4/1/08 - Dream was a little sketchy. I remember being in a big room with some of my friends, and some other people. Sarah wasn't there and so her boyfriend Jake was acting cool. Then my friend showed up with Marta and I remember asking him if he was going to hook up with Marta, cause if he wasn't I was going to get a little play from her. Oh, and the lotion was off in a corner and I was hoping it wasn't going to be discovered.

4/2/08 - Obiwan was choked by Count Dooku. Obiwan tried to use absorb, but I don't know what else happened. (Star wars-y, huh?)

4/3/08 - Was in Chemistry and I forgot to do an assignment. She asked if anyone didn't do it and I neglected to raise my hand and as she went around collecting the papers I acted like my hand was up so I didn't get in trouble. There was more, something like a training facillity, but I forget the rest. I vaguely remember something about a cute girl.

4/4/08 - Was in health class and said something stupid apparently and me and Tyler looked at each other for a second and then laughed.

4/5/08 - Right, so it started out with me having to finish math homework for a test. I went to the library and I sat at cubicle which happened to seat Sarah on the other side of it. We ignored each other like we always do and I went about my own business. A few people came and went, talking to me and some talking to Sarah. Then eventually Mark. came to which we greeted each other "Hey fag" and we began talking. Eventually Sarah got into the conversation and I guess the awkwardness broke off and we talked about her spring break. At first I told Mark 'you'll never guess who called me' and he asked 'Marta? Christine?' I guess I did this in order to impress Sarah or something and I whispered to Mark who called me. We continued on our conversation and I remember me looking at her smiling with her looking back at me smiling. She started acting nervous (because I'm finally talking to her and its really apparent that she likes me, even in reality) and she accidently knocked over my folder to which I was like "aw, look what you did!" and she blushed and laughed. I asked her where she went for spring break and she said a ton of different random places, including "Florida, Indianapolis, and Carmel" lol. Then her boyfriend Jake came up with his friends and I rolled my eyes and gathered the rest of my stuff.
Eventually there was this lady that came up saying she was the rock and roll lady and wanted to sing a song. The bell ended up ringing and I went to my classroom. I rememeber contemplating if I should ask this one math teacher to transfer to his class instead of my current teacher's class, and then I entered the classroom and I woke up.

4/8/08 - (Incredibly dorky dream alert!) There was a beach landing with I think the Crysis engine but for some reason I was playing as Nero. We were fighting off wave after wave of enemies and we got to these minigun touting realy buff guys who sprouted off one liners (TF2 probably) and I shot a few of them with the sniper before running away to retreat, trying to bring my squad with me.
There were yellow bars that represented their health and I went out ot the garage for some reason to get something in real life (probably a drink) and I saw teh bars go down. I rushed back to get there in time (I think it was from HL2) but my character was already dead. I remember being frustrated

4/10/08 - I remember there were a bunch of people trying to get into my house and I remember punting a 2 ft tall migdit and then my dog started choking and wheezing and passed out/died or whatever (He's 14 years old and I worry about him dying).

4/11/08 - Tried to buy a PS3 but they only had three left so I had to be put on a wait list. I remember looking up at one of the shelves with shit on it and I think it was my dad or one of my friends that boosted themselves over the shelf and was looking down at me from the other side.

4/13/08 - I remember two things: I had to get a shot in the back, which sucked. And I also had to deliever somethign to one of my dads clients at 154th or 156th and gray before 9:00am, cause I was going to meet my councilor IRL nad in my dream at that time. It somehow or another involved using those big trash cans we have at my school and the client dad met was scarastic and bigotty.

4/14/08 - I remember being in my school walking through the hallways and I met up with one of my old friends and another person who I don't like (it was like a flash back to freshman year sort of) and we walked to my English room and chilled for a little bit.

4/15/08 - The wierdest thing happened while I was sleeping. I had just finished reading an e-book at it was like 2:30 when I got to bed. I envisioned myself fighting a tiger, and then as I was drifting off to sleep techno music started playing in my head, like I was creating music as I was drifting off. It was a neat sensation. But that's not even the weirdest part. The next thing I knew I was dreaming and apparently I was playing airsoft or something with my friends and I was high. I remember running around a corner and throwing a grenade around a corner incase my enemies would appear there (subconscious Halo 3 referance maybe?). They didn't and I remember just sort of embracing the feeling of being high and I remember stopping and just grinning stupidly and resting my head against the wall as this pulsing senstaion (which sounded sort of like iDoser or white noise... which also reminded me of the sound a washing machine makes) got louder and louder in my head until I felt myself just consumed by it. I slowly came to as I remember feeling drool on my lips and my entire body felt completely numb/paralysed and like my legs were levatating. It took me a awhile before I could move my legs again but that was the weirdest dream/senstation EVER! The weirdest thing is that I checked my clock at it was only a little past 3:00am!