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      DeeryTheDeer's Enhanced Dream Journal

      The reason I'm calling this my "enhanced" dream journal is because this is where I will post dreams that are the result of taking lucid dream supplements outlined in Thomas Yuschak's book "Advanced Lucid Dreaming" about the Lucid Dream Supplement induction technique.

      I figure I should get into this again and make use of my supplements that I bought. I also want to have lucids that are actually interesting, worth posting and last longer than 30 seconds, which is why I'm using supplements now (but sparingly so that I don't have tolerance issues).

      I'm excited to embark on this new journey to mastering LDs and I hope you enjoy it!
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      First Substantial Lucid with Dream Control (DILD)


      First I went to bed on the couch at about 1 am. I slept until 8 am, when I got up to go to the bathroom and take the supplements with water and half a cookie, so the digestion wouldn't be too difficult. I took 8 mg of galantamine and 600 mg of Choline together.

      When I returned to the couch, I tried to relax but had a bit of trouble. I had earplugs in to prevent any noise, but it was getting pretty light in the living room, so I moved into my room and slept on my bed. I must have finally fallen back to sleep in about an hour, 2 at most.

      I was in my grandparents' house when I became lucid (no reality checks or dream signs, just a realization). My vision was dull and blurry at this moment, so I decided to closely study a large houseplant in the downstairs living room. As I scrutinized a leaf closely, my vision soon became quite clear and vivid, and I was amazed at how real everything seemed now, looking around the plant and the room. I enjoyed the moment and marveled at how easily I could lose lucidity if I wasn't being vigilant.

      Next, I turned my gaze to a red, piled blanket lying on the coffee table in front of the TV. I decided to practice some more dream control by willing the red blanket to turn blue. I tried to imagine the blanket suddenly turning blue, like an abrupt camera cut, but it wasn't working, and I felt like such a trick would be too much for me to pull off right now. I relaxed and kept trying to will it and believe it, and eventually a corner of of the pile started to bleed darker to purple and then a muted blue, gradually washing over the rest of the blanket like a spill of liquid. (this was the first time I have ever been able to succeed at transforming anything in a lucid)

      My sister came downstairs and I wanted to share my excitement over the accomplishment with her, but she was extremely ugly, disfigured and scary looking. Her right eye was large and misshapen, and her left eye was a bit squished, like Quasimodo. I turned away in fear and disgust, and she turned and went further downstairs into the basement.

      When I followed her down to the basement, I found two of her in there- one was my normal looking sister, and the other disfigured, and had suddenly turned into an ugly baby wrapped in a pink blanket. She was lying on the table, while my normal sister looked on blankly and bored, not paying any attention to her. I picked up the baby under her arms and tried to transform her into a normal, attractive baby with more telekenesis. I kept trying to imagine her disfigurement disappear and change, but nothing was happening. I eventually gave up and just started to love her, saying that she was beautiful, and I hugged her. When I brought her back away from my shoulder, she was suddenly a healthy, beautiful looking baby. She had some black hair on her head, dark eyelashes and deep brown eyes... which didn't look anything like my sister did at that age, but I didn't think of this. She was just some different baby now, and I didn't care.

      After that, I went back up to the living room and tried to figure out what to do next with my lucid dream. While racking my brain trying to think of dream goals, all I could come up with off the top of my head was either sex or flying. I figured that flying would be too difficult and daunting in this moment, especially since my visuals were blurry again and would only get worse if I tried to visualize flying, so I opted for sex (the sensation of masturbating in my non-lucid dreams is always at least ten times more powerful and enjoyable than in real life, although I've never technically climaxed in a dream).

      I just stood there and reached down to my crotch, experimenting with the tactile quality of the dream and hoping it would be powerful like my non-lucids. To the contrary, it was as boring as real life. My normal sister walked past me and glanced at me, likely wondering what I was doing, but I paid no heed to her since I knew that she was just an illusion. My dream quality kept getting hazier until it faded away at that point.

      From what I can remember of my dreams following that, I had a new dream involving some kind of frat party with many college age boys and girls carousing and drinking beer on a wide strip of lawn next to an empty street, against a wall of mountain rock. There I saw an attractive guy with dark curly hair, scruffy facial hair and bright bluish-green eyes. He approached me with a hungry, lustful look, surrounded by a few of his buddies who were laughing and probably egging him on. I didn't mind this, so as he embraced me I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pushed me up against the rocky cliff, making out. About a minute later we both agreed to escape the party and run to some secluded area of the neighborhood down the block, where he showed me his nether regions. I was enjoying the entire time.

      Then a new dream emerged about a man who was famous for taping himself riding down a large, tall, spiraling yellow waterslide at a water park with his junk out of his swimming trunks. He was kind of light-skinned black, slightly chubby and bald. His publicity stunt spurred a trend of other male celebrities doing the same thing.

      Later I dreamed about an alternative rock band trying to film a music video for their new hit single, and one of the members with a guitar was supposed to sing a high part of the chorus. In the heat of the performance, the guy belted out the verse in emotional tears, but I don't know why. The other band members seemed a little dubious/worried about him. All was not right with him.

      This segwayed into the band performing in a bleak pet store, with me an active participant in their filming as one of them. I tried to follow every direction the director gave and copied the other rockers, but some of the moves were very weird, like grabbing onto cylindrical pillars and levitating sideways, as if we were being blown by a heavy horizontal wind and trying to hold on. I couldn't see any camera filming us, as we were all right in front of a wall of blue fish tanks.

      After some filming, I walked to the back of the pet store and saw a rounded hallway at the left corner of the building. I went through the hallway, which was painted a warm, vibrant purple and led into a large round room that was decorated like some Disney channel live action kid set. At the side of the room was an open half-dome zoo of flagship and domestic animals, many of them regular pets like cats, dogs and birds. For some reason I was shocked and disgusted with the way that a certain large bird was conducting itself, being a careless greedy predator to others, but a female guide explained to me that this bird actually contributed a lot to the community and the environment, pointing out examples.

      Extra comments:

      One of my goals is to finally have my first WILD, and that night was a failed attempt at a WILD but a pretty encouraging DILD at least, even though sometimes the lucidity and quality wasn't that great. The only bad part of this is that when I finally woke up from my dreams at nearly noon, I was completely fatigued and drained of energy. So wiped out, in fact, that it was a tiresome struggle just to stand up, much less walk around the house and start my day. After a few hours I finally got over it. I need to figure out how to improve my method next time to prevent something like this.

      Part of it could have been that I slept considerably longer than 4-5 hours prior to taking the supplements and going back to bed. Or what I ate or didn't eat.
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