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      dreams of the black sun. (ian's dream journal)

      my dream journal iv'e been ahving some really obscure dreams latley, so hopefully any more i have should be a good read. ill jot down my next dream when i have one might take a couple of days maybe cos my sleeping patern is fucked.
      hope u enjoy what's to come.
      i'll give you a bit of an introduction about my dreaming ways.

      i was practising lucid dreaming, well my build up towards it but was only
      doing DILD, i ended up having at least one or two dreams every night
      some more recognisable than others but i found it hard to get myself
      to even do the most simple things in my dreams e.g rub hands ect.
      one night when i was in germany i came back from a party with my dad
      from the night before. i was really tired and wanted a nap. i got into bed
      and quickly feel asleep only to have a false awakening. all of a sudden there
      was a random girl next to where i was sleeping. ive never met her before
      and i find it hard to talk to people in my dreams (maybe some help with this
      would be appreciated as i would be able to do so much more). i quickly got
      up and went through the front room (my bed was a spare one in the study centre)
      and i saw two people on the couch sipping tea, the fucked up thing was there
      faces, they had no faces i could se there bodies perfectly but their faces were
      scrambled up in little colourful squigly lines that almost vibrated vigorously. to
      me this fealt normal i then walked into the hall and i suddenly became aware
      that that wasnt normal and i was dreaming, i then was saying to myelf "finally,
      my lucid dream ive been waiting for". after i thought that i had an over
      whelming feeling of panic, a panic that i would never wake up, i then started
      to calm down but before i could get even think about keeping myself in this dream
      i woke up.

      i was seriously gutted that i wasted my chance but this was my first. after that is topped for a bit and before i new it i couldnt dream aagin, but ive started now so i should be back on track to getting some basics down me from this site. i love this site i cant wait to start putting things into practise
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