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      xXxunumtriumxXx's dream journal, first entry and lucid control.

      Dream Lucid. Not asleep

      So i was tired and i was not asleep, and i kept saying to my slef, i will rember my dreams and i will recognize dream signs.

      So then i'm asleep, i apear on my favorite couch in the house, infront of the TV. So as i'm hust there sitting staring at the door, like i know someones going to knock, then my older brother's friend knocks on the door, and he is wearing a gray sweater and then i said (i said this becuase he brings his xbox over to play at our house) "i should have told you to bring the xbox" i notice the sweater, it's dark and rainy and humid out-side, plus he doesn't own one, so then I notice it's a dream, really it's to late to continue that dream but luckily the lucidity carries on into the bext dream following that one.
      Next i appear on a ship from halo, with no real weapon in my hand, but as i sky dive to the platform below to play a game of monster survival with other halo people, who? I don't know their faces were covered by the mask. As i fall below, i spawn an assault rifle, and the monsters are there and they are attacking. I'm getting hit alot and i'm killing a lot of monsters, i managed to acheive some high jumps. For a while it cuts off into white (did i die or did a monster stun me?) and everyone else is dead/eliminated from the round, so afterwards i'm still on the plat form, and the monsters are still attacking, as the monsters attack i jump a good 2,3, or 4 times till i leviate,note i did not fly, io levitated but i was isolated. So when i'm hovering i jump into a box in the sky where i started throwing gernades down, when i turn to my left i see a bunch of 8-bit pixel gernades, and they blow up but i get away unscaved, so finally i jump down, but the monsters attack again, this time i hover again, but instead of the box i get stuck in air, and i summon a nuke! That was so exciting
      !n When it falls and blows up it excites me so much i wake up! So i'm awake, and forget the dream for few hours untill the word halo reminds me of it, it happens to me all the time. I think i didn't get excited enough to wake up because i was so preocupied with winning i didn't care about excitement and fun (thats how i am when i play video games sometimes.). So thats the story of ym first controlled lucid dream, i had other lucid dreams, but i wasn't aware enough to controll them. That was round one, there was a knowlage, because i heard it ftom one of the other people, so my dream goal right now is to finish round 2.
      Have a Good One!

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      yay you posting your dream journal! I love dreaming in video games. Cant wait to hear how you win round 2!
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