being played and entertainment all around me; groups singing and dancing, different craft activities. I am slowly walking around, taking in all of the activity, when suddenly I peek behind a large, thick pole in the center of the room and observe a group that is standing from their chairs. One of the girls in the group is laughing and everything becomes silent in my mind. I can no longer hear anything around me but her laugh. Suddenly, I glance at her teeth and my eyes become a magnifying glass and close in on her teeth. They are very sharp and I see trails of blood along her lips. I realize that they are vampires. They slowly walk towards the center of the room and their faces become pale. Everyone looks to them and I know what is about to happen. I find an axe on the floor and run to the back door of the center and start smashing the windows and locks open. As I run out the door, everyone is following me and I turn around to see a mass of people running and screaming. I turn around and in horror see blood everywhere, vampires violently ripping people’s necks open and limbs flying towards the ground. We are all running towards the woods and I am the leader. The woods are a dark red color and there is mass chaos all around me. As I run to the edge of the red woods, there is a bus attached to a gondola wire. I go on the bus and it begins to move. As I look towards the back of the bus, I see various vampires hissing and staring at me. They have unusually thick necks. I run to each seat that they are in and violently twist their heads one by one and take their eyes out. Then, I move on to the next. I use my axe to smash the back door of the bus open and run into the red woods. I hear hundreds of people screaming behind me. The red woods turn into a vertical forest. It is entirely black; the forest itself is like a cave that you enter into and it works its way vertically, almost like climbing a tunnel of branches higher and higher. I am climbing to the top and look down to see various people, vampires, and death all below me. I find a small cave within the forest and step into it but soon realize that they would be able to smell my flesh. I continue up the forest and come out of a hole. I jump out of the hole and run towards brightly lit meadows. I am running through the meadows with a steadily decreasing number of people behind me. I jump head first into a cool river and begin swimming. I duck my head underwater and see a horrible face coming towards me. Then, I realize that there are vampires ahead of me in the river. I come up to the surface as the current carries me and twist the neck of the vampire but am too weak to finish the job. A man behind me with a long ponytail takes the eyes out. We continue this buddy system down the river, me twisting the heads and my friend ripping the eyes out. We end up at the end of the river and it simply stops with a large patch of grass continuing onward. All of the survivors, about ten total, are sitting on their knees in the river and facing the opposite direction. I do the same and then suddenly see myself slowly and slowly from more of a distance. By the time I am seeing myself from a sky perspective, I feel a sensation in my hands and it slowly focuses out to my own hands holding a tiny screen that holds this image. Then, I wake up.

      Dream #4: I am standing in a thick swamp with a heavy fog surrounding me. I look to my right and left and see my family alongside me. It is a beautiful summer day and this swamp is surrounded by a dense woods and the sound of frogs and wood thrushes. We are swimming in the mist and I dive underwater. I can actually feel the softness of the weeds and algae moving against my cheek. The water is murky but a perfect temperature. The water itself feels like silk against my skin and its contents are deeply refreshing. As we swim down the waterway, I see an elf pop out of the water. He is wearing the algae and he has large ears and a friendly smile. He briefly speaks to me and points a long finger in a direction that cannot be seen because of the heavy fog. So, we continue onward in his direction, having brief moments of swimming underwater and seeing nothing at all. We eventually come to a clearing and the swamp turns into a beautiful, small lake that is surrounded my rolling hills. My family and I turn around on our backs and swim with our legs kicking as we watch the sunset over the swamp. I can feel the silky waters underneath my arms and feel the sun beating on my face. I feel entirely free at this moment. I look to my right and there are old fisherman standing on a hill at the water’s edge and waving to us. I can see them become shadows as the sun is setting through the trees. I am the leading swimmer and I can see my entire family behind me. The sun is reflecting on their bodies. This is when I wake up.

