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      Lightbulb Clairity.. Perchance to Dream

      I decided to take the plunge and create a dream journal when I was asked where mine was. I replied that I didn't have one but could send him some of my LD experiences if he wished. Well by the time I picked out what I wanted to share.. it was simply too much to put in a PM!

      Here are some previous posts you might enjoy:





      BELOW are the LDs that I've taken from my personal dream journal.
      The dates may be out of order as I'm taking the information from a
      couple of places that I had it but you'll get the drift.

      Sooo get a soda and a sandwich, pull up a chair and get comfortable..
      it's a looooong read!

      Also please bear with me.. it will take me a while to get them all here in a "readable" fashion.
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      Tuesday, November 20, 2001 7:16 PM

      I'm so psyched!! I actually saw and felt my spirit guide on Sunday!
      Well I got up around 2:30 am, drank 10 swallows of cherry coke (for the
      caffeine) and lay down on my back listening to a lucid trance CD for
      about 40 minutes and found that I couldn't relax. I decided to give up
      which bothered me as it had been about a month since my last true

      I put my earplugs in and rolled on my right side. I can't tell how much
      time had elapsed when I felt (more-so heard) vibrations! I hadn't had
      that sensation since my first two or three LDs. I kept trying to roll
      out but I couldn't seem to find the strength. I would start to give up
      but then I'd say "NO..I want OUT!" and the vibrations/ sounds would come
      back! I finally managed to roll my astral body to my left side but
      still couldn't seem to separate.

      Something inside me told me to reach my astral arms outward and say
      "Please help me". I felt two strong hands on my arms pulling me up
      and I felt myself separate. I found myself standing and feeling very
      secure in someone's arms. I said (or thought) "I want to see you" and I
      don't know whether my eyes opened or I got my vision but I saw looking
      down at me what I can only believe was my spirit guide. He was about a
      head taller than me, was very tan, had sandy brown shoulder length hair
      and hazel eyes.

      He was looking at me with what I can only describe as "surprise". It
      was if he was either shocked that he was able to actually pull me out or
      that I was able to actually see him. I only remember his face, his eyes
      and his slightly parted lips.. I don't recall seeing his body but I
      recall clearly the "feel" of his body against mine and his arms around
      me. He just kept looking at me and me, being the astral weakling that
      I am, reached up and kissed him... it was very passionate and a bit
      wetter than I like (I'm not big on swapping spit). ;-}

      We pulled away from each other and he led me outside where he promptly
      vanished! Now I'm not totally sure that he was my spirit guide (I had
      always pictured them as being old wise people or wolves or something)
      but I had asked to be protected by "pure white light" and for "only
      those of the pure white light to come near me or to touch me". So it
      may have been my guide or it might have been just another astral guy
      trying to score. ;-D

      I walked along a busy street and ended up in a hotel where I went onto a
      balcony and saw a pool below. I ran and took a flying leap and dived
      into the pool.. which was pretty cool!

      I don't remember how I got out of the water but I found myself back in
      the hotel. I saw a mirror and at first I was afraid to look in it.. but
      I did. It was so cool! I was me only BETTER. I had thick reddish
      brown curly hair down to my waist and was dressed very provocatively. I
      looked away and looked back and the color of my hair had changed.
      I had been having back twinges so I decided to go find a doctor to
      "heal" me. I had done a healing on myself once before when I was astral
      and had just had surgery on my stomach (remember that) and I have never
      had pain in my incision since so I decided to see if I couldn't find a
      good astral back doc. I must have lost my train of thought.. those damn
      sex impulses.. because the next thing I recall is that I'm holding a
      "head"... that's right just a "head". I shake the head back and forth like you
      would a snow globe and each time I do the face changes but I can't quite
      seem to get it right so I drop the head and leave.

      Things started to fade and I found myself waking up. I checked my watch
      and it was 4:30am.
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      Tuesday, November 7, 2000 1:04 PM

      I went to my couch about 1:45 am (my husband's snoring drove me there earlier than my normal 3:30 am time). I put on my sound machine and my novadreamer, lay on my right side and kept repeating the brook says I'm dreaming.

      I seemed to have "woken" up and thought why didn't the brook thing turn off
      (it has to be later than the 30 minute timer I set). I rolled over and
      pushed the buttons on the sound machine and when it didn't turn off.. I knew I was OUT!!

      I floated up to the ceiling and just to see how it felt, I put my head halfway
      through the ceiling and floated forward feeling the ceiling's slight give as I
      moved through it with my face.

      I then found myself outside in a neighborhood I didn't recognize. I walked
      along the sidewalk and made eye contact with those walking the opposite
      direction. I realized that I was still female but I was no longer me.. it
      seemed to me that I was Italian and had long wavy dark hair.

      As I walked down the street, I finally saw someone that I wanted to "hook up" with (if you get my meaning). I walked up to him and he seemed to know me. His name was Roy and he was about 5' 7'' and had short dirty blond hair.

      We walked to his house together hand in hand stopping now and then to kiss
      (his lips felt cool and slightly wet.. I can still feel them if I focus).

      At his house, I met his family (mom/sisters/brother). Suddenly I was back in
      my living room and I thought the experience had ended so I pushed the light on my watch to see the time. The time shown me was "military" time and the light didn't come on yet I could still see the face on the watch?? Suddenly it dawned on me... I'M STILL OUT!!!!

      I yelled outloud (astrally of course) "I'M STILL OUT.. ROY I'M STILL OUT..I'M
      COMING!" and I ran forward and found myself on the SAME SIDEWALK as before.

      I ran up to people asking if they knew where Roy was.. and suddenly there he was!! We ran to each other and walked back into his house.

      Unfortunately, I wasn't there very long when I found myself back in my living
      room again! DAMN... I once again looked at my watch and once again the time was military and the light didn't come on!! I'M STILL OUT!!!!
      I start yelling again (astrally of course), "I'M STILL OUT.. ROY I'M STILL
      OUT.. I'M COMING!" and I ran forward and found myself on the SAME SIDEWALK as before. I ran up to people asking if they knew where Roy was.. but no one knew.

      I walked down the street and saw a figurine of a cat in a reclining position
      made of blue glass. I picked up the cat and began to stroke it. As I
      stroked it I willed it to live. The cat started to move as though the glass
      was becoming soft/pliable and suddenly the cat was real and, just as suddenly, it was gone.

      I walked along and saw a beautiful brown cow which seemed to be made out of leather and corduroy. I told the cow that "you are beautiful" and, as I
      walked away.. I heard the cow tell a bird that she thought that "I was
      strange" and the bird said "I know.. that I talked to them too." Wow.. I'm
      being discussed by animals!!

      I finally found Roy's house and I asked his brother where he was. His brother
      stated that Roy was gone because he didn't think that I was coming back.
      I went into a bedroom and found what appeared to be a mixture of an old
      boyfriend and a soap star there with his girlfriend. I told the guy that he
      hurt me so bad and he stated "I know".

