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      bloody nose and congestion

      P.S. - Sorry this is so long, I can get pretty particular when I'm writing dreams out.

      I've had two dreams now in which I had serious congestion, and weird stuff and/or blood came out of my nose. Both times I've been really wanting to know what it's meant, because it's been tied to people who have done serious emotional damage to me. In both instances, I seemed to have forgiven them completely (one is my step father and one is my best guy friend who I was in love with but who wasn't gay [but who "tried to be" anyways]--both inadvertently played with my feelings by telling me they loved me but never really showing it).

      In the first one, all I remember is that I was on my university campus, and then I went up into a room. The room was the kitchen in the apartment of my best childhood friend, the one best friend I had before the guy I have feelings for became my best friend instead. I went into the kitchen closet (I don't remember why), and was sitting on the floor with my friend (the one I have feelings for) and we were talking like everything was okay and we could be comfortable around each other. Then my nose was really, REALLY congested (I don't remember how sudden it was). I couldn't breathe, but I didn't really panic because of it. I think I tried to blow or pick my nose, and then something came out that really shouldn't be in one's nose. It wasn't exactly a bug, but I feel like it was some kind of small object that moved. It stayed in my peripheral vision on the floor. I woke up soon after that.

      There's a lot of connections I've made that are too complicated to explain here (like my best friend telling me he's gay and has feelings for me, and then telling me he's wrong, and we're both in a closet in the dream), but the congestion is the one thing I just don't understand.

      Just now I had a second dream: I was in a car with my mom and step-dad (who are no longer together in real life, or in the dream). We're talking about my plans for the weekend and it's really complicated, but my step-dad is going on a camping trip in two days and I really want to go with him for some reason. It's not an actual desire so much as just a fact, that I am going with him. I don't have any real feelings about it in the dream, it's just like I'm in my body but I'm detached from my actions. The thing is, my step-dad's plans are really unclear and my mom's angry because she doesn't know how the whole thing will work out (it was clearer why in the dream). We drive up to the house my mom and sister currently live at, and my step-dad goes in. I tell my mom I'll be right back out to the car and follow him. In the house (the layout inside is exactly the same as in real life, but the furniture is more sparse), my step-dad has two new friends which don't exist in real life, and he starts using a computer and then they kind of start playing Dungeons and Dragons (which I've never seen him play), but in a REALLY serious way, like they are NOT playing it like just a game. Meanwhile, I try to talk to him about the plan for camping, but he kind of ignores me and seems both upset about the fact that I never talk to him and excited that I am talking to him. He keeps trying to show me things he's interested in, but I honestly don't care at all and at this point I feel like I pity him and am doing this out of some sort of guilt.

      Then my nose gets congested, the congestion is so bad that I can feel it in the back of my throat, like mucus is running down constantly and out my nostrils--it's really thick and almost impossible to get out. I kind of try to cough it up, like it's filling my throat, and then I ask if I can use the restroom. It's the same bathroom that's in the house in real life, and I go in and try to cough mucus up into the sink and blow my nose. I keep trying to breathe after each time, and I feel like my nose won't get clear. Again, I'm not panicking about it, I'm just really uncomfortable. Then I blow my nose and the mucus is really bloody. I clear it out enough to breathe, and meanwhile I've been hearing them play D&D and I have some pretty vivid memories of what they were talking about while playing. I go back out (and can sort of breathe) and try one last time to figure out what my step-dad's plan is, and he finally admits that he has none, he might be taking a bus or carpooling to go camping, and at this point I feel like, "What am I doing? I don't want to go camping with him and this plan sounds lame and boring." Out loud I tell him hesitantly that I have nothing better to do (in the past couple of years I've been able to remember precise dialog in dreams). He still makes his plan sound really uncertain, but seems to want me to stay and hang out with him or something. I slowly explain that I'm going and say goodbye, and I get the sense that he's upset.

      I walk out to the car, which is now lacking backseats and is a completely different model, and think of telling my mom "You know how he is" if she asks why I took so long, but she's really happy about something or finds something really funny. Even though it was the last event in the dream, I don't remember what it was, and then I woke up.

      Both dreams are filled with tons of details that I understand completely. I usually don't attribute much meaning to many things in my dreams, I know exactly what they're from, and I see them as either random combinations of details or just really fun adventures full of stuff I've never experienced. Sometimes, though, weird stuff happens that never usually happens and is kind of disturbing, and I wonder why. I kind of wonder if when these happen congestion things in the dream, I am actually unable to breathe in real life while I'm sleeping, but I wake up and can breathe fine.

      I wonder about it so much because it is a very REAL sensation, more real than any physical sensation I have in any dreaming other than lucid dreaming. I could feel the mucus running down my throat and coming out my nose. I don't know what that has to do with feelings of forgiveness or unreturned love.

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      I agree that there's a good possibility of you notbeing able to breathe in real life. I've come up with two things...
      Although it's very likely you'd know upon waking up, it is possible you could be crying in these dreams, as they cleary bring up a lot emotion for you. So then you become congested from crying and your breathing change then registers in your dream. I doubt this, but you never know.
      Also, do you move as soon as you wake. It could be that your laying in a way that your bedsheets or pillow are making it harder for you to breathe. But you wouldn't be able to notice this if you roll over upon waking.

      Or maybe, the congestin is just symbol of frustration and that things are "blocked" up?

      Have a nice day! =]


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