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      Talking MUTUALSDREAMER's dreams *Work in Progress 8)*

      Blue means non-lucid and red means lucid.

      I am hoping to have the majority of dreams be lucid unlike it is now 8/.

      Of course since it was my first one, I was not completely 100% aware, but I was at least 75%.
      I became aware because earlier that night, I had a dream that I could manipulate water and when I woke up from it, I told myself that that was impossible and to recognize it in future dreams. I went back to sleep and appeared in a boat made of ice. I am sure I was in Antarctica. I decided to meditate since it was calm and when I did, the water around me started to bubble. So I said, "Wait a second," and tried to make it bubble again. This time it was even more powerful. I became mostly aware right there because I remembered that that was impossible.

      I floated along, admiring the dreams beauty, when I came to my garage, it was embedded into the side of a glacier. I hopped into it and my brother was swinging a bat. I told him that we were both dreaming and he said, "No we're not, that's stupid." So I got a rock and set it on the ground and tried to raise it with my mind. It didn't work so I thought if I got closer that it would. As I got closer it was like a magnet and jumped to my hand. My brother said there was nothing I could do to make him believe me so I said oh well at least it's someone to interact with. So I said hey want to go to a dream I had a while ago (I trained myself to wake up after every other dream)? He said, "Whatever," so I closed my eyes and tried to imagine my earlier dream. I opened my eyes and I was in the middle of an abandoned house (the one in my earlier dream). I looked around for my brother but he was not there, so I started to explore.

      As I was walking around, these little gnome things started attacking me. I raised my hand and started shooting them with a hand beam (). Right then I lost lucidity. After I killed all the gnomes, I regained about 90% lucidity. So, I thought I would try to get into my friend's dream. I drew his name in the air with my finger and it opened a portal (I had thought this through many times in the waking world). I stepped in and I was in a Mario game. I couldn't find my friend so I thought I would teleport him. I opened a portal and reached in with my hand. As I started to pull something out (assuming it's my friend) its arm came out and I woke up .
      Crazy for a first LD right?

      # 2 non-lucid 8)

      I was at school and aaron carter came. I was assigned to go do a newspaper report on him. It was all going well until i asked him the wrong question. He ran into the simulator (it took you to another dimension). I eventually found him and the only thing i needed to know, was his age. I asked him and he said 16. I couldnt put that he was 16 because another newspaper said that. Eventually i decided that i would just put that he was 15. He finally came back after a long time and he was on crutches. He went on the intercom and said that he would pay any1 $125 to let him lean on them. After no one volunteered, i was chosen. by the time i got to the office, he said that he wanted to take me into the simulator. We went to this world that was very cloudy and grass covered. We flew very high in the sky until we came to this desert land. There was a hotel so we went inside of it. There were two people (brother and sister) about 9-10 years old. There was a tray of prezels on the table. I took some and accidentally broke the tray. The girl said that she could fix and climb anything. As she was fixing it, i jumped on the upstairs banister and climbed over it. Her brother said that i was a more popular climber than her. She got mad and i woke up.

      # 3 non-lucid 8)

      We (the freshman class and a few T.A.'s went to pearl harbor with Brad. When we tried to come back, the bridge had to be put together. While we were waiting, we sat on bleachers and tried to knock down cans that were on the bridge ny throwing quarters at them. I knocked one down but only had that one quarter. On the bleachers, i kept standing on marissa's hair. Alyssa A.
      Asked me how much money i had and i said lots but no quarters (i had about $50). They moved the bleachers because they said we were being too dangerous. The bleachers turned into an enormous structure that had a ceiling made only of thin metal beams. Austin sat down next to me and the bar bended down A LOT. So i moved away from him. He kept folowing me and breaking the bars by jumping on them. Then he called emily over to jump with him.

      #4 non-lucid 8)

      *I wrote this a LONG time ago so please excuse the childish feel it has *
      I am at the south pole helping defend it from the fire nation (I had been watching the show The Last Airbender). They sent three waves of troops. We beat the first two, but the third one was enormous. There was no hope of victory. Luckily, the general that was coordinating the attack came with the third wave. Then someone ran into a destroyed fire nation boat and found a weapon stockpile (spears & swords). I ran inside and grabbed a sword. As I ran out, the general jumped in front of me and challened me to a duel. I ended up winning and so the third wave went into chaos and eventually retreated.

      EDIT: From now on, I will only post LD's because they are... less boring 8)

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