My first DJ

I have got 2 real lucid dreams before and one half lucid.

Today after 2 days of practise did i got one more

I first steal something from a bad persons desk then did he see me so i walk through the floor and then i was in a hall and 2 other men chase me. Then one of them fly, and that is one of my DS so then i know it was a dream.
And i say load that "this is a dream" and then everything stoped. But then i think that it was not so fun bc i did like that dream so then every one start moving again, but one of the men was boring so i say to him that he should stop and he did , but i was chased to a stair from the other man and then i fly away and my lucid ended, but my dream continue. When the dream enden i have freeze 2 people and burn one with fire, and steal gold and jewel from the bad guys. And then i escaped in the sunset with a girl i found and with a big army that hunted us and a king in the middle in a gold armor

That was one of the best dreams i have in months
I remember 3-5 other dreams to, i have before the last one but they was not so fun. More nightmares than good dreams. But i half got lucid in one of them too.

sry for my english btw.