      Dream #5: I am in my own apartment and there is a new garden in the backyard. I sit in the garden and I am warned by a family member that there is a Bengal tiger who dwells nearby. I pay no attention and figure that he is tamed and sit there anyway. I am sitting in a lawn chair in this garden and I see a small underground tunnel where the garden door should be, which is now completely smashed in. I look down the dark tunnel and I see a set of large eyes and hear a low growling. I realize that it's the tiger, and he could attack at any minute. I quickly leap up and run through the door, slamming it shut. I tell my family but nobody pays any mind to it. Then, I go back outside to investigate. My mother is already sitting out on the lawn chair and suddenly I see the tiger jump up through the hole in one great leap. He is incredibly large with a fierce growl and I begin to run away. The tiger eyes me and sets forth for me. He jumps on my back and attacks me, severing my arms and hands. Trainers suddenly appear and take him back, chaining him against the walls of our garden. I have severe injuries but as I walk inside, they suddenly disappear into scars. I look outside the back window and see everyone cuddling with the chained tiger that had just attacked me. Once inside, I get a phone call from a man who tells me that I am to go on a journey with seven other people who have experienced miracles. Since I survived a tiger attack and healed so quickly, they wanted to do an experimental journey and take us to a different reality. Suddenly, I am in a different world: the people are futuristic and come from nationalities that I have never seen before: green and blue skin, metallic head wear. We begin in a field on top of a cliff, with the largest city I have ever seen below, surrounded by miles and miles of ocean. We are wearing stilts and have to walk through the fields without falling. I am the second to go. The first person wanders through the wrong path, being bit by various plants along the way. The instructor yells at him and tells him that he will not be seen again. A pack of demon-looking creatures carry him away in broad daylight as he kicks and screams. We walk down the path that leads to an underground cave. Inside the underground cave, there are thousands of people at work and sweating, also there is a convention center attached with various movies playing. We all walk down, and he tells us to walk through a long hallway in which there will be dozens of elevators and we must pick the right one. As we walk down the hallway, we enter door # 2 containing elevator # 2. I explore down the hallway a bit and see people disappear into different elevators. Some are group members that we were with. We have a group meeting inside the second door and everyone agrees that this is some sort of sick game in a sick world. I still believe, and tell them, that it is for good reason and it means opportunity. We enter the elevator and rise up and up to the outside world we had previously been in. Now, we are much higher up and on top of a cliff with the ocean an incredibly far way down. Now, the instructor tells us that we all have to jump and fly across to the connecting piece of land that seems miles away. Some brave souls jump and sure enough, they begin to fly. I jump along with them and fly also. We are flying across, although unsteadily, and I realize that I am flying on top of someone. I feel as if I might be hurting them, so I move to the side and break free from them, and suddenly start falling at a rapid rate. Everyone who is also parallel to me begins falling at a rapid rate and we all hit the water. The instructor is yelling, "fly! fly!" and we are swimming as fast as we can in the water with everyone above us. As we get closer to the edge of the land, our wings work again and we fly up and up, landing on the edge of the other cliff. Now, we walk through beautiful fields and mountain peaks to enter our "final challenge", so our instructor says. We are on another cliff with a wooden structure in front of us. There is a small bar near our knees and then further more, a square wooden hole, just big enough to fit our bodies, containing a chemical substance which floats through the shape and connects to each side of the wood. We are told that we are to jump through the hole, simply that. We figure that this is another flying exercise. The first person runs and jumps, making it perfectly through the shape. He takes some of the chemical with him. As he jumps through, he disintegrates into thin air. The instructor tells us, "that's because he didn't believe in himself enough. That is what will happen." Now, frightened as we all are, the second person runs and jumps, starting out as a butterfly but then disintegrating once he is above the ocean. "He never had enough faith in himself" the instructor says, grinning eerily. Now, it is just myself and as I now realize, my childhood friend. Apparently, everyone else had done something wrong and died or disintegrated on our journey. My friend breathes in and out and then jumps through, taking most of the chemical with her. She turns into a beautiful blue butterfly, the color of the sea and as large as a prehistoric bird, and flies away, happily fluttering in the air. Now, I am the last to go. This is it. There is suddenly a countdown visible in the chemical. It counts down from 30 and then restarts itself. I can't seem to jump yet. Then, I look to the last remaining chemical bit that I must jump through, at the bottom of the wood, and it reads "undisclosed". Then, I realize, I must jump through it. I breathe, look at my healed scars from the Bengal tiger, get a running start, jump, and then it's over.

      I am in Australia at the Olympic volleyball championships. I am in the sand and surrounded by miles of beautiful ocean. My friend and I are told that we are to sub in for two injured players. We know nothing about volleyball. We walk in to play with the rest of the team, and as soon as we know it, the game is started. Every time the ball is hit to me, my hand won't move correctly and the ball moves only an inch and lands on the ground. This happens three or four times. The team looks frustrated every time that we have a break. We are in a tiebreaker now and my friend and I must hold our own to help the team win. Suddenly, I realize that I have the ball in my own hands. I know that catching the ball is completely incorrect but the team stands in this tribal-like circle and tells me "the ball is hot! you have to pass it to someone using an overhead pass!" I am confused but I do it anyway and then that person spikes it over the net. We win that point. I don't know what I just did but apparently it worked. Now, it's the last point and the ball is coming towards me. On a loudspeaker, a person yells, "that person is going to have to slide to get that one" and I slide on the sand on my knees, trying to make it to the ball. I finally get to it but bump it far away, into the ocean. It's over. The team walks to a large mountain of sand where other spectators are, and plops down. I walk with my friend and we go up to this hill. She is snapping photos at the top of the incredible open space with miles and miles of blue ocean ahead of us. I simply stand there and let the warm breeze hit my face, amazed that this place even exists. As she snaps photos, the team members talk to one another, and the spectators relax, I stand there, shoulders straight, looking at the ocean, and repeat five times "I want this to be my home".