      The girlfriend kept trying to interrupt me and I pushed her out the door.
      The guy tried to leave and I told him that he couldn't go and, like a scene
      out of a scary movie, I looked at the windows and they shut and locked. I
      looked at the door and it locked (both bolt and chain). WOAW... I was one BAD BITCH!

      When I pushed him on the bed though.. the top half of him disappeared and only the bottom half remained.. which shocked me so much.. I woke up for real!

      Well that's my latest experience.. pretty cool huh.. I'm really impressed that
      I was able to go back to the same place and the same people three times! I'll
      have to see if I can find good ol' Roy the next time I get out!

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      Best LD in awhile on 10/21

      Well, let me start by saying that I bought a sound machine which has among the many sounds "babbling brook".

      I got up at 3:30 AM, took 10 sips of Pepsi (for the caffeine), put the sound machine on "babbling brook" and set the 30 minute timer. I also put my Max on 1&2 (memory).

      I then recorded in my novadreamer/dreamspeaker the following words with the babbling brook sounds in the background "The babbling brook says I'm dreaming listen to the babbling brook". I then put on my novadreamer and lay on my right side.

      I listened to the babbling brook while I fell asleep which was very helpful in that it helped clear my thoughts except for the one that I kept repeating "The babbling brook says I'm dreaming".

      I then had one of the BEST couple of LDs I have ever had!

      I remember thinking that I had woken up and something told me to stand up. I stood up and pulled off my novadreamer and realized that I was LD!
      I immediately went downstairs and out the back door into my backyard!
      The colors were brilliant.. the sharpest greens, the deepest browns.. heck even my old fence looked like it had just been stained!!

      I felt an overwhelming urge to fly and I said so outloud and felt myself effortlessly float off the ground and into the air. I floated along on my stomach Superman style and realized that I was not alone in the sky. Other LDrs were also out for a flight around the neighborhood and we remarked to each other what a great day it was to be out!

      I then found my self inside a house (I state "found myself") as I cannot recall how I came to be there. I was in a girl's bedroom where the girl and her parents and her teacher were in attendance. For some unknown reason, I got the strong feeling that the girl had been molested by her father as I heard the teacher claiming that the girl was "withdrawn".

      I left the room by floating outside (I seem to recall that there was merely open area where the bedroom wall should have been).

      I ended up in the branches of a tree and I saw a tan bird across the way and I decided to see if I could summon it to me. I held out my hand and the bird flew directly to it and landed! I stroked her and talked to her and she was so very soft to the touch and so very very real!

      I then thought that the experience had ended and I'd woken up but something told me to stand up again. I stood up.. took off my Novadreamer and once again realized that I was LD!

      Once again I went downstairs and into my brilliant backyard. Only this time their were slats in the fence that would swing open just enough to get through and I noticed people on the other side. I don't know what came over me but I went up to one of the men standing there and stated "give me a piggyback ride!" I then jumped on his back and he proceeded to carry me into the front yard. One of the other men asked me why I didn't walk and I replied, "Because I don't have to and if you aren't careful, I'll make you give me one too."
      The experience started to fade again and this time I really did wake up.
      There were some other highlights but I don't know exactly where they fit so I'll just recall them here.

      At one point, it was as though I was looking into a big tinted car windshield and the people's faces in the front seat would change every so many seconds. They kept changing until I opened the car door (but unfortunately I can't recall what happened after that). :-(

      I saw a small box and I opened it. Inside was a large red strangely shaped glass globe and it felt cold and damp to the touch.

      There were ants on the floor all around me and I started spraying them and then a big brown bug flew by me (must have been part of a dream sequence). ;-D

      I heard my son very clearly say "Mom" as I was writing these notes and the name "Keg Master PM" popped into my head. I repeated the name so that I would remember it and my son stated "He's funny." (???)

      Well, one thing that really worked for me was everytime I thought that I had woken up.. I stood up (or so I thought).. This led me to realize that I was NOT awake but LD.
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      Sunday, June 11, 2000 11:24 PM

      I got up and went to the couch. I put Max on 3 (memory) and put my
      NovaDreamer/earphones within reach (in case I couldn't get out on my

      I put my earplugs in, dimmed the lights, set the timer for 5 minutes. I
      lay on my back and repeated "I will realize that I'm dreaming and will
      roll out of my body." for those 5 minutes.

      I then repeated my protection: "My body, my soul and my spirit are
      protected by pure white light. May only those of pure white light come
      near me, may only those of pure white light touch me." while
      envisioning my body being encased in a shower of pure white light. I
      then asked my spirit guide of pure white light for help in realizing
      that I was dreaming and to help me to become lucid or LD.
      Lastly, I did a relaxation technique where I start at my toes
      envisioning that my hands are massaging them while I mentally repeat
      "relax, release, let go." I work my way slowly up my body until I reach
      my forehead. I spend a good deal of time relaxing my forehead as I can
      feel I have alot of tension there.

      My mind starts to drift and I try to think/direct it to only positive
      thoughts. I feel the familiar shift/falling feeling and I wait until I
      feel it once more and then I roll on my right side and drift off to

      I see a scene before my eyes and I realize that I'm dreaming (though I
      don't remember how I knew). I let myself become part of the dream scene
      and then rolled off the couch to my left. I saw my son, who seemed to
      me to be LD also, and we went downstairs together. We talked about the
      rules of LD etiquette and, though I can't remember what was said, I
      remeber that I was instructing him in some way. We then went outside
      but once outside my son was no longer with me.

      I found myself outside a nightclub and the latin singer "Chayanne" was
      there (he was in a movie where he latin dances with Vanessa Williams..
      but I can't think of the name of it right now).

      I then talked to a girl named Shasta who stated that she just got
      engaged. (??)

      The dream then started to fade and I tried to hang on to it. I thought
      that it had ended and that I had woken up but it must have been a false
      awakening because I thought I was writing the experience details down
      but in reality I was still asleep and hadn't written a thing! I then
      found myself in a very interesting dream. I dreamt that I was still on
      the couch when my mom came into the room (which isn't likely since my
      parents aren't even in the same state)! She asked me why I was lying
      out here and I told her that I was trying to go LD (in reality neither
      of my parents/nor my sisters know).

      She listened to me and stated much to my surprise " that uncle -------
      used to do that." I put ------- cuz I can't remember the name she said.
      But it was sooo great! I showed her all my tapes/books/videos and she
      seemed genuinely interested! Then the dream ended for real and I wrote
      down what little I could remember of the experience. It was 5:25 AM.

