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      nightmare drives me insane

      well, i will begin by stating that i am age 14 and in six days will be 15. i have a great mind that is always wondering, perhaps this is why i have come to this site. my issue over a nightmare began about one week ago. i wil begin by explaining key points in my nightmare. all of the lights i turned out in my house or attempted to turn on had a strange blueish glow to the filliment, reagrdless of the suspicious activity i proceeded to my bedroom but when my light didnt turn on i yelled "mom" and proceeded to my door which was slightly open. when a iwas maybe two feet from the door it flew open, not hitting me but throwing me backwards (like a force) and then when i fell on the ground a massive dark figure with no features, accept for being entirly dark and black figure ran in my room and proceeded to jump and kneel on my chest, this lead to my awakening. for more detail, i saw the man dive on to my chest from a third person perspective, and after being thrown back i layed on the ground, in addition to being thrown i heard a distant scream perhaps it was me? now to the emotional aspect of the horrible occurance, i was un scared until the dorr flew open throwing me backward, at that point i felt like i had just experienced a big drop on a rollercoaster, the emotions were pure like almost refreshing and i enjoyed it. i felt panic and scared and angrey and raged and all sorts of things that i dont incorperate in my daily life. moving towards my last point, my life is bleak and boring i am too passive and nice regardless of what upsets me i can put it behind me. the first thing i thought upon awaking was RAGE, then i fell asleep. so my interpritation of the dream would be that because i am too passive even though there are millions of things that should make me very angry, and that it was an emotion by the name of rage that broke in my room and it was trying to get inside me and it threw me back because it was powerful, plus i belive it was just a huge shadow because it is not a person but rather an emotion. on top of all this i should have rage because in my life i have never held a grudge i have never felt true hate or rage or aggression and infact most of my life has no emotion i rarely get sad, mad, or upset. but i do feel like i have alot of things in my life that have built up that i have never been able to let out, and i belive its trying to get inside me and make me angry. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, IT IS RIPPING ME IN HALF EBERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT! PLEASE HELP.

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      I have one comment.
      You have come to the right place to fix this nightmare.
      Welcome To The forum where you learn to lucid dream.
      If you learn to lucid dream, you can easily forget this nightmare.
      Hang in there, and try to learn how to LD to solve this. It is quite easy. Drop by in the chat room sometime, and you can get an answer almost instantly to your questions.
      Good Luck Friend!
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      this happens in almost every ld i have. the dark shape/figure is a representation of fear in my case. just fear and nothing more. If i want to get away from the place where i am , usually my room, i just think ,i mean think as hard as you can, concentrate on a single thing or use hate, hate towards the dark figure. get out of the place and close the door. and if this will be bugging you after you start lding just move the sun to make it morning xD . i know it may not make sense but it's very easy. Hope you can get over it. or another approach would be talking to the creature in a cordial way. ask it how are you? what are you doing here? but not with fear,ask it in the same way you would ask a friend. you might get a surprise out of this , a nice one. hope you manage to get over this.


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