Well, I have had a few lucid dreams, but last night was a regular old dream, let me start with that.
I was in Cumberland, a small coal mining town that I grew up in but, the people I was with were from Kelowna, my cousin and my brother were the two people I was haining out with, we went to a New years party in my dream, and there was lots of weed and alcohol, my bro's gf asked if we need to give any money to drink, kasey said no, we were there for a while.

my cousin and I left, and some other boys were following, us we talked to them for a while, and we began fighting these guys that I know from kelowna that had bounced me out of a party before because I got in a real fight., so my dream turned nightmarish, my cousin fell to the ground and this dude stomped him, but I punched him out right after, I picked up my cousin and we were running through alleys that seemed like Vancouver, and people were chasing us and thats all I remember,
I have had a weird week of dreams, and two lucid dreams in the last two week's, I started taking this medication that has totally made me dream allot.
called seroquile.
cant wait till tonight I want a WILD.