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      Nonick's dreams

      I decided to translate my journal entries which I was only keeping in my computer until now, and that the following ones will only be written in english, so I can post them here aswell.

      Black - Normal Dreams
      Blue - Lucid Parts
      (comments will be written like this)
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      (I only remember parts)
      I traded a medium sized turtle for a larger one. But the one I had just received was a salt-water turtle, or something. I still tried to put in on a pool with normal water, but it jumped out of it like a cat, as soon as it touched the water. Then it just stood there, staring at something.
      (forgot what happens here)
      I was with my brother and a giant egg with arms and legs (??). We were trying to kill someone or something, with time-frozen lightning, shaped like those lightning usually associated with the god Zeus. It was my brother who stopped and re-started them in-time, I only had to give the orders. The egg was neck-locking the person.
      I threw it at the victim, and my brother re-started the time as it was on the air, right before it hit said person or thing. It died, and disappeared (I think), but the lightning also hit the egg in the belly, which ended up wounding him. The wound looked like a fridge door, that opened and closed lol.
      In that place, there was some kind of a ramp that went down, at which there was some kind of contest. I dropped various eggs, and the one that made it out intact would win. (There were traps in the ramp, because those hard eggs wouldn’t break normally, oh no. )
      Many were caught by the traps, I don’t remember if more than 1 made it to the end.

      (forgot what happens here)

      I was at a room, with a few people. Like 7 or 8. I remember knowing 3 of them, old schoolmates. Not sure if I knew the others or not. My philosophy teacher was also there, teaching/talking about snooker, and I think we played it for a bit aswell. The rest of the class was busy doing something else.
      We left that room and went for a walk. I don’t remember much more, other than entering a café, wanting to buy some lollipops for us. There was a box full of lollipops that were clearly feminine (don’t ask me why, I just felt they were lol)
      I was with a guy from that group that came with me to help carrying the stuff. I remember him buying one of those girly lollipops.
      Then we went outside and started smashing ant colonies, using those circular things you use to cut pizza.


      Woke up at 11 and went back to sleep, had this dream:
      I was in an hospital, in a small waiting room with various people, possibly waiting aswell.
      I wanted to sign up for an optical surgery, and there were 2 days. One of them, you would choose the doctor, pay about 900€ and then wait for your turn. The waiting time was about 9 months. The other, was to put your name in a list, and be treated by one of the 2 nurses that worked there. The names were picked randomly, and you could or could not get picked. One of the guys waiting said that list wasn’t worth it, because those nurses had bad eyesight and didn’t have any medical training. I decided it wasn’t worth it after hearing this man, but I had already put my name there anyway. But whatever, I probably wouldn’t get picked anyway.
      I went to schedule the surgery with a proper doctor, and on my way out, a lady comes to me and takes me to the surgery room. I said it wasn’t worth it, since I already had another surgery scheduled. But she insisted, saying that wasn’t any of her business, and said she would only try some alternative, non-surgical procedures.
      I gave up and lain down in the bed. She gave me local anaesthesia, and it felt very real. My whole head was numb after a while, and she started working, doing something on my teeth.
      Since nothing worked, she said something like “Well, this is the last thing I’m gonna try, if it doesn’t work, go to the other surgery you have scheduled. I’ll just move your teeth slightly to the right.” I don’t know why, but I accepted it.
      She then puts some machine in the left side of my mouth, and I start feeling pressure, like all my teeth moved to the right.
      When I looked at a mirror, my teeth were incredibly messy (I should have become lucid here , I guess I didn’t remember the distorted mirror images RC) just like before I had my bracers (I don’t have them anymore)
      I felt so angry at this point…But that woman wasn’t there anymore. The fact that she just ruined my smile, and that I’d probably have to wear bracers again for 2 or 3 years seriously pissed me off.
      I started panicking lol, and I felt like this the rest of the dream, constantly. Or well, I guess it had become somewhat of a nightmare by now.
      I look towards the hospital entrance and my parents are there, arguing with the woman, refusing to buy an insurance plan, because it would be cheaper to just pay for the accident. (I had no idea what they were talking about) Then they start mumbling something about the insurance policy.
      I go to them, and explain what happened. They simply tell me that “it’s ok, you’ll just wear bracers again”, with a smile on their face.
      We got into the car, and went to a supermarket. There was a huge crowd at the door, along with a reporter. I got in. When I came back, everyone was running towards a boat that had just arrived. The reporter was running there aswell, like she couldn’t miss a big story. I didn’t give a shit about the whole thing, I was constantly worrying about my teeth. CONSTANTLY.
      They dropped me at my grandparent’s house, I don’t remember what happened, but I was staring at a mirror for quite a while. My smile was completely deformed. (When I woke up and thought about it, I realized I could have become lucid, but I guess I was too worried about the teeth lol.”
      I woke up, and I almost couldn’t believe it was a dream. It was extremely vivid, more than any dream I could remember.

