Wednesday Night-Thursday Morning, April 21/22, 2010

In the middle
In waking life, I have two friends, Emma and Jacob, Who have been together for almost a month. They are talking about having sex. In my dream, me and Jake were running all around my house looking for a place to sleep together. In my dream, I was supposed to "test" Jake for my friend Emma, who knew all about it. In waking life, I am the kind of person who likes people when they are in a relationship. In this particular case, I was more than thrilled to find myself not attracted to Jacob in the least. The dream makes no sense to me whatsoever. Any suggestions of interpretation would be much appreciated.

Thursday night-Friday morning, April 22/23, 2010

I was lying on the floor with my friend. For some reason we couldn't get up, and I had a feeling it was because we were intoxicated. There was a young man in the room who was also my friend, though I don't know either of them in waking life. Suddenly I saw a big black spider crawling across the floor towards my outstretches hand. I cried out to the man to get the spider away, But he only tapped the floor trying to lead it away, which failed. The spider came walking across my finger and I couldn't move or shake it off. Then I woke up.

Saturday night-sunday morning, April 24/25 2010

Rebecca and the Water Dragon

Me and my long time best friend Rebecca were at the beach across from my house. She was telling me about some sea monster sightings at the beach a few minutes away. I hoped we would see it too, though I was doubtful in my mind. Presently we saw a massive whale tale shoot appear out of the water and gracefully slide back in. We could see the outline of the creature's body under the water. Suddenly I found myself Cornered into a rock formation by its gigantic Dragon-like head. I don't remember exactly how, but we made friends with it. The dream lasted for hours, of me and my friend swimming with this creature. I felt like I was in "How to train your Dragon". Then I dreamt I woke up and thought about my dream. Then I dreamt I fell asleep again and went back into the dream of swimming with Rebecca and the Water Dragon. This dream also lasted for hours. And this time, the Water Dragon brought friends. other people inside costumes that were black with all different coloured dots. Then I dreamt something I don't remember, and I woke up for real.