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      Sun. morning at 3:30 AM:

      Same preparations as before. Once I rolled on my side, I found myself in
      the following dream:

      I was going down the highway when I realized that my car's gas guage
      didn't look right. I couldn't read it but it seemed like I was running
      out of gas. Soon it got harder and harder to press down on the gas
      peddle and I was going slower and slower. I took the next exit but
      didn't recognize where I was. I kept going until the car stopped. I
      then started to drag it behind me (it seemed that it turned into a kind
      of lightweight motorcycle). I looked for a gas station but couldn't
      find one... just miles of trees.. no businesses nor homes. A guy
      suddenly walked up to me from nowhere and when I asked him where I could
      get some gas, he said at the top of the hill and disappeared. I looked
      at the direction he pointed but saw nothing.

      I started to walk and was at the station.. I just appeared there. The
      gas pump was broken and gas was squirting out of the handle. I asked
      where there was another station and a woman stated to go back a mile. I
      started to get discouraged as I didn't recall seeing a station back the
      way I came but I started walking.

      Once again a station appeared and this time the pump handle was missing
      and there was only a hose that you somehow had to screw onto the car's
      gas cap. I couldn't figure out how it worked and this young guy came
      over to help me. He couldn't get it to work either and then an
      attendant came up and began to pump the gas into my car (oh yeah.. it
      was a car again). At the same time, the attendant started fixing me a
      plate of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast (the breakfast I sometimes have
      in the morning). I thought "how strange that he knows that I like this
      for breakfast" and I also got concerned when I read a sign on the pump
      that said "cash only" ... I didn't think I had anything but credit

      Suddenly for some reason, I have a false awakening where I think it's a
      work day morning and I can't believe that I came out to the couch to try
      for an LD when I have to get up so soon. It then dawns on me that
      this is SUN. morning, that I'm dreaming and I become lucid!

      I roll out of my body and walk outside. I look up at the sky and decide
      that I want to fly. This is a first for me ... consciously deciding to
      fly... normally I just take off through no thought of my own and I go
      where ever I go. But this time I DECIDED to fly. I wasn't sure how to
      go about it though. I decided to kind of hop in the air. I flew kind
      of slow and low for awhile (sort of superman style.. arms in front,
      etc.) but then I decided to go for *altitude*, I put my arms down at my
      sides and thought one word.... UP.

      I shot straight up like a bullet and as I went higher and higher, I
      looked down and saw the land below me like the view from an airplane
      window.. everything very small and getting smaller.. till it looked sort
      of like a satellite picture.

      I saw that I was going to hit clouds and I felt a brief moment of
      panic... til I realized that they couldn't hurt me nor stop my flight.
      Hitting and passing through those clouds was THE NEATEST FEELING I'VE
      EVER FELT WHILE LD!!! The cloud made a kind of popping sound when I
      went through it and it felt sort of like I was going through cotton
      candy.. it's just so hard to put into words!!

      When I got through the clouds I found myself in a movie studio lot/club.
      (I seem to do a lot of club hopping/socializing when I'm out!) ;-D
      Since it was a movie studio/lot, I decided to see if I could call forth
      one of my favorite movie stars so I stated outloud that "around the next
      corner will be Billy Wirth". I went around the corner and saw many
      stars but not Billy. I saw stars from soap operas and Dr.Quinn Medicine
      Woman and others that I can't recall.. but no Billy.

      Suddenly someone said I'll take you to him and we went around the corner
      and I saw Billy walking towards me!!!

      I walked up to him and I kissed him but it was as if he didn't know I
      was there/as if he couldn't even feel me. He seemed detached and walked
      away without a word. Another thing that was strange was that I found
      Billy really attractive when he was in his 20s with long flowing hair but the Billy that appeared to me appeared the way he looks now.. older with his hair pulled back into a short ponytail. For a minute, I thought about trying to change him but I was afraid that I would change him into someone else by accident or make him disappear altogether... so I just let him walk away.

      I then decided "Okaaay.. I'll see if I can find Jason Scott Lee". I went into a darkened theater and saw Van Damme watching a movie with a couple of girls. He asked me to join them but I stated that I was looking for Jason Scott Lee and he laughed, squeezed one of his "ladies" and said "9th floor".

      I remember stepping into the elevator and pressing "9" and the upward
      movement. I also vividly remember how absolutely REAL this all felt. I
      felt so totally "there"!!

      I stepped out of the elevator and started walking while yelling
      "Jason... Jason Scott Lee!' when the experience started to fade!! I tried so
      hard to hang on to it but it was gone and I woke up... it was 5:53 AM.

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      Sunday, May 7, 2000 10:35 PM

      I got up and went to the couch at 3:30 am and read for about 40 minutes.
      I then lay down on my back, put my earplugs in (it was very windy
      outside) and then tried deep breathing for 40 minutes or so (until I
      gave up on that).

      I then put on my NovaDreamer. I had changed the voice on the
      Dreamspeaker to my own voice stating "You are dreaming. This is all a
      dream. Plug your nose to verify that you're dreaming." (I repeat this
      twice). I decided to use an earphone instead of the speaker, I lay on
      my right side and put the earphone in my left ear.

      I was trying to relax when something very strange happened. I felt
      "spooked" for some reason and started mentally repeating "I am protected
      by pure white light". Suddenly the overhead ceiling fan came on.. which
      scared the crap out of me! I reached over for the light/fan remote and
      turned the ceiling fan off. Once again it was dark and the only sound
      was the wind outside. I started my protection chant again and then...
      I felt "someone" or "something" lifting the hair from around my left
      ear! It was sooo weird. I wanted to reach up but I was afraid what I
      might *feel*. I, instead, lay there like a little kid who puts the
      blanket up over their head and hopes it all just goes away. I thought
      for a moment of getting up and going back to the bedroom with my husband
      but I decided that if I gave in and ran I'll have made a big step
      backwards astrally.

      I started mentally stating "let no evil come near me, let no evil touch
      me.. I am surrounded by pure white light. If this is my spirit guide of
      the pure white light I welcome you.. let all others be gone." Suddenly
      I heard a noise outside my window.. a tapping/lauging sound which is all
      the more strange because I am on the second floor!

      I pull up the blinds and there they were. Boys of about 10 or 11
      outside my window tapping and laughing. I then called for my husband
      who came out of the bedroom and started yelling at the kids to get away
      from our house. Suddenly I hear my own voice telling me that "this is
      all a dream" and I realize that I must have fallen asleep and that the
      kids were part of a dream!

      I think I must be awake but I decide to plug my nose and find I can
      still breathe! I roll out of my body and stand up. I take a couple of
      steps and I open my "physical" eyes! I see the livingroom from around
      the edges of the NovaDreamer mask and I think "oh shi$.. I've blown it!"
      I close my eyes and decide to plug my nose to see if I am indeed awake.
      I plug my nose and I can still breathe.. I'm still out!!! I place my
      hands over my eyes and state twice "Give me my astral sight!" and
      suddenly I can see.. though I know that my physical eyes are still
      closed! Everything is so clear and so vivid!

      I place my hands on myself and state the command "HEAL" but I feel
      nothing.. no power.. no energy.. nothing. I think maybe I'm not "out"
      enough and decide to get further away from my body.

