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      Tony's Dream Journal.

      Ooookie dokie. Time to copy paste from another thread..
      Going to put a few dreams that I remember on this first post.

      BTW: I LOVE people to comment and post in here about what they think, so feel free if you want to.


      Okay. What I remember was that I was new to a certain school. It was obvious that the kids didn't like us here. US, I'm referring to Myself, Ellie (Old friend) and Andres (Old School friend). I didn't have much feeling for this dream until towards the end.

      I remember walking down the halls of my old school into sort of like a history class, from which we were disregarded, and all 3 of us sat at the same table. I kept looking at Ellie, she was looking away from me the entire time and looked a bit stressed, so I left it. Anyway, the teacher was reviewing some notes, and basically asked the class what was wrong, because no-one was paying attention. It wasn't noisy or anything, it was still silence, but no-one cared.

      At that point I screamed out "YOU'RE TOO BORING! Spice it up a bit! Get the class involved! All you do is sit there and read notes all time!" And then sat back down a bit. From which I felt like I became the class hero or something, because everyone looked at me with a stunned expression on their faces. I think maybe I was trying to show-off to Ellie.

      I don't really remember much after that, but I remember the class suddenly filled with colours (It was grey beforehand), and there was laughing. Everyone seemed happy. Class had ended then, I had gotten to the door when I had turned around to see Ellie there saying "Can we study together? Hang on, I just need to get my books".

      She went back into the classroom and then I went out into the hallway to see the vice principal walking down. Now at this point, Everyone hit the lockers like he was some sort of power.. But the feeling in the dream seemed to be a bit of a joke. Because he was a big bloke, and he was drooling everywhere and seemed sloppy. I had accidently bumped into someone (it felt pretty real) as I was trying to get back against the lockers. From which I thought "She's taking a long time huh?"

      I had another look into the classroom and saw her still gathering some books, from which I turned around and bumped into her friend, Kelly. I said hello, she said hello. But then I looked past her, and I saw Ellie running off in the distance without waiting for me. Then I woke up.

      Okay, Bold part was the dream so we don't get confused in the long post (Sorry x_x).

      I've had a few troubles at work (Just with customers, nothing too dramatic), and I ended up crashing a friends car a few weeks ago, losing my licence and having to appear in court later on, maybe having to pay for it.

      Ever since I have been praying for guidance (mainly about the crash and for help to find a 2nd job).
      2ND DREAM

      Mum was dropping Daniel up at my place. For some reason, there was a petrol tank outside. So he jumped out to fill up the car, all the while I turn around, and this figure in a red hooded cloth, with a white rope teleported onto my driveway and started to walk away. I told my mum to drive away as quickly as possibe and then the car started to speed away, while I'm mouthing "I'm sorry" To Daniel. But then we turned around and ended up picking him up. But then it gets a little hazy because I decided to get out of the car and move towards another 3 of them. Because I was thinking 'Well, this is a dream, right?' I didn't hit Lucidity though. I forgot to mention it's pitch black in the dream.

      Anyway. As soon as I got out, all 3 trapped me within a triangle, put out their arms that kind of looked like a dark green arms, zombie like coming towards me. This is where it turns weird because for some reason, I went out of a first person view, and flying up into an aerial view from which I was watching myself. I saw a crapload of red hooded figures all over my farm and my neighbours farm. From which, It kept going up, through a T.V screen, from where a little me was sitting there with a Playstation 2 controller, in a completely white room. Then I turned, and smiled at myself, before I woke up.

      3rd Dream

      I was playing guitar with a dude that looked like Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden. I was in awe about how good he was. He was ripping it and I was just playing a few notes. Anyway, some dude and his mum just came right up and pulled the Amps out of the power plug (Power plug was outside I have no idea why). Oh I forgot to mention Daniel and Angelo went inside. Anyway, I ended up abusing them, as they walked away, followed them a little bit. Next thing I'm in a barn. Hay on crates and Angelo was with me. Angelo was moving hay from a crate to another crate, he was working for them, but he actually wasnt employed because I was thinking "wtf is he doing he doesnt work". But then I started to help him and then we tried to sneak out.

      I knew if we got caught we'd be in trouble. Somehow. When I turned around I was looking out from MY loungeroom down the hallway. But the hay and crates was in the loungeroom. But it looked like a barn. Lol. no tv no tables just crates and hay. I remember seeing 2 guys rebuidling stuff outside, but then they heard us, so we snuck out quickly SOMEHOW INTO the loungeroom. I dont know how. It must have turned back into the loungeroom. Then I woke up.

