In this journal I will post descriptions of a certain type of dream that I get sometimes that I call an "epic dream", because this type always tends to follow the archetypal plot of an epic movie. They always have a beginning, middle, and dramatic conclusion that usually involves an epic battle of some sort. There is usually a marked continuity and consistency in characters throughout the entire dream. These dreams also seem to last well over an hour in real world time and sometimes last hours or days in dream time. However, they do not happen as often as I would like

So, enjoy the (long) read!

June 22, 2008:

(see if you can tell that I just watched The Andromeda Strain and a show about the wild west the day before)


I have just woken up in an 1880's era Yukon gold rush settlement. The town has a population of roughly 1000 and outside the town there are snowy mountains as far as the eye can see. It then occurs to me that I had just come from the future. I am a soldier of some sort sent from the late 21st century back in time to do something...but I can't remember what.

I meet many of the townsfolk, who welcome me with friendly and open arms. They provide me with a room and a hot meal. I do not try to hide the fact that I'm a traveler from the future, but because of my general amnesia, they just think I'm crazy.

That night, it gets dark early. I go to the local pub and sit down with about a half a dozen cheery townsfolk. We enjoy our meal, and as the night goes on, we begin to have an engrossing conversation about the future. At this point, some of my memory begins to return.

I tell the people at the table about the infamous "New Coke" fiasco of the late 20th century (of all things). I tell them that the company that they knew as Pepsi-Cola (is this an anachronism?) was poised to win the battle of the colas, but due to the stupidity of Coke executives in introducing a new disgusting flavour, the consumers were so pleased that they brought back "Classic" Coke that neither Coke nor Pepsi-Cola would ever establish monopoly again.

The townsfolk were amazed and amused by my story, although they didn't believe it, understandably.

A lady sitting beside me at the table then comments that she needs glasses, and this triggers many memories within me. I tell her that I have adaptive nanotech corneal implants that adjust focal length to adapt to my vision. She tells me that must be nice.


It's now day again. I must have been talking all through the night. I step outside the pub and see the townsfolk standing outside, looking in amazement at the sky. I look up, and see something that looks vaguely like a rainbow, except it's too colourful.

Suddenly I realize why I was sent back. I need to fight some sort of enemy, and this rainbow marked his/its arrival. I also realize that I have superhuman powers granted to me by my leaders in the future. I can fly, I have a personal shield, and super strength.

I feel a presence in the mountains. It's my enemy calling me to fight. I take to the sky as if I were Superman, and fly into the cold mountains. I meet my enemy. Another soldier sent from the future, seemingly to kill me (he looks a lot like Brent Spiner). Something doesn't seem right, but what ensues is a superhuman fight that wouldn't look out of place in a Dragonball Z episode.


After several minutes of superhuman aerial combat, we both realize that we shouldn't be fighting at all. We were both sent by the same leaders to fight together against some other, unknown evil.

Little do we know how close it is. As we hover high over the mountains, we look down and see it: A giant, alien plant has taken root. We must destroy it.

And we do destroy it. Not much to tell here. Just more fighting, this time against the plant.


Ok, my memory here drops off. But I think it had something to do with english muffins...?


As you can see, my dream started to lose vividness near the end there.