Ok, I'll jump straight into the main part as it is really bothering me currently.

I was riding a bus with 2 friends, one whom I knew very well ( in the dream and IRL ) and the other was this new friend, with whom I was happily chatting away. When the bus made a rightt turn, ( I was looking towards the left of the bus ) my good friend suddenly shouted, " Its Noel! "

At first I stood up and look towards the previous stop, and of course, saw nothing. But then I noticed this white van making a left turn, but instead of moving on, stopped dead in his tracks. Behind him there was this cab, and right below his front bumper was my friend, Noel, lying in prone position, wearing a blue basketball jersey that read 21.

The scene was extremely bloody and my friend, I remembered looked... scary. Anyways back on the bus I was, afraid, afraid of whatever this particular friend, who has died, has turned into and if he will haunt me. Someone suggested ( I think ) that we alight at the next stop, and track back to see the scene.

And so we alighted at the next stop and discussed about it, I remember I was carrying my bolster all of a sudden, this bolster has been with me ( IRL ) since I was a little boy. Anyways, one of the friends I was with said he wants to go back, but I didn't answer him.

Suddenly, the scene change and I was at home, alone. I remember I was trying to sleep, laying on this matress near the front door and by the side of a wall. With a very special kind of pencil in my hand, and a paper underneath it. After a while of being unable to sleep, I started drawing... something graffitti styled on the paper. I can't recall what I was trying to spell, but I remember it started with B and definately has nothing to do with death.

As soon as I finished my mother came back, I faked that I was sleeping quickly, Unfortunately, my aunt was with her and my aunt said something that made me smile. They, my mum and my aunt, then started testing me on spelling and IQ.

After a while, the scene changed again, this time, I was at home ( it's the feeling you get ) and this time, home looked like a hotel room. Once again, my mum came back only this time, with my dad. Once they sat down on the bed they started talking about the accident, and how young that guy is, what probably happened.

Once I heard what happenend, I came up with a possibility. But before that, I stood up from my bed and said something to my girlfriend ( who was suddenly in this dream, but what's odd is that I do not have a girfriend ) before walking to a side door.

Upon opening the side door, this cat, this... white/brown cat ran up to my legs, I bent down and just as I was stretching to touch it, my girlfriend ( who now looked shorter and all, resembling my sister ) ran towards me, gave me a kick in the legs and took away the cat. When my mum asked why she did that to me, I replied that she hates me going near that cat. And I knew this for a fact because of a previous dream, but that's another thing.

Now, I walked through the side door, and saw this white cat, as I bent down, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the white/brown cat, underneath my bed. When I turned around, the white cat started backing away from me. However, as this wasn't more important then friend who died, I continued to move into the room, and climbed up this very tall cupboard, while explaining my theory to my parents.

During the explaination, I was actually in a flashback or whatever you call it, the scene happened like this, this cab driver ( I know it's odd, but in the dream, the van became a cab ) was driving very fast, he hit something and flew high up on to the higher lane, which my friend was crossing, which in turn resulted in the car crushing him, from chest till toe. Crushing, not crashing or running over. Crushing.

At this point I started to walk towards the door, wanting to go to the scene and do some investigation.
I remember this very strong feeling of fear towards the deceased, which I will explain soon. At the end of the dream, I walked towards the door and opened it... and I woke up after that.

Things I did/did not mention or wasn't clear enough.
- Since seeing the accident, everytime it's mention, other than the flashback part, I always have this very scared feeling, and my heart pumping really fast.

- IRL, I kinda hate the decease.

- My parents said something about how my friend had died, but it memory serves, it was a theory too.

That's all folks. I hope it's enough detail for you to interpret it, I tried to type everything as I remember it. Thanks in advance for any help.