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      UsernameTheRandom's Dream Journal

      Night of April 28 - Hiking the Alien Trails
      Strange dream, but I pretty much know what brought it on.

      I was standing near a building in my town, a community house, where my Boy Scout troop meets frequently. It was nighttime, though. While I refuse to release the actual names of my companions (for their privacy and my safety), I'll call them Short and Tall.

      We start our trek to a hiking trail (in the Real World, we went on a hiking trip not too long ago), and I look over my shoulder. I see a flying saucer, black as the night and with dark-tinted windows, lifting off from a house in the town. I freak out, because I remember a flying saucer from another dream that was in front of my house! My dream self does not realize the physical impossibility of this, and remembers/accepts a similar dream as fact!

      I talk to Short about it, both terrified and gleeful that I've made that discovery. We soon reach our destination (a fictitious path), which is a large, twisting, paved road with huge walls of woody vines on each side. It was probably modeled after a back-road near my school.

      We move along the road, then suddenly turn back. We trek up to the school (which now has a huge crowd of unsupervised kids doing heaven knows what there), and then march down to some other place. My brain fails me with what happened next, but I got my dog Harley (I can't remember going to him, just being back at the "start" of the route with him) and then carrying him through the crowd. A girl said something to me, so I stopped and talked to her. Suddenly, my brain is assaulted with a less surreal but equally unpleasant Coca-Cola commercial. The End.

      Night of May 10 - Class Trip to Antarctica
      I can't remember much, but I was in an oversized version of my school. It was Social Studies; we were studying Antarctica. Suddenly, everybody gets up and leaves, going somewhere under teacher orders. I ask where everybody is going in the confusion (this happens to me a lot in Real Life), and am told that they are headed outside for some Antarctica-related activity.

      Due to weather or something, I change my pants and then wander outside. There is snow everywhere: it's cold. Several tents are on the other side of the road that runs in front of the school. I go over there, and listen to some Antarctic explorers speak. Suddenly, I'm on a train moving through Antarctica. The dream collapsed soon afterwards.

      Night of May 11 - The Plane That Got Nuked
      Another strange dream. This one had characters from South Park, and the background was that "style": shoddy "quality". Strangely, I hadn't done anything related to the TV show for over a week that would cause me to have a dream related to it.

      I was observing the going-ons. For some reason, the four main characters were talking to a nerdy, mechanic-type guy about changing a plane they were supposed to fly on. I didn't know why.
      They board the plane, and while it is flying they do something to some pipes, causing a lot of water to flow out of the back of the plane (following the mechanic's advice).
      Somehow, a small missile becomes detached from the plane and goes flying off.
      Due to the character's actions, the plane soon has to crash-land, everybody parachuting out. The missile, apparently with a guidance system, targets them and keeps trying to slam into them. Finally, it hits the plane's wreckage. The pilot demands to the characters what they did.

      I know, it doesn't make a lick of sense. The whole thing was convoluted.

      Night of May 13 - The Plague Will Come from Montana
      I had a vivid zombie dream.

      I was on an over-sized version of my school's K-4 playground with a group of friends. We were armed with light weaponry, mostly just a few miniscule shotguns.
      Then, we kind of walk around.
      We know that there are zombies in the area (fast ones!), so we get inside one of those play things, with the slides and such. There we wait. I'm fearing that the zombies can grab us, since it isn't very secure.
      At one point we get out (knowing that it isn't the best) and run across the street. The school has been replaced with what looks like a shoddy (-er) version of Brooklyn. We go into a worn-down house.
      The house is also insecure, but better and can be hidden in. We hide in a low-lying part of it first, and then move away. At one point, my friends (amongst whom are EC, JSII, and DP) start whispering with alarm in their voices, talking about seeing a zombie. I try to get them to tell more, and to see the zombie, but fail both.
      We then move to a different room. At one point, we leave the building and go back across the street. It is nighttime.

      Three adults come into the playground. My group and their group join together. My brain flashed to images of newspapers showing the expansion of the outbreak.

      "3 Zombies Sighted in Montana!"
      "Wyoming Citizens Complain of Zombies with Jellyfish Eyes"

      Night of May 15 - The Huge Church
      I intended to go over to one of my friend's houses and spend the night. We had a stumbling block in planning when I came to know that his family was going to Church on Sunday (I'm a Christian, but Church repels me as if I am Satan; I guess because I've never, in my remembered years, been to Church with my family, much less strangers).

      In the end, I decided that when they leave for Church I would have my mom pick me up at their house.

