Hi, My name is Michaelis and I am a 20 year old girl. I love music and my favorite band is AFI. Well I just had a nightmare involving the lead singer from AFI, Davey Havok.

Okay, So in my dream Davey has started this program thing to hang out with fans and such for a day. Its like a contest. Well he finds himself visiting an insane asylum. I do not know why he is visiting one but he is. Well there is this girl who is screaming with both sets of vocal cords. It was very disturbing. She said while screaming that she wanted to kill Davey, and that demons would. She was also locked in this consent state of fear. She is strapped to a chair in this room filled with mirrors so any angle this girl looks, she sees herself. This lead me to believe she was schizophrenic. So Davey tries to leave because he was scared of the girl but finds out he can't. The doctors there wanted to try an experiment where they would put Davey in his state of fear... That is where the dream ends. I woke up shaking and nearly crying. I also got sick soon after and threw up. Can anyone tell me what this dream could mean?