Brother's Execution (Non-lucid)


My brotherhad been sentenced to death and was serving his last few days before his execution. We'd tried to get the judge to pick some kind of alternate punishment, but he wasn't swaye. The jail was located in a desert with very red sand. We were going to go camping out in it for a few days before his execution. There was a river we paddled down. We also stumbled across a house out in the middle of the desert with a Japanese couple that was attempting to have sex while levitating. Upon spotting us, the stopped, but I eventually convinced them to go ahead and have sex in front of us. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm gonna beat off", I said to my brother. There were two chairs in the room where the couple was and I took care of my business while sitting on one of them. Back in the jail, Patrick was very depressed as his execution drew quite nar. I tried to reassure him by saying that his last meal would probably be really good. He cried. There was some other character in the jail who'd been making drugs out of purple Kool-Aid. In a somewhat movie-like sequence, I saw her get captured by the police.

In another short scene, both of my brothers were in Germany with me. One of them was staying with me and the other was living outside of a gas station. As we exited a movie, I stopped to chat with some friends, but my brother insisted we hurry, as he didn't want the one near the gas station to see us, as it would provoke too many negative emotions. It was very cold & snowing.