o hello. (:
i've always had random spontaneous dreams (such as the one where i turn into a starfish when i put on socks. ) and i occasionally had control over them for a short while. lemme just say, lucid dreaming is fiddly-flippin grand. (:

Ok, so im starting this dream journal on march 13th, and i probably won't have time to write in it every day, just saying.

3/13/10 - I had my very first lucid dream last night! I first read this website that night, so that may be why. I was too lazy to write it down when i woke up. all i remember was that it started out like a normal dream, and I was walking around my kitchen and stuff. I realized everything was odd and fuzzy. then i remembered to do a reality check. I looked at my hands and they were blurry and weird. then i looked at the clock, and i knew i was dreaming since it said '9 in the afternoon.' (which is 1- is a song by Panic! at the Disco, and 2- obviously doesnt exist.) As soon as i knew i was having a lucid dream, it was like gravity turned on and i was actually in my body rather than watching from afar. i got really excited, and had to remind myself to calm down. I do remember something about walking on a bridge over a city before waking up. right before waking up, everything got fuzzy and i sort of floated upward. i forgot to do the whole spinny thing, obviously.