Soo yeah.. This is my dream Journal. My name is Aaron, nice to talk to everyone who bothers to read this. Basically, my lucid dreams will be colored. No, black is not a color. Feel free to post and comment, or send me a PM.

Night of March 03, 2010


This dream was a typical horror story like dream, and was the first night I've tried MILD for a LONG time. It started out in an airport, and I was in my own body, but older. I was olding hands with a girl, assuming she was my woman. I was with a man my own age (22-25), he had his own girl, and we were talking like we were bestfriends. As quickly as it started, hell broke loose. There was a zombie outbreak, and my girlfriend got infected. As she tried to claw and bite at me I held her off, pleading to remember who she was, that she was human. It seemed to work, because she snapped out of her crazed state, and acted like she just woke up. I remember running. Time change - Later in the day. The four of us are now walking through a city that seems to have been hit with the infection. There is blood everywhere. Most material objects are trashed, and fires burn wildly inside cars and apartment complexes. Me and my male friend were talking, I think about a plan to get to safety, or to stay alive, or a fighting tactic. I remember saying that "I'll do anything to protect you guys and survive." And the dream went black. I woke up in my room shortly after.