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      If you read my journal you'll probably find why I havn't DILD' yet (or lucid at all, for that matter I'm sure I'll get it eventually don't worry) is because everything in my dreams are random and stupid - I don't bother to point out one thing because it's just a regular happening. I'll work on this later, for now I will post the dream I had today. (I will only post dreams I can remember well enough to get atleast a paragraph).

      EB Games (Non-lucid)


      There was an EB Games in my little brother's room, after a lot of dicking around the guys decided they were going to give their stock away for free (I saw a Shadow of the Collosus Wii game but couldn't get it).

      I didn't get any games at all so after a few things I forget (I was very pissed off, I went to check if there were any games left repeatedly, watched Trevor play a Crash Bandicoot series called "Crash Rash" or something like that, Crash had the style of Raiders from FO3).

      I walked outside into a parking lot and wrestled some ladies diamond triangle sunglasses off her face in her car. Trevor, Mum and the lady and her friend started chasing me but I was always a few steps ahead and was using monkey vaults to get over fences. Eventually, in a field I realised this was stupid and the glasses wern't made of diamonds so I gave it back to the lady. I asked her about them and she told me they would show something if I put them on, after a few tries I got them to show a rainbow swirly pattern.
      This contradicts an earlier part of the dream where I put on the glasses right after I stole them and they were see-through.

      Somehow we ended up in a lodge area and the current dream theme was L4D2 (that only lasted for a few seconds before everyone was humans).Everyone had a game but me, but they threw them away or something. There were like 20 kids there, some randoms but mostly from my old school. After dicking around a bit and monkey vaulting over a fence repeatedly while bragging about it (I think I also stole something and was chased for it for a long while, made a joke about the monkey vaulting and called a little girl (who was drinking iced coffee) with beer litter around her a drunkard), we left for the last time out the lodge along the path.

      Now there were adults there for some reason, but it didn't stop me from taking some beer coolers from an opened case in the ground. We set off in canoes
      (This contradicts earlier when I was running around on that lot of LAND.) and I put the beer coolers on my arms, they were awesome - I gave the extras to Kurtys. I also had a picture from somewhere and it had pictures of adults and kids (probably camp advisor guys), one of them was asian but also looked like a white dog in the face for some reason - I showed this to Footy Kid and he said it was an asian (I wasn't going to ask that question to Korean Kid or he'd get pissed). We went past a window and saw my cat sleeping in a catbed in a store, we went past another and saw a TV with Desperate Housewives - for some reason I watched it.

      Eventually, it turned from watching into being there - but I wasn't actually there I was just observing; you know. Anyway, this was a typical show so they were like OMG your boyfriend is bla bla bla and then they had rolling sex (in TV show fashion they didnt show any of their doodly bits) and candy got all over them.
      Then I woke up, hardly the amazing ending I expected.

      That wasn't fabulous but you might get something out of me yet, for now I'm just trying to practice dream recall. My dreams are very often influenced by video games, two days ago I was pissed off because EB Games wouldn't give me what I wanted and I was also playing Mirror's Edge last week (a pourka game). Cya.
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