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      Post Disturbing Nightmares

      This is a post taken from another forum that describes a dream I have had and it's strange effects. Even though it happened a while ago, I'm scared that this thing will come "back" in my mind and I would love to hear what you guys think this means.

      This is exactly all the details I can remember of it.

      I woke up in my bed but nobody was there. I was a bit freaked out so I walked downstairs and suddenly saw every single person I had ever spoken to ever in the TV room. They were all sitting down, their eyes glued to the TV. They were watching what was my favorite movie at the time. I tried to sit down with them, but there wasn't enough space. I went into the kitchen to watch it from a far distance, since there was no where else to.

      Then it just got stranger.
      In the back of my kitchen is a door. The dream was from the point of view so that you could both see me sitting down and the door. A shadow started to approach the door. A really freaking weird shadow. I can still recall it. It's head was SUPER deformed and it had a very long neck. I never saw the rest of the body, I don't think.
      In the dream I had no idea that the shadow was approaching, but my subconscious self knew. I had to watch as the shadow slowly got closer and closer. It got SO freaking close. It was just about to grab me, but before that ever happened I always woke up.

      I had the exact same dream just about every other night for three years. None of them were different in any way.

      It was super disturbing to me, but it gets even stranger.
      I found out that if I slept on one side of the bed, I would not have any nightmares. If I slept on the right side, I would have that exact nightmare. I tested this out several times and started to sleep on that side. I was seriously not bothered by that dream again until after I moved.

      When I was 11 in a completely different house, I had a dream involving the shadow from my dream. I can only remember bits of it, but I do remember that the background of the dream was all pitch black. A circle of people were holding hands together and candles lit the room. The shadow was there.
      Then, I CAN'T get this out of my memory no matter how hard I try:

      The shadow turned on a flashlight, but his face was still not revealed. (I don't think he had one.) In a raspy and disturbing voice, it whispered "I. Will. Be. Back."
      After that, I've never dreamed of him again. I am thirteen years of age now and this still scares the hell out of me.

      Do you guys have any idea what this could have meant?
      It is also worth noting that in one dream I did realize that I was in the nightmare. I was able to control my facial expressions but I could not move. This is the closest to lucid dreaming I have ever gotten.

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      It does sound scary. My sister has a similar experiences with shadows but I have never experienced anything in that nature.

      I do my normal preparation every night I wish to have a lucid dream and this might help you. Its mostly based on Robert Monroe's Gateway experience Wave I and it goes like this.

      Do the resonant tuning, prepare your resonant energy balloon. Basically you increase your energy and control of it so no one can interferer with it if you wish. To me it works and i haven't had anything freaky happen. After that you state your affirmation and i have customized it for myself. The whole thing is mostly based on what you think influences your experience of life.

      This could be useful if your subconscious is creating this character purely out of your imagination, but if this shadow character is from another world wanting something from you then i simply do no know how to help you.

      I have read somewhere how this could be a night dweller character and a good way to get it to stop appearing is simply not being scared of it. Basically you ask for it to appear to show that you are not scared of it. If your intent and belief is convicted to those points the character will not show itself or bother you because it does not want to appear weak.

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      The scene indicates a situation in which you have gone from a state of unawareness to one of awareness. (woke up in my bed) What seems to be freaking you out is the realization that your mental attitude is not apparently being shared by others. (nobody was there) You are putting yourself into a losing position in relation to a point of view focused upon some conscious fantasy. (walked downstairs toward the TV room)

      The people in the TV room represents aspects of yourself – reflecting all those ideas you have thought there is something to be said for them, that is, something to recommend them. With these ideas in mind you are emotionally focused upon your favourite self delusions and illusions (all watching my favourite movie)and making them the object of a conscious fantasy. (movie on TV) While you would try to rest at ease with this fantasy (tried to sit with them) your thoughts leave no place for the True Self. When going to use a point of view in which to make plans for future satisfaction (went into the kitchen) you would put more distance between yourself and what you favour to consciously fantasize about. (watch it from a far distance)

      When using a point of view in which plans can be made to give you future satisfaction – a point of view that also lets you rest at ease distancing yourself from your favourite fantasy – this point of view appears to be providing an opportunity for you to become aware of an idea represented as the shadow. (shadow approaches from the door) The shadow represents an idea or way of thinking you have that is unenlightened or unintelligent. (as a shadow only exists where no light falls) The logic applying to this idea seems very unnatural (it's head was SUPER deformed)and the idea appears to convey much risk. (had a very long neck) You are aware of the unintelligence of an idea or way of thinking but only on a subconscious level and subconsciously aware of it closing in on you. (got so freaking close) You may need to really wake up – come to a greater conscious awareness - before this unintelligent idea or way of thinking gets a real hold upon you and become caught or ‘had’ by it. (wake up before it grabs me)

      [The fact that the nightmare occurs while sleeping on one particular side of the bed is not actually so strange. The side of the bed you sleep on symbolically represents resting completely at ease while feeling yourself being ‘in the right’ or ‘in the wrong’{on the left}. If the nightmare comes while on the right, it would imply that you cannot really rest at ease thinking you are in the right. This would seemingly pertain to the message of this nightmare.]

      The dream when 11, emphasizes the lack of light or intelligence being used. It shows a situation about which you are ‘in the dark’. The circle of people reflect an aspect of yourself, an aspect that makes you emotionally feel part of a spiritual circle, one which is using a very poor source of light, knowledge or intelligence. The candles are what Scripture refers to as ‘the light that is but darkness’ – meaning that while you think you have light, you are still really in the dark. Note how the background is all pitch black.

      In this kind of situation a place is found for the shadow – for an unintelligent idea or way of thinking. The light or knowledge coming of this unenlightened way of thinking is shown as being nothing but man-made knowledge or intelligence (shadow turns on a flashlight) While this way of thinking speaks to you, that is, it addresses your needs or concerns, it does not leave you at ease. (a disturbing voice) While unenlightened thinking seems to offer a promise, this promise could also be regarded as a threat to you. (I.Will.Be.Back.) [Note these are the often quoted words from the movie ‘The Terminator’. This gives you an association between unenlightened thinking and termination or death. What lacks the light or intelligence of God becomes a threat to your spiritual wellbeing.]


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