      I go outside and I'm so happy to still be out that I literally skip down
      the stairs! Everything is so bright and clear.. I can see the texture
      on the leaves and I marvel at how green it all is!

      I see a woman approaching me. She is about 50 and reminds me of the
      trashy character on the show Golden Girls (Rue McClanahan or something
      like that).

      I walk up to her and ask her (or tell her.. I can't remember which) to
      heal me. She drops immediately to her knees! This catches me off
      guard and all I can think is that this is NOT what I had in mind!!
      Before I can stop her she BITES ME hard between the legs! I feel shock
      more than pain and I feel myself bleeding and she is swallowing my

      I wake up suddenly back in my body.. not knowing what to make of what I
      had just experienced.

      I like to think that the woman had bitten me in order to heal me (i.e.,
      remove/suck whatever was ailing/poisoning me).

      Oh.. I also found out later this morning that my husband had gotten up
      and had turned on the overhead fan in the bedroom which can ALSO turn on
      the overhead fan in the living room if the switches are both on. So
      much for that haunting! LOL!!

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      Sunday, April 16, 2000 4:40 PM

      Below are the details of one of the best, most wondrous LDs that I have had in a very long time!! There's a lot to tell but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

      Ok, first the preparations. I was wearing my white night shirt, I got
      up at 3:30 am, read about Astral Travel for an hour, put in my earplugs
      and lay down. I put my MAX on settings 1 and 5. I imagined myself
      encased in a white protective shell and asked to see my spirit guide and
      for his/her assistance. I started with the counting method and then
      deep breathing but after while I got tired of trying and gave up on
      those methods.

      I then decided to put on my NovaDreamer and use the DreamSpeaker. I
      decided to try something different with respect to the DreamSpeaker.
      Instead of using MY voice, I recorded the voice off of one of my Lucid
      Dream CDs.. I figured that my subconscious my react better to someone
      else's voice.

      I lay on my right side, I put the ND mask on and pushed the button to
      set a 30 minute delay. I left in my left earplug and took out my right
      (since I would need to hear the DreamSpeaker) which was under my pillow.
      I then simply went to sleep.

      Suddenly I heard the voice from the astral CD but it kept playing ..
      more than what I had recorded and it finally dawned on me that maybe I
      was dreaming. I still wasn't sure so I decided to do what is now my
      FAVORITE reality check.. I plugged my nose with my thumb and forefinger
      and tried to breathe! You see if you're dreaming, you will be able to
      breath even though your nose is plugged.

      So I plugged my nose and realized I could still breathe! As soon as I
      realized that I could breathe and must be dreaming.. the top half of me
      separated!!! It surprised me so much that I fell back in my body! I
      tried to rise again but I just didn't seem to have the strength or the
      will to get out again.

      Sooo, I figured that I has blown it.. but I was so glad to have had that
      small experience that it was ok!

      I guess I fell asleep again when I heard the DreamSpeaker go off (there
      is a 10 minute delay between each REM detection on the NovaDreamer). I
      immediately plugged my nose and realized that I could breathe. I tried
      to separate but had a lot of trouble finding the strength. I then
      decided to roll out. I felt myself falling on the floor and I even felt
      my leg hit the coffee table. It all felt so real that once again I
      thought that maybe I was awake. I once again plugged my nose, found
      that I could breathe and opened my astral eyes.

      I was in my living room but things didn't look exactly right.. the
      coffee table that I had brushed against was no longer there. I noticed
      a statue of a cat on the fireplace mantle (in reality there is no cat
      statue on my mantle). I blinked or looked away.. I'm not sure which..
      but the cat statue suddenly became a breathing white furry kitten! The
      kitten seemed very happy to see me and I fell out laughing.. I felt so
      happy too. We began to play a kind of tag as the kitten darted around
      the room and I gave chase until I finally caught (or it let me catch)
      it. I picked the kitten up and walked to the window looked out it
      together. The kitten then disappeared and I went to the front door to
      go outside.

      I opened the front door but hesitated because it all looked to real and
      I suddenly realized that I was in my night shirt (only the shirt I had
      on was now blue). I once again thought that maybe I was really awake..
      but I plugged my nose and I could still breathe! Once I had proof
      that I was really out.. I opened the front door again and marched out it
      like I owned the world. :-D

      To my surprise, there were little old Black ladies on each step going
      down the front steps. It was so strange.. the old ladies were offering
      me their sympathies and their condolences.. saying that they knew just
      how I felt and that they had felt the same way. It seemed as though I
      was supposed to have experienced a loss of some kind.. but I'm not sure
      what that loss was.

      I then came back in the house and went into another room which further
      convinced me that I was out (because there was a crib there). I went to
      the large dresser mirror to see what would happen if I looked at it or
      touched it. I looked in the mirror saw myself.. and I looked just like
      me. I put my hand to the mirror and nothing happened. I started to
      sing a song (I can't remember what it was) and the mirror began to act
      like a funhouse mirror. My face became distorted.. it became wider,
      then longer. It was great fun making/morphing my face and I did that
      for a few minutes.

      I then left that room and went into my bedroom. I saw my husband laying
      in bed but I was afraid to look too long/too hard for fear that I'd see
      myself laying there next to him and get sucked back into my body (which
      is funny because I was laying on the living room couch remember).
      I then looked over and saw our fullsize indian warrior bust on the
      window ledge. In reality it's bronze but it was a bright copper color
      now. I went over to it and kissed it on the lips. I kept my eyes open
      and watched as its eyes "blinked". I stepped back and the bust stood up
      and became a whole fullsize breathing man. To my surprise he was no
      longer indian but a black male... I don't know why that change occured.
      He stated that he had to leave.. that he had a party to go to and then
      things started to fade.

      I "woke up" back in my body and felt that I could probably get out again
      but I decided that I should stop and write down all that I had
      experienced before I forgot it all.

      I checked the time and it was 6:30 am. I checked the NovaDreamer and
      saw that it had cued the DreamSpeaker twice. I also noticed that I was
      VERY warm (almost sweaty).

      Well that's it! I am so psyched! It was one of the best LDs that I've had so far! It was clear and I was able to recall almost everything about it.

      About 20 minutes after I had woke up, it came to me that the kitten
      might have been one of my spirit guides that I had asked to see. I had
      always read that they come to you in a way that is non-threatening and
      pleasing to you and the way I felt when I saw it and the way we played
      together made me think that perhaps it might have been one of my guides.

      I still haven't figured out the little old ladies yet.. unless they were
      mourning the loss of my astral innocence or something.

      The best advice I can give, and will take from now on, is to plug your
      nose whenever you wake up.. you just never know!

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      Sunday, February 13, 2000 4:13 PM

      I almost got scared back into my body!!

      I woke up about 3am and went to my couch. I put my earplugs in and
      decided to do the "counting method" only I put my own little spin on it
      (I used it last week and it seemed to work so I thought I'd try it

      What I do is mentally sing the song "99 bottles of beer on the wall"
      only I count UP from one and use the following words:

      "I am dreaming and all is a dream.
      This is just a dream,
      take one down and pass it around,
      1 more lucid dream or OB."

