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      really strange dream

      OK I first started off in my local Asda/Wal-Mart and i went to buy my favourite chocolate bar and the lady said you know you can have this one... its the same just in a different shape. And so i was like ok then took it. Then the shops started to change into a cinema and there were loads of people sitting down in their seats and went and got mine. My chair was reclinable though and even if i didnt want to i went back but most the time i wanted to. However, it made a loud noise when it did and one time it went all the way back and i fell off. But the film hadn't started and some guy was at the front talking to everyone. So he said something about me making loads of noise etc. and everyone turned around and laughed and i just put my hand up to show it was me and had a joke about it myself. Then the film started I cant quite remember what happened in the film, but everyone seemed to be able to move their seats and everyone carried them to the front, and people kept moving around. I also moved up to the front then i went back a bit so i could see the whole screen.

      Now i dont know what happened but the whole scene changed. I was in my old school, which i haven't been to in a year, with some other people i didnt know. I dont usually recognize people in my dreams. But we were all hopping around in sleeping bags for some reason and about 5 of us were all in a line trying go to the concrete football area. But I was at the back and we were supposed to go right but they all went straight on, onto the field. I think they were running away from these 2 brown hens, or just wanted to go that way. Anyway I said we need to go this way so I went back and the hens were trying to get this other guy in a sleeping bag. And sometimes they would come to me but not really. Then i started shouting and making noises for them to go away from him and me.

      Thats pretty much all i can remember. It's quite a strange dream haha. However, before you interperet the dream you should probably know a couple of things. One is that im pretty sure it is to do with my ex and her bf. Basically my ex really hurt me in the break up etc a few lies here and there too so i wouldnt get too mad but i found them out anyway. She met her new bf only a week ago, the day before my birthday, which is when she dumped me. Now she doesnt want her bf to know that we broke up the day after they met because she thinks it would ruin their relationship which came only 4 days after we broke up which was 5th day of her knowing him. I still have feelings for her so im trying to be nice and we worked things out and i said i wouldnt say. But when i woke up the first thing i thought is that i might tell him anyway.

      Also another bit of info, im going camping next week, with friends, and the week after, with family. The second time we are going right near where my ex lives and we said only a few days before we split up we would see each other sometime that week.

      Thanks for your help

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      Familiar comfort/love in your life is changing( the changing candy bar). You are watching other people participate in activities rather that actively participating yourself. (you are hearing about your girlfriend's new guy rather than being that guy) Others are trying to get different views of “something”. (Is this your girlfriend getting a different view on a different guy?) You disrupted the other's view and were criticized. (Did you try to talk to her or someone about her and were criticized ?) You tried self-depreciating humor to take the pressure off of an embarrassing event in this breakup. Others are changing their views (opinion on the relationship) and you tried to change yours(your opinion about her) but you had to return to where you previously were.(you can’t stop thinking about your old girlfriend even though you tried to change this feeling)

      You then went on a adventurous journey with friends that give you positive, warm feelings. Your girlfriend is probably one of these people jumping....jumping away. You are headed for some place “hard” or “difficult =the cement/the breakup/ or your camp out near the ex-girlfriend’s house. You believe that your friend(girlfriend?) is making a bad choice about the journey’s direction (went the wrong way) because she is afraid (chicken). Your one friend in the sleeping bag is being attacked by many fears.(This is your girlfriend or you.) You are making a noisy commotion (beotching a lot? or calling her frequently?) to help stop the fears or emotional pain(chickens).
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