      I had the first false awakening I was aware of!It’s not much of a dream, more of a milestone, I guess.
      Basically, I was trying to WILD, and suddenly I get up, start staring at my room to see if it’s real, and hell, it did look VERY VERY real. I RC'ed before I decided to go back to my WILD attempt, and what the hell, I could still breathe. I stood there like 15 seconds, trying to understand what the hell was happening... it couldn't possibly be a dream, it was so damn real...
      Then I suddenly wake up, laying in my bed, VERY confused lol


      I don’t remember much, other than the fact that I was in the street with a few friends, one of which I haven’t seen since I was 12 or 13. He had a different dog that acted and looked awfully like another friend’s dog, that seems to have an unhealthy obsession about jumping on me. (Sure enough, he kept harassing me in the dream just like in real-life )
      I think my friend’s father had just died, and caused him to be sad.

      I don’t remember much of the dream itself, other than being on one of my toilets, looking at a mirror. I looked VERY VERY weird, and realized I could be dreaming. Trying to do the nose breathing RC, but it didn’t work, so I looked at my hands. Holy crap, were they deformed. They looked like an inflated piece of meat with very small fingers on one of the extremities. Still I wasn’t convinced it was a dream. (Maybe it’s because the “main” RC I do while awake is the breathing one, and the one I see as the most reliable?)
      Anyway, I tried the nose RC again. Once, twice, didn’t work. Tried it a third time, and I could breathe. “haha, weeeeeeeee” I said to myself, and shouted “There’s gonna be an airplane behind this door!!” (I don’t even know why, haha, summoning an airplane inside my house as the first thing I do in a lucid.)
      Nothing happened of course, I just ended up looking at my hallway, feeling VERY excited. As soon as I realized I’m way too excited, I begin to feel like waking up. I rub my hands, doesn’t seem to work. I start spinning, and I get the feeling I’m not going to make it in-time,
      and end up in my bed, still feeling excited about having a dream and having to update my dream journal. I get up, and see my cousin in the hallway. At this point, I had already lost lucidity (arrrr, why didn’t I RC when I got up, like I always do?). My cousin invited me to a game with the family, which consisted of building 2 boats in a warehouse, split into 2 teams, and try to destroy the other boat before they destroy yours. I felt like I knew what she was talking about, as if I played it once before. I also didn’t feel like playing it, at all. But apparently they needed me for the teams to be evenly split, so they all came into my room, trying to convince me otherwise. I said I had to go to my driver’s lessons since it was my day off (I actually had to do this, after I had awaken from this nap), and “no, I couldn’t go in the weekend because it was closed, what are you talking about?!”. I ended up leaving, and my mother started moaning I was always mean to her. I just said “That’s called… retribution” Caruso-style, closing the door behind me, haha.
      I started walking to the driving school, and there’s some skaters, hip-hopers and whatnot in the way. At this point I stop being… myself and I get an eagle-eye view of the scene that was happening there. I looked like something from a movie. A guy came running down a ramp, with a police car behind him, screaming “THEY KILLED HIM, THEY KILLED HIM”. The whole thing becomes a mess and I wake up.


      I think I might have had an epic lucid dream, but due to my recall not being the best, I ended up forgetting most of it, and I’m not sure if I was actually lucid, or if I dreamt about being lucid.
      Anyway, I’ll write what I remember, or what I think I remember. I’m not sure of most of it at this point lol.

      I became lucid, then tried to fly. It was kinda flimsy at first, but I got the hang of it fast. I went to cause chaos at some mall, or bank (I think it was a mall, though) The alarm went off, the whole thing was a mess, so I just flew up and watched it from above.
      I proceeded to tell a DC it was fine because it was a dream. I think he was named Lance or something, and looked like that guy from GTA:vice city.
      Don’t remember much more, other than finding a alien being sleeping, or fainted, with some sort of protective shield that wouldn't let us harm it, and also destroyed one of our weapons or protection devices when I poked him with it (I remember telling the person that was with me: "Look at this... 2 touches from the shield and our most powerful weapon is completely destroyed...). It woke up, and we ended up killing it. I’m not sure what I did to win, though.

      Then I remember walking around a balcony, with a very eerie atmosphere. There were either gargoyle-like statues there, or they were actual beings. They weren’t harmful, regardless.
      Then I have some very, very vague ideas about the rest, but it’s not worth writing about.
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      Been slacking a bit, since I've been kinda busy to write down dreams, but here's a new entry:


      (I didn’t have time to write the dream down today, I just wrote a few keywords and decided to do it later. Turns out I forgot mostly everything, but figured I’d post what I remember.)

