It's my first dream since i started my dream journal. I'll update this thread with more.

In this dream i was just a spectator, didn't actually take part in it. It included some characters from my favorite TV series "Lost", though they had different names in the dream, but i knew it was them. I'll just go with their show names, as i don't remember the names they had in the dream.

Jack, Jin and Sun were in some dark temple or a ziggurat. They were looking for each other (or more like Jack and Jin were looking for Sun). Lurking in the dark was some mysterious, evil guy with round glasses and moustache.
Jin found Sun in a room that looked like some sort of basement. At that moment the guy in glasses summoned a troll to get them. It came out of a hole next to Jin and Sun. It was green, not too big but kinda round and had a pointy nose. They bagan to run and figured out a plan to lock the troll inside the temple. The man in glasses smiled and murmured to himself that it's a good plan.
Jin and Sun ran out of the temple, it was night and there were fires around the entrance. It was a beach. Jin pulled some sort of lever next to one of the fire palces and the door to the temple began to close. In the last second Jack managed to get out.
Then Jack accused Jin of wanting to leave him inside and they bagan to fight, with the man in the glasses laughing evily in the background. And that's when my alarm clock went off.

If you plan to reply to this, make sure you use spoiler tags when talking about the plot of Lost, as some people might not have seen the episodes you want to reffer to