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      dreamt about dying

      To provide some context: I just had a fight with my best friend over something really stupid. Everyone I have talked to has told me that I did nothing wrong for my friend to be so obnoxious. The fight, I believe, was the end of our longtime friendship (we were roommates freshman year of college). I haven't talked to him since it happened and I have no intention of apologizing because I did nothing wrong. Still, it saddens me to lose a friend.

      Anyway I had a dream last night that I was in the back of SUV with my now former friend driving along a road right next to a large lake. The car was driving relatively fast (as my friend usually does) and we were winding down the road right next to a dropoff that led into the lake. As the lake came into full view as we were going around a sharp turn I said "wow look at the scenery!" because the lake was just so beautiful. Right as I said that the car flew off the road into the deep lake. I was in the car which was rapidly filling with water struggling to escape when I suddenly woke up very unnerved by the whole dream.

      What does this dream mean? What is the significance of my friend driving the car and what is the significance of the car plunging into water, which probably would have resulted in my death in the dream had I not woke up suddenly.

      Any input would be greatly appreciated.

      - Tom

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      I have been wondering about "death dreams" myself. I had a dream where I got electrocuted. I felt it and everything. I was locked up and could not move. I remember thinking I did not want to die and slowly my sound cut and everything went black. What seems like a few minutes later I awoke and I thought "Phew, that was a close call". It was a very strange experience, in fact its part of the reason why I started to try and lucid dream again and found this site.

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