There´s a war going on in a forest pretty close to my family house. The army is in a combat just some hundred meters from me as I'm walking around on the trails of the forest. Somehow I manage to climb/levitate from the path up to another "level" of the forest like on a mountain, plateau or something. There I reckon that it's a really beautiful sunset going on above the forest of war and also that my sister is up there with me on this plateau. She's there together with a horse of hers which is slightly blue and has six legs (not to different from Odens horse Sleipner in the norse mythology).

Some time after the war experience I find myself in a garage or warehouse together with Leif T. He's there to help one of his kids with a car.

Darn, this is the most reliable dream sign person I have! Everytime I think of him or meet him irl I do a nose pinch, and still it doesn't seem to happen in the dream!!