      I am sitting in a vast, expansive church. The building is similar to a community house my Boy Scout troop uses for meetings: there is the main hall, and then

      Noon of February 9, 2011 - Huntin' for Zombies
      Yes, another zombie dream. I don't know why. I wasn't feverish. This one was actually VERY enjoyable, it was very realistic and vivid and wasn't a nightmare or weird crap.

      My pa and I drive up into a Knoxville parking lot under the dark sky. The buildings are all well lit, and we are getting ready to go shopping. Suddenly, the scene changes to our local market, a Krogers and some stores. The stores are different from the real ones, but it's still pretty faithful to the real world. The cloudy gray sky rolls overhead, and cars are scattered around. People, there are not.

      Pa and I get out of the truck, armed with flashlights (the exact kind we use at our house) and shotguns. We are wearing normal clothes. We head into one of the stores. My dream about the store is inconsistent; when we first go in, there are no lights on and the power doesn't work. Later, we walk in and the lights are already on. We kind of poke around; it's a sort of bar, with a counter to the left and bottles of liquid behind it on shelves, and a jukebox in a corner. It's a nice place. At some point, we kill a zombie inside, then walk back to the car for something. We go back in and poke around. Another scavenger passes through. Dad goes off to check another store. Meanwhile, I take my belt off. While vulnerable, a zombified clerk we didn't noticed rises up and chases me. These are Zombieland-style sprinters, and I run off in a panic. I run up a slope where bushes are planted, and pass by a truck. My dad sees me and kills the zombie. The lights are off in the store this time, and I tell him how I left my stuff behind. At some point mom shows up (I'm pissed at her for not having a weapon or escort). We all head in and I dress while mom and pa cover me; they kill a zombie in a backroom, behind the counter. The dream dissipates.

      Morning of February 11, 2011 - Lucid Sex
      First lucid dream!

      I am in my science classroom, but the desks are scattered about and the math teacher is teaching. I randomly do a Reality Check, and go lucid. I get excited, and do the first thing on my mind: have sex with my crush. I don't know if it's considered perverted to do that in a lucid dream, but I see little difference between that and fantasizing. I ask my teacher if I can get out of my seat, and then ask the girl if I can, well, you know.... do her. So I do. I then eagerly intend to do her friend (who's hot) next, but keep being interrupted by the lesson until the bell rings. I think, "screw this, I'm going to fly", but I fail to do so and get irritated. The dream dissipated.

      It wasn't very vivid, so I intend to work on that. Interestingly, I was friendlier to the friend. Correlation or causation?

      Morning of November 16, 2011 - Don't Open the Fucking Door
      I'm camping in the woods with the Boy Scouts, but at the start I'm in some ruins. It's trapezoidal, like the little station in Star Wars VI, and I look around. A cat similar to one at my home, Butterscotch, is running around. To the front of me is a glass window. To the right is a pathway and another door. The walls and ground are orange. I study the door to the right. It says
      DO NOT OPEN or something like that, written in orange marker. The door is barricaded from the outside.
      I know there is nothing in the ruins itself, but I'm overcome with terror. I inexplicably know the backstory behind the ruins: a woman with a cat lived here a while. I want to go through the door with the cat, but I cannot for fear that two rotting corpses (women and her second cat) will be there. I dash out, terrified.

      I'm quickly running through the woods, over a chasm via a thin wooden bridge, and towards the camp. I expect zombies or some equivalent, but I don't see any, just one sudden, thrashing of vegetation. This is chigger country; lush bushes and ferns and all everywhere, and then there's high trees, like it's a cold jungle. Probably the Pacific Northwest in each case.

      I gladly reach camp. It's a camporee, because I can see other troops in the distance. We get an order to get some stuff from the ruins, which we do. The dream dissipates in the building

      Night of November 16, 2011 - Recurring Party
      So there's a recurring dream. I've had it once before. It's not the dream that's the same, it's the location and the major events in the background.

      Every year, in a town with no name that my mind modeled heavily off the Sevierville-Pigeon Forge-Gatlinburg metropolitan area has this huge-ass Carnival. I get some money from my mom to go there.

      Both times there's a large gate for entrance and a huge, two-story, rustic building with a restaurant on the first floor and a store on the second. Before actually reaching the first floor of the building, you go up a short flight of stairs. To your left is a stand where an apathetic black-haired white woman sells tickets.