      I was at my school, trying to come out of the bar, but apparently someone decided it was a good idea to park some foosball tables outside of the door (like 7 or 8), blocking the way. Kids were playing on them too, and they didn’t seem to care.
      I did the most logical thing to do in such a situation, be a badass and start throwing – not moving – throwing all those freaking tables away. (Move table, get off the way!) No one seemed to care, so it was all fine.
      (Forgot what happens here)
      I was in a mall of some kind, looking for some sunglasses to buy. I looked everywhere, but couldn’t find anything at all, just normal glasses. Then I come across a store that looks INCREDIBLY familiar, not real-life familiar, because the way the stuff was organized there was ridiculous (bunch of glasses everywhere, oddly shaped among normal shaped, with a couple female sunglasses in the middle of the whole mess. I go away to check some stores, and that’s all I remember for the night.
      (Then I woke up 2 hours earlier than what I was supposed to, and had some few short dreams during that period)
      I find myself in my living room, with my siblings. I was threatening them (as a joke) with a knife, saying I could just stab them without consequences if I was dreaming. They tell me to chill out, because that was reality. I believe them, but decide to teach them what a reality check is.
      Me: “my hands looks weird… what the..”
      Him: “whatever, I’m sure I’m real”
      Me: “Well, I’m not being able to breathe with my nose, you must be right…”
      Then I glance at the clock on the TV screen, and it changes when I was looking away from it.
      I just look at my brother and tell him to fuck off and run out of the room. I tried to scream “Increase light” but I realized it was already clear enough, then it starts fading away as I’m shouting “increase lucidity”. I have a false awakening and lose lucidity.

      Something happens, and I have to go to the basement, to the online games store (I have no idea what it was doing in the basement, but whatever)
      It looks very small, more like an office. There’s only 1 man inside and he seems busy. He treated me as a regular, and shoo’ed away the 2 people that also wanted to enter along with me, I think they were tourists or something.
      Anyway, apparently I didn’t need anything from there, because I didn’t buy anything. Not like there was anything to buy anyway. There were a bunch of boxes on a side, all piled together in a messy way. Above those there was a cupboard with some music cd’s, I check them one by one, and then leave.
      Then I wake up for good.

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      Over 1 month since I wrote anything, lack of time to write stuff down when I wake up and then I end up forgetting everything... But here goes a lucid

      I was inside a train, just doing nothing, like you’d normally do in a train. Suddenly I grab a brush from my pocket and start brushing my hair (???). I look over my shoulder and 2 massive guys are laughing at it. They’d kick my ass in no time, but I thought it was a good idea to have a go at them. They actually started apologizing, and seemed to take the abuse I was giving them. Whatever, DC’s are weird.
      I jump off the train, and end up in a place with a bunch of manholes. One of them was open, so I go down.
      There’s a weird storage down there, very poorly illuminated. It felt very similar to the Penumbra environment, if anyone has played it. (I guess this happened because I was thinking of how I should get off my ass and finish that game already, I wanna know how it ends)
      I explore it a bit, but I come back out fast, I didn’t exactly feel nice and cosy down there lol
      Something involving my grandparents happen, I forgot what, and then I wake up.

      (later that night)

      I was sitting in front of my computer, doing something until some song starts playing (one that mentions a dream and reality checks)
      I remembered I hadn’t done any that day, so why not? Shame it wasn’t a dream though, would’ve been way too easy. (I was really, really convinced it couldn’t be a dream, like I had been awake the whole day)
      I pinch my nose, and to my surprise, I can breathe… I try it again, once, twice, and it’s working. I was like, really, really shocked, but still. I got up and tried to get a little “revenge” and try to do something that caused me to wake up the in last 2 lucids I had. Make something appear behind a door. I go to the bathroom door, and try to make a cat appear behind it. Didn’t work, and the dream was becoming really dark (didn’t feel like it was fading, though), so I run back to my room saying “increase clarity, increase lucidity”, nothing worked. And eventually I wake up. “not a big deal, probably a false awakening” My ass it was, I was fully awake. I get back to sleep.
      Eventually, I end up seeing myself in front of a mirror. I didn’t look that weird, except maybe a little shorter than what I really am. Also, when I looked better at it, I was a very faint glowing aura. I grinned, I knew what that meant. I pinch my nose, and certainly it worked. I knew it would, and I remembered what happened in the last lucid. Somehow, this one felt much more stable, like I was more confident or something.
      I go to my room, and try to summon something even simpler. I try to get a blue shirt form my wardrobe. Doesn’t work at first, nor the second time, but it works the third. I managed to summon some white underpants along with it, somehow.
      My window was just next to me, so I figured it’d be cool to dress nothing but those underpants and try to fall down, to see what it feels like. I pinch my nose like 3 times, just to make sure I’m REALLY dreaming, lol. Anyway, I jump down and it doesn’t really feel like anything. It felt like I just stopped moving, instead of hitting something that made me stop moving (the ground, in this case)
      I fly up high, higher than what my window was and let myself fall again. Same thing, except I landed on a neighbour’s garden. At this point, I felt I was gonna wake up soon, so I tried to summon a friend. I imagined her being around a corner, like I’ve read somewhere. I go to said corner, nothing’s there. I search for another corner, and try it again. Nothing. Then I hear someone behind me saying “oh, hello. Are you here aswell?”. It’s her. The dream starts fading and I wake up. It might have been a FA, but I didn’t bother checking.


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