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      Here is where I will list all dreams which I feel content have a sufficient journal entry with at least a moderately acceptable amount of recall. For all dreams, I do have a separate dream journal blog which I will probably update more regularly. (http://the-dreamscaper.blogspot.com)

      A Shared Dream

      Date of Dream: Friday 19 March 2010
      Lucid?: Y
      Method Used: Accident
      My "brother" (not blood, but we've been friends since we were both freshman in high school and have formed a very close emotional bond with each other) stayed the night at my place. That night, he was in my dream.
      It started off on the beach. Where exactly the beach is I'm not sure, however.
      I realized I was dreaming during the course of us walking down the beach, and I decided that since it was my dream, I could do what I wanted, and we should explore the nearby ocean. It was a phenomenal experience. Unfortunately I can't remember most of.
      The next day, he told me about HIS dream. He didn't have the best recall, but it was enough to convince me we shared a dream. We've shared dreams before, but this was the first time I ever went lucid during one.

      Hide Him

      Date of Dream: 03/27/2010
      Lucid?: N
      Method Used:
      In this dream, I was hiding a friend on my roof, and trying to keep this secret from my parents (although my parents were not my parents, but rather my old neighbours who used to take me to church every Sunday playing the role of my dream parents.)
      To the best of my recall, it was never settled why I was hiding him on my roof. However, when people found out it was up to me to defend him in an more colonial-type town-hall setting (while the rest of the dream retained a very modern setting). I found myself also being charged, and we were both set to hang, which I awakened from moments before.
      While the friend in the dream was not David (in fact, I really couldn't tell you who he was, possibly just composite character from many people I know), it still reminded me of the role we used to play, when I would sneak him into my room when he needed a place to go to get away from his parents, however my parents have never been fond of him so not only was I hiding him from his parents, but mine as well.

      He's out to kill us all

      Date of Dream: 03/28/2010
      Method Used:
      In this dream, one central villain slowly kills everyone in the world, however I am the one person he lets live (I guess because the dream would end if I were dead). He keeps me around as a pet, albeit one who is defiant whenever I got the chance.
      My job plays loosely into the dream towards the end, when he has me make him an extra large apple desert pizza, which I bring to him in a Papa Johns box.

      Evil Kittens

      Date of Dream: 03/29/2010
      Method Used:
      I was running through a neighbourhood I apparently knew rather well, however in retrospect I cannot recall it being one I have ever been in in the real world. While taking a back alley, I ran across a bunch of kittens, which proceeded to attack my bare feet, leaving deep, bloody gashes. Every time I kicked one away five more took its place and I was unable to outrun them.
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