I am very new to dreaming and especially the whole lucid dreaming aspect. I think this forum is pretty damn cool though so I want to contribute whatever I can. Here is the first dream in a long time I can remember.

Okay. So I met this girl not even 2 weeks ago. I have started hanging out with her friends and what not. They are like I used to be so we get a long pretty well.

Anyway, I had this dream where me and one of her roommates were in my room. I was gonna take the computer out to the living room to hook it up to the T.V so we'd have more room to watch a movie. So when we get into the living room I try to flick the lights on but they won't turn on. Suddenly there are these cats are in the closet scurrying around. I remember assuming that the cats had chewed through some wires and thats why the lights wouldn't work. So we start to get these cats out of the closet and start killing them. It was pretty brutal, swinging them by the tails and smashing their heads into the tables and what not. For some reason the lights were on out of nowhere in the dream. A couple more of her roommates showed up and started helping us. So by the end of it we are singing a musical while we are doing it. It came down to 2 cats left, I remember they were both female. One of her roommates was singing to let the cats go, something about them being domesticated. I remember singing this last line "If thats the kind of nation we live in, I'd rather be masturbatin'"