      Morning of June 30, 2011 - Burgers and Body Horror
      I don't remember the exact beginning, but I believe I was hanging out with two of my friends (MB and CL). We went into this burger joint to eat, and went down the line. We bought burgers and a fry. It was like the store repeated; we'd walk into another room, similar to the first, and get more, pay more. I got ahead of the rest, eating one of the burgers as I walked, and became disoriented and upset. I found them in the last room, sitting at a table. I asked them about the way we were supposed to go through the line, and they said that I had done it the wrong way.
      I had a false awakening, and the scene changed. My mom and I were walking along a beautiful lake, which was lit up by the redish evening sun. There was a steep slope, like the beach at Scott's Gulf in Tennessee. We are leaving the land in a wagon, and as we near it, I slip down the slope. I struggle to get back up (getting annoyed with her for not hoisting me up; in hindsight, she has a bad back in the real world), and finally climb up on what looks like the frame of a bike wedged in the side, an oddity.
      I suddenly remember a previous dream, and get scared. This path we will be riding out is haunted at night, the people inside tortured with sudden appearances of the dead. I ask her carefully if it is haunted, and she sighs and says that the camp (-grounds) used to be an American Civil War battlefield. I ask her if I can close my eyes to make it go away, and she half-smiles and says that it won't happen (if I did, something far, far worse will appear in my own head). We get on and start to move (there's a man driving, he reminds me of a preacher), and the dream ends.

      Zombie Truck Mania 7

      Another one to give "lolz" to. First, I'm speeding down a highway. It's like one of those crappy arcade games: I'm in a huge truck, driving on cliffs, etc. Behind me are a mass of vehicles.
      I turn a corner and leave the nature scene for a cemetery reminiscent of one near my house. I get out. There's zombies and such shuffling around. I make for a truck parked nearby, and get in. Then I realize that a zombie family is sitting in the truck next to me. They don't attack me or seem a threat, they just look on ahead. I get out, freaked out.
      What do I do? I get back in my monster truck and kick SOME ZOMBIE CARCASS! That is, attempt to run over them.

      I drive down a steep road strewn with many of them, get out, and walk to a tent where one of my friends is sitting, in peace, with a zombie. I just sit down, and kind of relaxed. The dream ended a little while later.

      The good thing about my sick zombie-dreams is that the zombies never look "authentic". Their just kind of like.... people. A little grayer, maybe a slight bit dirty, but they rarely threaten me and certainly don't look that scary.

      Just Too Scary

      Thankfully, I don't have this one often, but it's come about three times. It freaks the crap out of me.

      The basic idea is that I'm, usually with my father, at a two-story, somewhat compact, cabin in the forest in the middle of the night. A paved road is nearby, and a gravel parking lot provides.... parking.

      The inside of the house has zombies in it. These ARE rotting, horrible, threatening masses of flesh. My God, I was terrified when I suffered from Dream 1 and was inside the din of the home, which was lightly illuminated by a TV.

      Then, the second time I entered from a different door. The dead was on the other end.

      The third time (or a continuation of the second time) I commented on the dead not being outside, and my dad said something like, "Tell that to them." Behind us was two flatbeds, with zombies standing on them.

      Thankfully, I finally had some peace. These dreams don't last long, and I then returned to a more calm scene. We returned home, where daylight had come, and began fortifying. I had a feeling of hope, that time. It was certainly much more grisly.... and scary.... from the dreams of my youth.

      OH CRAP....
      Needless to say, I remember nightmares more easily than dreams. Thus, I'll have more nightmares written down here than dreams.

      This one was recurring, but went away.
      Basically, the dream's "boundaries" are a road, a path leading away from the road at a 90 degree angle, a boulder to the left side of the path, and trees. Everywhere there are trees, like in my Real World hometown.

      The path has a mound on it, like an oversized anthill, with a weird creature coming out of it. It has the body of a worm (that can be seen), a head shaped like a closed-up flower bulb, and "little green man" eyes. In the dream, I am always eaten by it. Once it catches sight of you, there is no escape.

      Fair in the Gym
      Basically, there's a fair in the school gym, and I'm there with my two friends I hang out with the most. I just kind of wander around and it dissipates.

      The Huge Museum
      My family plus my brother and his girlfriends' daughter (henceforth referred to as "Nugget") are all visiting a hybrid between a museum and a place of amusement (there's arcades). It's layout and contents remind me of a mall, and most of it is kept dim.

      We are walking along the beautiful river outside in the daytime. For some reason, there are a bunch of nudists along the beach. My parents decide to enjoy the beach, and send the rest of us along with money. My brother goes off to do something, so I'm stuck with Nugget.

      Nugget wants to keep stopping at certain areas, walking through others, and buying stuff, like any second-grader would. She keeps annoying me to the point where I think, fuck you, you ruined my day, we're going back. I start speed-walking back to the beach through the dimly-lit halls, with her following me. At one point, I realize she's somewhere else (based off real life). I get very pissed and find her, taking her back outside. It's nighttime now, and I find my brother walking from a parking lot. I meet up with him, and he leads us to our parents.