      4th Dream

      I remember going to my old primary school and then bringing home Hugh Laurie (Dr.House). I introduced him as Dr.House. We ll sat in the loungeroom chatting. Me My dad, mum brother, Dr.House and some woman I can't remember. I remembered her name in the dream, but I have forgotten it when I wrtoe it down. We were sitting in the loungeroom although it was kind of like Amandas Hallway (My sisters house) But our loungeroom. I walked down to the kitchen through OUR hallway (which was weird) and ended up drinking a couple bottles of coke. I remember seeing stirfry cooking in the kitchen. I introduced Hugh as Dr.House, but he said call him Greg. His name in the show is Dr.Gregory House. I thought that was weird in the dream.

      During the dreamI was laying down on the coch watching TV noticed that someone swapped Soap opera for a movie I think? Either that or comedy. I remember thinking that I was glad that I didnt have to go to cicket raining because it looked cloudy and looked like it was going to rain.

      Some Old Dreams I Remember.

      Well, this one was weird because it seemed to take place Feburary 24th, every year. I was at my old primary school, on the basketball court, before it turned into a board game. But each year, I would progress further into the game, before I finally won, and now I don't have that dream anymore. The court had seemed to have come up with Neon squares and I would be jumping from one to the other.

      Everytime I seem to hit the point where I would have to either go to a psychotic grandmother, or a snarling Greyhound. The sky at this point would start to turn grey. Well you see, it was a few years before I started to notice the dog. I would always go to the grandmother who would TICKLE ME, and then I would wake up shivering like I had been tickled (I don't like people touching me.) But then I noticed the dog, and went to the grandmother anyway. Until one year, I thought "Screw this" and ended up running straight past the grandmother and up the hill. At this time the skies had turned blue, the sun shining. And the grandma tried to give chase, only to be stopped by a barrier. And since then, I have not dreamt this dream. It went on for about 5 years.

      OD 2

      This one is very hazy. All that I can remember was that I was deep in a cave, hanging upside down in a rope over a cauldron. All those red hooded "monks" if you will were there again. They were chanting something.. They had a blackboard out with some writing on it. Although I cant remember what it was. But then once again.. It decided to go out of the cave from a different point of view and then I woke up?

      OD 3

      This one felt real, so I'm not sure if it falls into lucidity or not. But I remember being chased into my old house. I had this blonde chick with me. I had called the police and was waiting for them to come, because for some reason I was not tied up, yet this girl was with tape over her mouth, and she was crying. There was this shadow in the kitchen with blue eyes that was looking at me, next thing I hear a knock at the door.

      The shadow quickly looks at me, and grabs the girl with a knife to the throat as to suggest "Dont you dare." But I basically just ran for the door. I opened it and told the policeman to help me. He just laughed. But then he saw the shadow taking the girl down the hallway, and ended up calling for backup. I was taken outside, And then I remember seeing all the policeman go in..And then the blonde girl (Who was wearing a white shirt and jeans looking lovely btw >>;; ) came running out to hug me in the street. THAT'S THE BIT THAT FELT REAL. Then I woke up.

      Relatively new/old dream

      I remember running from my old house again, down a hill. I noticed the old apartment blocks and my old primary school again. I was running away from that shadow, but it had a gun this time. Anyway. I ran down the hill, across the road.. Then it turns fuzzy. For some reason I turn back and I see my old cricket coach walking towards me. After a chat with him I ended up running back up the hill for no apparent reason..

      Relatively new/old dream 2

      This time I was with that blonde chick again, but we were in the back of a car on top of a hill looking over the city. All I can remember was snuggling with her. It felt real and good obviously. Nothing more came of it but I didn't really care. It was still nice. =P

      Okay.. After that big recall of dreams I can remember over the years, you can comment or write anything you please. I would love to hear from you. =)
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      Oh, Just another one that I remember.

      I remember standing there with my mouth open, as I just saw a huge train crash. I was just looking at the train wreck. Blue skies, Green grass. Just a huge train wreck.

      The next day I ended up looking up on google train crash. And found out that the next day, a train wreck happened in India, killing 11 people.

      This was only a few days ago, mind you.

      And usually I end up dreaming stuff that happens to me everyday. When it happens, it's like a spark going off in my head for 1 second, I sit there and go, 'I dreamt this'. Then try to recall what happens..And usually.. what I recall is right.

      I'm not sure what this all means.. =\ If anything.


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