      Dream #6: I was at a public school and trying to use these ladders that you ski up one by one. Once you reach the top via skis, you can ski down a fake slope that they had built. Before I got to the top, someone whispered to me “this place is going to be raided soon, there is going to be a school shooting”. I was frightened and ran through the doors of the school. The doors suddenly went on lock down and there were security guards at each one. I tried to get back in and there was a man with a machine gun standing next to a man without one. He told me that he lost his. He was standing with his son. He asked for my ID but I didn’t have it so I couldn’t get back in. I had to wait at the doors. Suddenly, I looked ahead outside and saw a group of 10 clowns with angry painted faces. They were giants, at least 9 feet tall. They started terrorizing people and looked violent. I screamed and ran back into the school. Everywhere I looked, they were shooting people. I ran out to the back of the school, where everywhere I looked, it was lush, green grass. I started running past children, although slowly because my feet would not move fast enough. I could hear gun shots in the room and every chance I had, I would tell people that there is someone bad in there. They didn’t listen. I was using my hands to crawl up grassy hills, one by one, slowly getting further from the clowns. I was on my fourth hill and there were two kids playing baseball, one black and one white. They were in this little crevice of the hill and I remember feeling at peace for a moment. I ran above the hill and onto the road. I was running down a tree-lined street that looked dark because of all of the shadows that hit it. I ran into someone’s house and started crying, nobody was home. I was filing through unknown papers. I ran to another house that had a junkyard in the front, right next to a pond and I hid behind a tree. A junk car came roaring into the driveway and they spotted me. I started crying and told them that I needed a ride, just five minutes down the road, to a place called Coventry (this is where I live in real life). They told me “okay, no problem” and I tried to tell them that there was a massacre happening at the school. They paid no attention to me. As we were driving, the car started floating up and then back down every once in a while. It was like a feather. We pulled into my apartment complex and suddenly I saw the clown car drive by. They pointed into my complex but then shook their heads and kept driving. My heart stopped. I thanked them and ran into the building, to try and hide the commotion. I ran in and my “neighbors” (I have never seen them before) were greeting me, all very friendly. They walked into my apartment and started spraying water everywhere for some reason. I particularly remember one woman-she had short blond hair and was always smiling. I glanced out the window and saw the clown car coming. They got out and started having some sort of parade with their guns and were deciding where to go. They pointed up to our apartment where our faces were visible in the window and started running towards the door. I screamed and yelled to go to the back office. We went through but the door was locked. We could hear a clown slam the front door and yell “ta-da”!. I pummeled through an old door and we looked down to see intertwined pieces of wood that were near impossible to get through. I tried to squeeze through one and the blond woman was screaming “faster, faster, please, I’m so frightened”. I looked at her and she had lost all of her hair-she was bald. She began talking with the clown but he did not yet kill us. I looked further behind the clown and saw a heavy prostitute smoking a cigarette. Suddenly, I ran across the boards of wood and jumped out of the window. The other neighbors followed me. My sister, mother, and father were also with me at this point. We were running and got to a grassy hill. They started shooting at us so we took off down the hill. We were all running in slow motion and I was like an animal, clutching the grass to try to get more speed. I remember having a feeling that the running was beautiful, all in slow motion with feet sometimes levitating up and back down again. The grass was almost blurry because of a light fog that was over it. I turned back to see how much feet they had gained on us but they were sitting on the hill. I asked my father, “why aren’t they following us”? “they never go to the clown shop, they refuse to go there” my dad said. We ran into this small store that had clown supplies in it. Many masks, clown suits, and makeup. I was fascinated by a particular mask and wanted to bring it with me to wear. It was a painting of a landscape at night but drawn in the form of a face. I took it with me and we started running, only to look behind us and see the clowns pointing at us and running towards us. We made it to a young boys’ baseball game. All of the kids were excited to see us and we told them that we were in trouble (as we were running). Everyone separated and I was with my sister, alone. As we were running, I remembered that we were supposed to drive to the ocean tomorrow. I knew that we probably wouldn’t survive today, though. We got past the baseball game, past the crowd, and were walking up a hill towards another school. We slowed our pace, even though we could hear the clowns in the background coming. Suddenly, a beautiful and slow theme from an Italian opera started playing. We were surrounded by bright apple trees. My sister said “we can try to climb up one of those apple trees if you want”. She looked tired, though. I said, “yeah, maybe”. The song was still playing. She looked at me, smiled, and said “so what is the best part about the ocean we’re going to?” and I looked at her, thought for a minute while trying not to cry, and said “the waves”. We walked on towards the apple trees and the music was still playing in the background. I remember looking at the top of the tree and thinking that both of our bodies wouldn’t hide behind the small leaves.


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