      The Day I Slit My Thigh
      I had this delight when I was little. I dreamed that my leg was cut, badly. Now, I was too little to realize that it would get infected, but I wasn't concerned much about the blood loss I already had. However, I wanted it patched up. I whined to my mother, who was gardening, but she ignored me for a while and then dealt with it.

      It may have been a sleeping parallel to a time when I cut my foot. She reacted quicker in the Real World, though.

      Waking From Wal-Mart

      A false awakening.
      I dreamed I was at Wal-Mart.
      The sky was somewhat tan in color. It was probably evening. I was warm. My dad was walking me towards the store. The main thing I remember is watching a female employee (she wore glasses, had black hare, skinny) pushing a cart. For some reason, back then (I was little) my dream wasn't sexual, but now it excites me thinking about it.
      Anyways, I woke up and was in my bed. Similar sky, dream dissipated a little while later.

      Ahh! Vulture!

      I was reading Eragon before I went to bed, and it was the part where Rorin sails in waters where he fears the vultures are hiding.

      My dream had me sitting in the middle chair of the living room of my house. My dog, a Sheltie puppy named Harley, was outside. Suddenly, he goes running around my house as fast as possible, barking like it's the apocalypse. I literally saw him fly around the house in less than a second (he can run that fast in Real Life, even though it's a dream I was in). I know something bad is about to happen. So, I get up from my seat and run to the window. A massive vulture sweeps down, almost a 90 degree angle, and crashes through the window, headed straight for me. I awake in terror.

      Zombies from Oregon's Jungles

      Now, don't get me wrong. I have three zombie dreams out of five dreams here, but that's because I remember the recurring or the unique dreams.

      Anyways, before going into a first-person view, I saw a map, showing how Oregon is OBVIOUSLY at the center of our nation. Don't ask, I was dreaming.
      I then am running through the dense jungles of Oregon (LOL, my zombie dreams scare me, but they're actually pretty funny) and I run up to a shack. I'm being chased by two sisters, who look more like Neytiri from Avatar then proper living dead. Note that this was WAY before Avatar came out.
      I go to this shack and, with lightning speed, assemble a motorcycle out of random bits of stuff with my mind. I hop on it, and drive away. I suddenly flash-forward, as is common in dreams, to my apartment in town. Note that NONE of the stuff in this dream is real. Also, the motorcycle scene was inspired by LEGO Star Wars 2, where you can take LEGO bricks and assemble them into a vehicle or other useful object.
      I run through the kitchen (my mom is ironing) and up to my dad, who's working at a computer. "What's the best way to kill a zombie?" I ask.
      "Fire." he responds. "You have to burn it." (In Real Life, my father is one of the most realistic people I know.)

      I take the iron and use it to valiantly ward off the neighbors, who turn out to be harmless, nice people, and then get grounded for trying to kill zombies.
      I have one sick, sick brain.

      First Dream
      I arrive late to buying tickets and get very pissed off. I head back home to the hotel, which is based heavily off the Capri. My family is still swimming in the bright water where I left them. They point me towards a large amusement park (nowhere near as large as Carnival) on top of a stubby mountain, like many attractions in real Sevierburg Forge. I head up the mountain to there with a friend. We kind of stick out, but get bored and come back to the swimming pool, where I am content.

      This Dream
      All I did was poke around long enough to just barely miss it, and get VERY pissed off. I yell something at the teller about the ridiculousness of it (the closing limit is really early for what it is) and head back in, in search of some of my friends, whose numbers include my crush I mentioned in "Lucid Sex" (her name is Mallory).
      I find them on the second floor and whine about it. Mallory has more sympathy than I would expect, real world or dream world, and offers to comfort me. I allow her to do so (she leans against me).
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      Yayz for grass chocolate!

      First "lucid" dream I've had, but it didn't last long enough.

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      In my head.
      Quote Originally Posted by UsernameTheRand View Post
      Yayz for grass chocolate!

      First "lucid" dream I've had, but it didn't last long enough.
      I'm curious as to what that means. and my dreams are also affected by movies, videogames, etc.

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      I have no clue.

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      I assumed it meant you ate grass flavored chocolate and it made you realize you were dreaming. No?
      actually I thought it was a random reference to weed

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      Oh, now I get what you're saying.

      Nah, I never ate it. I just picked it up and kind of looked at it, then looked over my shoulder.

      Wait just a..... "grass chocolate". Spiked brownies.... I'VE SOLVED IT!

      I'm going to start another list of dreams I remember but had before the dream journal.

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      Oh, and I added said dreams. Hopefully, I'll remember more.

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      I've updated my journal, and added a "Date-Less" dream.

      EDIT: Am I a pervert for my latest dream?
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