      Then the next verse ends "2 more lucid dreams or OB" and so on.

      I kept repeating this until I realized that I had made the shift and I
      could get out! I then tried to roll off the couch but it was like I was
      engulfed in covers. I had the worst time trying to get free.. It was
      like I was wrapped up like a mummy. For a moment I even doubted that I
      was really out.. I mean why would my astral body have to be fighting
      blankets? But I kept at it and finally got free.

      I headed down the stairs toward the front door when suddenly this huge
      evil black shadow comes up from the floor and blocks my path. It was
      foglike and screaming loudly at me! It so startled me that I cried out
      and backed up a step or two. Before I could get my wits about me, it
      was coming at me! I put my hands up in front of me to shoot it with
      pure white light but it engulfed my hands!! All I could think to do
      was scream "NO!". I don't know if I shot it with white light or not (as
      my hands were not visible in the dark fog of its body) but at the sound
      of my "NO!", it vaporized and my path was clear.

      I seem to be running into a lot of things lately that don't want me to
      continue! But I now remember that before these last two LDs, I
      hadn't asked for protection! I never really thought about protection
      that much before but I will definately ask for protection the next time
      I try to get out!!

      Back to the LD!

      I went outside and there was a costume party going on in the house
      across the way (my astral spirit seems to like to boogie)!! I went
      inside for a while and the costumes were all victorian.

      I then went outside and wandered around for a while. I also remember
      that I sang a song with a group of singers and that was fun (though I
      can't remember the song).

      One of the things that I had also decided I'd try to do while astral was
      to visit an native american village (say of Geronimo or Sitting Bull).
      I declared "around the next corner, I will be on an indian reservation".
      I went around the corner and there appeared to be miles of large movie
      sets of different places/scenes. Only these were real places (not just
      move lots)! I scanned them until I found the Indian scene and I walked
      over and became a part of it.

      Suddenly it dawned on me that I was on the set of Cheyenne Autume. What
      was wild was that I had watched a tv show on Sal Mineo last night and
      this was one of the movies that he had been in! I looked up and there
      he was dressed as the mute indian that he played in the movie. He was
      walking up to me when the scene suddenly faded and I woke up.
      Well that's pretty much it! Let's see I got trapped in my covers,
      scared by an astral boogie man, and I walked on the set of an old indian movie.

      I looked at my watch and it was almost 5am (I figure I probably became lucid around 3:45am).

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      Saturday, October 16, 1999 10:09 PM

      I went to be at midnight, fell asleep around 12:40 (was emotionally
      upset). I woke up around 4am, got out of bed around 5:15am. Stayed up
      for an hour and a half, went back to bed around 6:30 am.

      I lay across the bed facing my stereo, dimmed the lights and put in
      earplugs. I did the third eye technique for 5 minutes saying "I am
      dreaming.. this is all a dream" while laying on my back with my arms at
      my side. I then rolled on my right side and mentally spelled the words
      "dream" and "lucid". I fell asleep for and when I woke up and looked at
      the clock it was 7:44 am and I thought "well another opportunity missed"
      and I fell back asleep.. or so I thought.

      I suddenly realized that I had made the "shift" and I felt my *butt*
      lift out but nothing else. I can only imagine how funny I must have
      looked with my butt bobbing in the air and the rest of me stuck in my

      I felt myself float back in and then out again (butt only) and this
      happened a couple of times.

      Suddenly I decided I am going to get free and I rolled out and landed on
      the floor! I realized that I was definately LD when I landed with a
      thud but I felt no pain.

      I immediately went outside (though I can't remember how I got there).
      The air felt extremely warm.. almost like a sauna and I just stood there
      for a moment bathing in the heat (it was very warm/humid but not

      The rest is a little disjointed because when I had woken up and was
      writing down my dream.. it turned out that I had a "false awakening" and
      only *thought* that I was writing it down. I HATE when that happens!!
      Anyway, I'll recount what little I do remember.

      As I was bathing in the heat outside a convertible pulls up next to me
      and it has at least 5 people (young men and women) in it. They tell me
      to get in and I do. I can't remember what happened next but I do
      remember that the experience started to fade/go black and I tried to
      remember what I had read to do when that happens.

      I was bathed in blackness and I thought of "spinning". I couldn't tell
      if I actually spun or just "thought" of spinning but the visuals came

      I then thought "I'd like to swim in the ocean" and no sooner had the
      thought occurred, when I felt myself falling fast.. I thought I was
      falling through the earth except I felt no earth nor any physical
      resistance.. it simply felt as though I was falling through black air.
      Suddenly I was enveloped in water and I knew that I had reached an ocean
      somewhere. I could breath water as though it were air and I swam around
      for a bit but unfortunatly my memory of this is extremely hazy.
      I somehow come out of the water (I don't remember how I got out) and
      found myself at a construction site.

      I am attacked by four guys and I beat them back and they all take off
      except for one who looks about 20 and has straight wavy blonde hair. I
      realize that he is at *my mercy*.. I also realize at that exact moment
      that I am MALE. I won't go into specifics but I can guarantee that he'll run the next time he sees me. I then woke up for real. I looked over at the clock and it was only 8am.

      Well that was it! I am going to try again tomorrow morning.. wouldn't
      it be bliss to have two in a row!!

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      Thursday, June 17, 1999 9:10 PM

      Well this morning was weird. My husband was snoring so
      badly that I went to sleep on the couch. I was laying there feeling
      very put out when I rolled on to my back and had at least 3 false
      awakening which led to a about three LDs!

      One that is worth sharing with you is the first time I rolled off the
      couch. I ended up out in the street in my neighborhood.

      I found myself in a tube lined with rolling lime green plastic balls and
      I was moving forward through it really fast.

      I ended up in a bedroom and against one wall I saw a slender dresser and a twin bed with a 2 1/2 foot gap between them and a guitar leaning upright against that wall in that gap (i.e., dresser, guitar, bed). But then it appeared to be a college dorm room because there was another twin bed on another wall. There were three guys in the room, two were white, slender and had short sandy brown hair, the other was black, slender and had his hair cut close.

      Suddenly I started to lose clarity and my vision went out.. I thought
      the experience was over but my vision came back and I was in a club of
      some kind. There were people mingling around and there was music and
      drinking. I was walking through the crowd when an extremely good
      looking guy came up to me and said that he'd missed me and that he had
      become "three" for me. While I stood there wondering what he meant by
      that out of the crowd came TWO more guys that looked EXACTLY like him!!

      They led me to a back room but it was filthy and I felt very uncomfortable and my vision started to fade again.

      After that I had a couple more false awakenings and then I heard the
      alarm go off.
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      Sunday, May 23, 1999 9:54 PM

      So without thinking, I simply said "I'm dreaming".

