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      civic centre

      In my dream I am with my boyfriend and we go into this run down part of a city.

      There is a civic centre, it is a very ugly building, with other tall buildings sprouting off from it, which people live in. So some parts of the building are run down shops, some are offices and some are apartments/flats.

      We climb an outdoor staircase which leads us to a roof top and I go into one of the offices to find that the night class I attend is going on in there.

      Me and my partner join the class, but the teacher wants to know why my partner is sitting in with us. My partner says it is to protect me, but that we are also going to a party together after the class has finished.

      I make some joke that my partner thinks he is going to party but I wont let him and the class all laugh, including my partner.

      Next we are outside climbing around the strange sprawling stone step stairs that lead around the building. Until we get to the flat where the party is. We go inside and it is very cosy, but there are only three of us. My partner, me and this strange guy.

      I take a dislike to this guy, I feel that he may be some kind of criminal and may try to involve us in things, I just want to leave and I am trying to leave without upsetting the man.

      This was the point I woke up. My circumstances are me and my partner are in a settled relationship, both have good jobs and no connection to anything criminal, but my partners wallet was stolen whilst he was in work, so maybe this is something to do with it
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