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      Dream Journal

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      Normal Dreams.

      Ermm,I haven't remembered much dreams in awhile.
      I have poor recall,2-4 dreams per month.
      Hopefully that will change.
      Spoiler for The story of where it all happened.:

      I'll start by placing Dreams that I remember......

      Dream 1:
      I'll start by the oldest ones I remembered.

      This was a very long time ago...
      I was in my house. I went to the living room I saw a coffin. BAM! I am now lucid. I decided I wanted to wake up,I jumped,possibly killing myself in the process. I woke up.

      Dream 2:

      This was quite blurry.
      I saw some people,not sure who they were,one guy looked like Zack Efron though.
      They were doing something with toy houses,I think. I attained lucidity.I like saw a mosquitoe?I told my mom to wake me up,apparently she heard it she waked me up.

      Dream 3

      This was something about Zeus and the fate of the world.....can't really remember.
      And this nice looking girl....I think there was a duel between them.I was on Zeus' guys side.
      It was a card game or something.The girl tried to seduce me.I woke up before I could decide.

      Dream 4
      Had this last night...
      Something about me watching Chirs Bosh make the playoffs and get MVP.

      I'll post one tommorow if I get one.

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      Last nights dream fragment:
      I can't remember the first one.

      My brother didn't want to wear a costume of some kind so I had to wear it.
      It skipped to Malfoy having a secret crush on Hermoine and wanting to do something to her..........
      I woke up.

      I can't remember my afternoon dream...

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      Had a interesting Lucid last night:
      Standing before me was the Anti-Christ.I soon realized it was a dream and became lucid.I initially tried to kill him,I couldn't so I jumped out of the window and wanted to fly,dissapointingly it didn't feel very real it wasn't vivid either.The scene changed,now I was inside a house with this seemingly evil lady who was decorating the house with old western furniture(I don't remember why she was evil,maybe she was the Anti-Christ.I got cought inside the dream plot and lost lucidity.Then there were this 3 girls in the house.One was blonde.She found this crystal that was supposedly poisonous.I then woke up.

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