      I instantly "woke up" in bed. But I was LUCID and this wasn't my

      I raised my head up and there was a picture of some daisies on
      the wall. The picture was three dimensional (where the fabric may be
      puffed or have pieces of fabric attached to the picture to give it
      texture). In this picture, the daisies' petals were yellow pieces of
      felt/fabric, their leaves were green pieces of felt/fabric.

      The air conditioning must have kicked on in reality because in my lucid dream,
      the daisies began to shiver and whimper and petals closed like they were
      cold. I suddenly felt very sorry for them and I tried to comfort them
      and they started to cry. I told them that it would be ok, etc. when it
      dawned on me that this is my first lucid dream in over a month and I'm
      wasting it comforting flowers!

      I jumped up and stood on the bed and yelled at my husband I'm dreaming.
      He opened his eyes, looked up at me smiling and said "I know"
      and rolled over and went back to sleep.

      I decided that everyone talks about flyng so I'll give it a shot. I
      jumped off the bed to the floor and bounced a little (the way you see
      astronauts do when they first walk on the moon). I thought ok... I know
      I can do better than this. I go to the window and it appears that in
      this dream, our bedroom is on the 3rd or 4th floor of an apartment
      building. I open the window, push out the screen ... and I jump.

      I am flying!!! I soar upward using a half breastroke, half dog paddle
      motion up over the top of the building. I am stunned and awed by what I see...

      The sky is full of other lucid dreamers flying.... they are all races, all ages,
      and are in various shades of night dress.
      Some in pajamas, some in night gowns or night shirts.
      I fly towards them and some are laughing, others are yelling welcome,
      and all are enormously happy.

      I spy a man dressed in Superman pajamas and we lock hands as
      parachutists do when they free fall and I said "I'm flying!" and he says
      "I know.. isn't it wonderful!" and the dream starts to fade. I tried to
      spin, etc. but it was too late.

      I am still on a "high" from that dream. Oh, and if anyone was out
      flying this morning around 7:00 am central time in Superman pajamas...
      it was nice to meet you

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      Monday, April 5, 1999 5:50 PM

      I got up at 4:30am, stayed up for half an hour and then went to the
      couch. I did the third eye technique for 5 minutes and then rolled over
      on my right side to got to sleep while every so often saying "I'm
      dreaming". After feeling vibrations weakly off and on, then feeling the
      beginnings of the shift but not the *complete* shift for about an hour,
      I decided to ask my spirit guide for help as it didn't seem that I was
      going to be able to do it by myself.

      After trying for a total of an hour and a half, I gave up and rolled on
      to my back to go to sleep. I began to dream that a woman was in my
      house trying to sell me a tape or kit on lucid dreaming.. but I
      listened to it and told my husband that I didn't want it and to get my
      money back. The woman stated that she didn't know if refunds were
      allowed. Just then there was a knock on the door and my husband said
      that "John Houston" was outside and wanted to talk to me about his LD

      I went into my bedroom to hide as I didn't want to deal with him. I
      peeked out the bedroom window and it dawned on me that the
      bedroom I was in was the bedroom that I had shared as a little girl with my little
      sister! I also realized that I was in pajamas but not the same pajamas
      that I wore to bed! I had also not combed my hair and I then realized
      that I would never have company while in my pajamas and my hair

      Just as I was pondering the *weirdness* of this whole situation (mind
      you I STILL had not realized that I was dreaming).. I felt a tremendous
      SHOVE from behind from invisible hands and I flew face first towards the
      wall! When I put up my hands to stop myself from crashing into the
      wall.. my hands went THROUGH the wall as though it were butter! It was
      then that I knew that I was dreaming and that I was LD!! At that SAME
      instant, I also realized that my SPIRIT GUIDE was the one who pushed
      me.. I guess he/she felt that I just wasn't going to "get it" without
      having it literally shoved in my face!!

      I felt myself become excited.. I was OUT!! I started yelling "YES!
      YES!" I thanked my spirit guide and asked him/her to please help me..
      to take me to my friend in California! I saw a delicate softly glowing
      left hand attached to a slender arm reach from behind me and I
      instinctively knew to lay my left hand on top of my guide's hand and we
      were off! I yelled "Yes! Take me to to California" and suddenly I
      saw city street and building lights below me as we flew through the
      night sky. I knew that I was too excited as I could feel myself start
      to fade! I tried to calm down and stated "maintain lucidity" and I came
      back but started to fade again. I stated "maintain lucidity" again and
      again but it was too late..

      I woke up back in my body.. but for a few minutes I could still feel my
      spirit guides hand underneath mine.

      Though I never saw anything other than the softly glowing hand and arm
      of my spirit guide, I felt no fear and I know that if I hadn't blown it
      by getting so excited.. she/he would have brought me to my friend. I also
      apologized to him/her and stated that next time I would do better!

      Well, I did get lucid (which is goodness) so I'll just have to keep trying.
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      This is my first experience since my abdominal surgery.

      I rolled forward out of my body and stood a few second trying to get my
      bearings. I then decided to go through the ceiling. I jumped on my bed
      and then bounced up to the ceiling. I felt resistance and was only able
      to get my fingers through. I bounced again and I felt my hand break
      through the ceiling and then the rest of my body. I did notice that
      the ceiling felt different from my previous LDs..it looked and felt
      like white foam rubber that slowly gave way under my touch.

      I emerged at the bottom of what appeared to be an underground pool of
      water in a cavern of some kind. I swam to the top of the water and as I
      floated effortlessly I noticed that light was flickering off the water
      and off the sides of the dimly lit cavern. I thought this is very
      peaceful and very pretty but what do I do now...there was no one else in
      the cavern.

      I decided to call forth my "imaginary" self from my childhood. I know,
      I know.. huh?? Well I guess a little background information is in order.
      What I am sharing is something that I have NEVER shared.

      I was one of 3 girls (the plainer, skinnier one). :-( I was lonely and
      insecure but I had a VERY vivid imagination! Since my younger sister's
      main goal in life was making me feel inferior..I spent a great deal of
      time alone in my room, in my world, in my mind. I had great adventures,
      I could dance and sing and I could be or do anything I chose. I had
      friends who were loyal and people who wanted me to the point of
      distraction!! I was wonderful and handsome.. yes, I said *handsome*.

      In my world, in my mind, I was a strong, handsome Apache MALE. You see,
      I had no power as a little girl and so in my world.. I was not a little
      girl..I was a warrior! I find that even now I can become the warrior
      and have adventures in my mind whenever I choose.. it may sound crazy
      (which is probably why I've never shared it) but I thanked God for this
      ability then and I do so now.

      Anyhoo back to the LD! I had never really had a *clear* picture of
      what me as the warrior looked like. My image would change depending on
      who I thought was attractive or cool at that age. So while I was bobbing
      there in the water, I decided to see who (or what) would appear if I
      called for my alter ego to show itself to me.

