before you read i would like to warn you that i am terrible at wrighting

unkown date (found it in word)
It started out at a train station/bus station i was with lewis martin and probably Nathan (friends) they got on their buses and i the went and found mine, i got on it as i borded it i heard somthing about top gear and how Richard Hammond thought he wasnít pikey enough pluss he was on the bus this then changed into eve and the bus was a spaceship (it turned into game view) and i was trying to get some skill boks from a station but whene i got there they where floating in space (wierd lines connecting them all creating blue geometric shapes when i tried to collect them the station attacked so i had to leave where i found a second sation, docking on it i found some people who ecused me of attacking the other station (another change in plot) now im inside but its more like a sea ship and the people are inspecting the ship but we have living trees on the ship that if they are found we will be killed (jack sparrow was their) eventually we go to the top of the ship as i turns out it is a sea ship someone falls in and just as i was about to jump in someone drags them aboard then this changes to at home wher for some reason i have to warn Adrian (friend) about somthing but my mum and sister turned evil and tried to chase me after several. Attempts to lock heidi in the house she got out then mum appeared with her i then tured and fled over the back garden fence (wich for some reason was chainlink) then this led to a chase across what appeared to be an abandoned and very destroyed block of houses (with scaffolding everywhere i used parkour to run through and climb through it all, but heidi kept following and mum was usually ahead waiting for me, unusually i felt tired and lethargic the whole way through the chase but i managed to get through where i landed on a street where i was picked up by someone out of csi they said the had lost trust in me, i was then injected with a numbing thing and then somone used another needle supposedly to give me an anaesthetic to send me to sleep so they could perfore heart surgery

april 11th
It started with holes like portals appearing in the ceiling then unimportant events happened (a bit of talking )After that I must have had some kind of false awakening cause I was at home on bed trying to watch a film, (the third in a series) when I accidently break it (donít know how) this then changes to me and Adrian (a friend) at some weird place where we were trying to watch the same film (for some reason it didnít want to let us because I had Brocken the disk but two people forced computers to let us in. this scene then turned into my old house where everyone was arriving to celebrate something (felt like something for me possibly a birth day, then Adrian sent me home to get/do something this skipped to my return a couple of hours later where I was sent straight out again, n my way back this time I met a group of people who were drinking one of them was keiren ( an ex friend) I invited him to the party on the way there it suddenly turned to night and we were in town centre (kiren was very drunk) this scene then returned to my new house which was dark and had a few people in it (one might have been Amy) we talked and my view turned upstairs somewhere I didnít recognise the location (there where weird holes in the ceiling still) inside a grated box (ceiling high) lay a body when two girls approached they fainted then it turned into a weird creature (scary) as it stepped out I started talking to it about music and it seemed pleased and I took the opportunity to run as it came down the stairs it changed into the grim reaper, I told everyone in the house but they didnít believe me till he stepped through the door, then suddenly I was in a different place (just outside the kitchen where the grim reaper talked about killing me as he did I ran but he ended up cutting me down (with a sword?) but this didnít kill me he then said something about awakening, then he disappeared, we then (me and some people in the house) found babies around the house, asleep (it seemed like they were meant to be there/lived there), then the grim reaper said somehow that the parents had been taken because they were not worthy (he did not care about the children) for some reason I then found my snake and put him way (in my old room, then phoned the cops they did a search of the house particularly my room where I found my snake hadnít been put away it was just left on the floor I then put it away, this then turned into a weird battle scene (roman v Spartans (300 not halo)) it was really slow then a dragon came and we were told to run towards the dungeon but I ran towards the closer Forrest until Gandalf told me not to go that way upon entering the dungeon it was in fact more industrial and to get in we had to work our way through I chain link fence maze after getting inside it turned out to be a weird prison people then entered the cells as I stood outside one then the scene changed slightly and they were all locked and one person tried to escape this caused a fire which everyone ran from, I went the opposite way and found a teleporter that took me ahead of the rest of the people there was a shield at one side of me and a star-gate at the other I went through the shield where I found some other people who said I was going in the wrong way I followed them back but we had to go through a door to get back which wouldnít open, I shot it but it didnít work then I found a red button/switch at the same time as someone else (now they where people from star-gate) this released the door and we headed towards the star-gates which where in a corridor now, I found my snake coming towards us which I picked up and took with me, the end