After I long night of movie watching, I fell asleep and awoke in my mind.
I was running through the forest. I could feel the breeze in my hair, the earth under my feet, the bark on my hand as I dodged another tree. I must have been running for a few minutes before I looked to my left and saw John Lennon and Yoko running with me.
We were weaving in between each other and the trees until we stopped at a ruined cottage. It looked like it had been burnt down. John and I elaborated on the house's past, then ran to the next burnt down cottage. We elaborated a little farther in our English accents. We looked at each other.
His face was perfectly detailed; he had the infamous glasses, the hair, the facial structure. Then he said, "Well, see you later Paul," and ran away while giving Yoko a piggy-back ride.
I woke up.