      I turned my back and I asked for "Toriono" to appear to me. I then spun
      around in the water and was disappointed to find no one there. I then
      spun around again only to discover that the pool was lined on all sides
      with men! One by one they would jump in the pool and swim out to me.
      They were different nationalities and each was beautiful!! They swam
      around me and I spun in circles trying to see them all and to remember
      them all.

      It wasn't until I "came back" that I realized that the men I saw were
      all the different faces and characters that at one time or another had
      made up my other self!! Needless to say, I am so very grateful to have
      had this LD experience!

      Now for those who are wondering, NO, I do not wish to be male in real
      life.. though I did change into one during a previous LD and had a great time!
      And as for being the plainer, skinnier of 3 girls, let's just say that time
      has been VERY GOOD to me and that I do manage to turn a few heads
      when I walk in a room.

      Thank you for reading this post and for allowing me share such a
      personal side of my life with you all!!

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      Well it's about time!

      Seriously, as our star WILDer, I'm sure this is going to be a great inspiration to many among us, starting with me. I'm saving it for weekend reading while up north!
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      Just read the one about Astral healing, sounds amazing! As per PJ will save this for a rainy day

      Oh wait, I am in England, it rains everyday, so guess I will be readin ghtis tomorrow

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      Well after numerous false awakenings, I once again did the Suneye
      method, got up at 5am and laid down on my couch at 6:30am. I know I'm
      only supposed to stay up for 1 hour but I made the mistake of starting
      to watch a Humphrey Bogart movie. It was called the Black Legion and it
      was about Bogey losing his job and joining this secret society
      and...huh? oh yeah ..back to the LD stuff. :-) Anyhoo I wanted to see
      how it ended so I ended up staying up for 1 1/2 hours. Also while I was
      watching the movie, I was also transcribing my notes on the lucid dream
      that I had had the previous morning.

      I went back to my couch, put my ear plugs in, dimmed the lights alittle
      and did the third eye technique for 5 minutes. I find that what seems
      to work for me is stating "everything is a dream" and "I am dreaming" as
      I focus on my third eye.

      BTW, I can now roll my eyes to my third eye and hold them there until I
      decide to stop (I could only do this for less than a minute when I first
      started this technique).

      After 5 minutes, I rolled over on my right side to fall asleep. As my
      mind wandered, I would repeat every now and then "everything is a dream"
      and "I am dreaming".

      I "woke up" and realized that I was having yet another false awakening
      but this one contained mild vibrations. For the first time ever I could
      make the vibrations stronger or weaker by focusing on them. As I had
      never been able to do this before, I played with the vibrations for a
      couple of seconds til it dawned on me that I should really try to get OUT!

      I felt my astral body roll to my left but I also somehow knew that if I
      made the vibrations just a little stronger that I could simply sit up.

      Once I had my astral body sitting up, I then stood up and walked briskly
      away from my physical body to the other side of the room.

      I had decided that one of the things that I wanted to do the next time I
      was out was to see if my dogs would be able to see. They sleep
      downstairs in my son's room so I walked/floated down the stairs and into
      my son's room.

      I hovered over my sleeping son and saw that he looked just as he does in real life.
      When I turned to look at my two little 7 and 5 pound Bichons
      (which are basically little white balls of fur), I was shocked at what was looking back at me.

      My sweet little dogs where almost demonic in the way they were looking at me..
      they were hunched against the wall and were growling and snarling at the astral me.
      I wasn't sure if they would wake my son so I quickly left the room.

      I then went outside and came upon a huge tree that had branches that
      went as far as the eye could see into the sky. Now I was raised around
      trees that were made for climbing and every other kid in the
      neighborhood was always in a tree or in a tree house but I have this
      "falling" phobia. No matter what height I am at, I always think, what
      if I fell, my heart starts to skip beats and I either have to go back
      down or at the very least back away from the edge. It's not just trees
      or roofs, it's even bleachers. I'm fine going up but I have real
      problems when it's time to go back down.

      Anyhoo, I see this tree with branches into the heavens and I realize I
      can't be hurt.. if I fall, I'll simply fly away. I feel no fear.

      I start to climb and I can feel the limbs in my hands and I feel their
      support of my feet. It's almost as if the tree wants me to climb it.

      Small branches and leaves scratch my skin, but I feel no pain, just
      unbelievable happiness as I climb higher and higher. I reach the top of
      the tree and I turn and look around me..I did it...I really did it....

      The rest of my experience is a little fuzzy as I didn't want to wake up
      right away and record my experience but I seem to remember an airplane
      (I think I rode the wing for a while). :-)

      I went on to have a semi-lucid dream and finally a non-lucid dream (both
      of which I have brief snippets of memory of).

      I have noticed that I VIVIDLY recall my separations but I never
      recall my reentries.. I simply "wake up".

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      I've had lucid dreams but they were always VERY short.. that is until this morning!!!

      I did my usual "weekend" thing where I get up a 4am and go to sleep in another room so as not to be disturbed by my husband. I chose to lay on the living room sofa (a place I don't normally sit, let alone sleep on).

      Below are the details for those who would like to know.

      I put on a sleep mask, earplugs and began to deep breath (I breath
      slowly in, hold it for as long as is comfortable and then breath slowly
      out). I decided to try the counting method (1 I'm dreaming, 2 I'm
      dreaming, etc.) and then the hypnagogic images began. I read somewhere
      that it helps if you look at those "magic eye" pictures (you know the
      ones where the picture is hidden but if you look at it in a certain way
      that the image will appear). I happen to get a kick out of them so when
      the hypnagogic images appeared, they sort of looked like those magic eye
      pictures and I tried to view them in the same way. I started to see (or
      I "created" ) a portal or doorway. I don't remember whether I stepped
      into it or if I was drawn into it, but I was suddenly lucid!

      I had decided before hand that I would like to go back in time and visit
      an authentic native american village the next time I was lucid.. but I
      just couldn't seem to get there (I just don't have the control to time
      travel ..yet). But what I WAS able to control was the LENGTH of my
      lucid dreams. I had read on a newsgroup of someone who was able to
      have an experience last for TWO hours of more. I was totally blown away
      because I was lucky if I was able to stay lucid or out for ten minutes
      UNTIL this morning.. This morning I was able to stay lucid for about 1
      hour and 45 minutes!!! I estimated that I started the lucid dream about
      5am and it ended when my husband woke me up around 7am when he left for

      Spinning had never worked for me, rubbing my hands together had never
      worked for me.. What worked was everytime I started to feel (even just a
      *little* bit) that the lucidity was fading, I would state "INCREASE
      LUCIDITY" or "MAINTAIN LUCIDITY" and the dream would either continue or
      a NEW but LUCID dream would begin. I must have done this at least 6
      times!!! And what was even more amazing is that this worked even when
      I heard my husband's alarm go off (I was able to stay focused and
      lucid)! The only draw back is that it's hard to remember with much
      detail what I did in all those dreams (I knew I would lose some of the
      detail if I didn't stop after every dream and write it down but I wanted
      to see how long I could keep lucid). I do remember that I flew, swam,
      walked through walls, made things appear and disappear, I changed
      outfits by simply spinning around, and had a few "encounters" (wink).

