Hello, this is the first time I post here, but I'd like some opinions on the meaning on the following dream:

I was watching a soccer match that my son's team was playing. They were playing on a sand field just outside my childhood home, but in reality they never play official games there. Anyway, it was a tight an exciting game and my son's team was up one goal against a team that would normally beat them. It was the final minutes of the game and a high ball was passed towards one of my son's teammates. One of the opponents fell and hurt himself and because of this my son's teammate took the ball with his hand to stop the play. The referee all of a sudden ruled penalty for the other team even though the ball was far away from the penalty area and the only reason for the hands was fair play. I got furious and ran on to the pitch shouting at the referee. I thought however that I wouldn't ruin anything for the team and went back to the sidelines and sat down supporting my back towards a fence. Suddenly one of the fathers of the kids from the other team came and started screaming at me for entering the pitch and complaining about the ref. He was very big and his face all red. I called him a monkey, that I already calmed down and he was only making more than necessary out of the situation. Without hesitation he stroke straight down and hit the top of my head. I grasped the fence with my fingers trying to get up to fight but he took one step back and kicked me straight in the face. The pain was so realistic I felt nauseated when I woke up.