So, here's my dream journal. Comment if you want.

This IS Dinner! (Non-lucid)


In my dream last night, I dreamed that I was in art class with Gloria, Elisa, and Bridget. My teacher was Miss Yeager. We were sitting on stools around the chalkboard, and she was demonstrating how to do a project. However, it was less of a demonstration and more of her just doing the whole thing. I was sitting there thinking, "Wow, I forgot how long her demonstrations take..."

She had a big canvas propped up on the chalk board, and she had drawn in a winter scene: houses with children playing outside. She was currently coloring in the children with crayons, showing us how it was done the whole time.

Suddenly, Elisa, Gloria, Bridget, and I were actually in a snowy place. It was my street, but on the other side of it. We were all just sitting in some snow drifts, talking about random stuff that I can't remember. Then I asked Elisa, "You have Mr. Pawlikowski, right? What do you have him for?" She replied that she had him for math class. I thought that this was a bit strange, considering that I had Mr. Pawlikowski for math, too, and Elisa was in a different grade. However, I didn't think much of it, and I assumed that the schedule was just a bit weird.

We all walked across the street, and when I got there, I fell over into the snow. People started laughing at me, and I looked up and saw that my mother and Mr. Pawlikowski himself were standing near me. My mom said some kind of sarcastic remark, mocking me for falling in the snow. I was upset, and then I heard Mr. Pawlikowski start laughing. I wondered why, and then my mom started laughing at me for not having any shoes on. I realized that they had fallen off across the street. I was really upset, then, so I went over and sat by a big snowdrift. Bridget came over and started digging a fort out of it, right next to me. A lot of snow landed on my neck, and I complained to my mom, who made Bridget stop.

Then I crawled under the snow into a kind of bed. It wasn't cold, it was very comfortable. However, my mom made me get out. I asked her if we could go out to dinner and then see a movie. She said, "Sure!" however we went home. I was waiting excitedly to go for dinner, and in the meantime I picked up what looked like an oversized dog biscuit, the kind shaped like a bone. However, the ends of it were dog paws, complete with the pads on the bottom. They weren't real, but they were like it. I ate some of it, because it was like a cookie.

Then, my mom called me in for dinner. "But Mom," I said, "I thought we were going out for dinner!"

"This IS dinner," she said. "Go look!"

So I opened up the stove (which was more like a dryer) and there was some chicken with walnuts and broccoli. "Gross!" I said, because I would have much rather gone out to eat. But then I woke up.