So far, I've just skimmed over this website and see that other people have experienced what I have in some way or another. The reason I have is because sometimes I have control over my dreams and what happens. I googled about it and came upon this website. So I'll start off with telling you my most recent "lucid dream" that I've had.

I had just found out I was pregnant and it made sense that I was because I was using the restroom a lot (something I've been doing a lot in reality because I drink water quite a bit). My stomach had automatically grown bigger, as if I were a few months pregnant. My mission of my dream was to get a pregnancy test. I was working on that.
I was in a place I was unfimiliar with and next thing I know, I'm standing on the edge of this cement platform. Looking down, there was water about 20 feet below and the other vement platform across the water was around 50 feet away. Somehow I had reached the other side (maybe a bridge had helped) and was now hanging off of a latter attached to the wall (like a pool would have). I couldn't figure out what to do because it seemed like my only way back to the other side would to let myself fall in the water but I couldn't because I was pregnant and I would have a miscarriage. I told myself that I was dreaming so I would be alright, and fell. I made it into the water with a big splash and ended up on the other platform before I knew it. I ended up having a miscarraige.

That seems pretty pointless but it was cool how I had told myself that I was dreaming and that I could fall to make it to the other side, although the miscarriage I had feared still took place. Weird.

<3 LA