      There was only one problem in that I had no *back up* plan. I figured
      I'd try for the native village and I'd either get there or not and the
      experience would be over in 10 minutes tops but when it went on and on,
      I had no idea what *else* to do... so I did what I consider pretty
      "mundane" things (see paragraph above)..

      I finally figured that I was "pushing" my luck.. As soon as I felt even a *hint* that I was losing lucidity, I simply laid my lucid body down, closed my eyes and WHAM... the vibrations hit and then came a loud screeching noise like fingernails on a chalkboard. I felt my astral body stand up and then fall back in (like I was off balance). I immediately stood up again and I was out!

      When I stood up, I saw in the shadow on the wall a slightly illuminated cord
      from my head to my sleeping body (I never looked directly at my body for
      fear that I would be drawn back to it). I had never seen the cord
      before but it did not frighten me as I knew what it was.

      Since I was *out* and had no clear plan, I asked to speak to my *spirit
      guide*. I felt a presence and I asked if that was my spirit guide. A
      clear soft female voice answered "Yes, I am here". I remember being
      surprised that my guide was female (I don't know why I thought my guide
      would be male) and I remember that I felt no fear.

      Unfortunately I can't remember what *else* was said (ARRGGG)! I do remember going out the front door and the thought crossed my mind will closing the door cut my cord? I don't know why I just didn't float through the ceiling like I normally do but I dismissed the cut cord idea as soon as I thought it.

      This entry is running WAAAAYYY long so I won't go into details on what I
      did while out. I wasn't out that long...I came back when I heard my
      husband walk across the floor to me to say goodby. I didn't *slam* back
      into my body, I just slowly realized that I was there!
      I am soo excited ... I experienced so many *firsts* this morning.
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      Well, on 2/27 (Sat. morning), I did have a short LD. I rolled out,
      landing on my hands and knees and all was DARK.. I couldn't see a thing!

      I stated "Clarity now!"... nothing. I then stated "Increase clarity"
      and a glowing 12 inch square cut into the carpet appeared a few feet in
      front of me (but all around me was still dark).

      I crawled toward the square, looked down and was astonished to see that
      it was a television screen! Now, I don't know how many of you know
      about the old black and white show called the "Honeymooners" that
      starred Jackie Gleason but that was what was playing. The images were
      so crisp and clear it was like I was actually looking down at the scene
      in real life. I have never seen a television with a picture that vivid
      before.. I was simply spellbound. As I was watching, the screen slowly
      started to get smaller and smaller and then disappeared altogether.. but
      then another 12 inch square appeared a few feet away. I crawled to it
      and there was another show playing on it (but unfortunately I can't
      remember what it was).

      I then realized that I had my vision back and I decided to leave the
      room. I stood on the table and tried to go through the ceiling but it
      looked and felt like it does in real life and I could not go through it.
      I then "woke up" back in my physical body.

      Well, I can honestly say that I won't ever use the word "aways" when
      describing my LDs ever again! ;-D

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      Saturday, January 20, 2001, 2:54 PM

      I had a couple of LD which I'll describe below:

      First LD:

      I took off my novadreamer mask and stood up. I started to go to my front door but could not pass as there was a man blocking my way. He was over 6' (he took up the entire doorway), was extremely thin and was African (very dark skinned). This man looked stern (as if on a mission) and would have terrified anyone else but I felt no fear. I wondered if he was a guide and I said "Tell me everything.". He said nothing but took my hand and we started to fly into a very deep blue sky.

      We flew for a while until an Indian came up to us and I knew to take his hand.

      He had short golden hair, a scarf rolled as a headband and small hands. While
      we flew, I thought let's see if I can call forth someone else. I said "Asian"
      and up flew an Asian man but the strange thing was that he looked exactly like the Indian except for his coloring, the dark hair and the slant to his eyes!
      Unfortunately, as soon as we landed, the experience faded into a non-lucid dream.

      2nd LD:

      I saw Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons (martial arts movie) and it
      must have made quite an impact for they balance on tree tops and I did so.

      I feel the familiar shift and I see a large christmas tree (which is NOT there
      now by the way). The house has no roof and the tree is over 10' tall. I leap
      to the top of a table and then to the very tip of the tree. I balance there
      swaying back and forth enjoying the fact that I was able to do so.

      I then head outside and see snow covered mountain peaks going far into the
      distance. As I scan the horizon, I see a distant fire's light burning so I
      start taking HUGE leaps.. leaps which take me from one peak directly to the
      next. I cover tremendous amounts of ground in each leap and it's wondrous!!
      I reach the peak with the fire light and you'll never guess what was there!

      People of all colors, sexes, and ages on the ground having SEX!! It was an orgy!!

      So of course the second it could have gotten REALLY interesting, the
      familiar fade to black starts to happen and it was over. :-(

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      Quote Originally Posted by pj View Post
      Well it's about time!

      Seriously, as our star WILDer, I'm sure this is going to be a great inspiration to many among us, starting with me. I'm saving it for weekend reading while up north!
      Quote Originally Posted by AdamA View Post
      Just read the one about Astral healing, sounds amazing! As per PJ will save this for a rainy day

      Oh wait, I am in England, it rains everyday, so guess I will be readin ghtis tomorrow
      Whew!! Well there's enough to hold ya for awhile! Enjoy!!

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      Cor spam much? :p

      You made this just over an hour ago and already have 21...22 now replys.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Vex Kitten
      You're just jealous that I'm more of a man than you could ever be, sweetie pie.
      Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it you will land among the stars.

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      Quote Originally Posted by NeAvO View Post
      Cor spam much? :p

      You made this just over an hour ago and already have 21...22 now replys.
      Yeah.. well I tried to do it all in one BIG post and the system kept choking! Besides they're all from me and are LEGITIMATE entries so it's not SPAM!

      NeAvo.. did you even happen to GLANCE at any of my dreams or didja just post to "bust my balls" as they say?? (ya little @*#^%!)

      (my fingers are tired)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Clairity View Post
      NeAvo.. did you even happen to GLANCE at any of my dreams or didja just post to "bust my balls" as they say?? (ya little @*#^%!)
      To be honest I posted to bust your balls, as someone says??? Fine then, I'm sorry at making accusations at you...even if they are semi true :p
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      Quote Originally Posted by Vex Kitten
      You're just jealous that I'm more of a man than you could ever be, sweetie pie.
      Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it you will land among the stars.

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      You said in one of youíre dreams that you flew threw some clouds. Sun. morning at 3:30 AM: Thatís just about the coolest thing ever. I envy all the dream control you have.

      I couldnít touch a cloud inside of a dream if my life depended on it. Thatís great that you can do that without frustration.
      Excellent job with the dreams!!!!!!!!!!!
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