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      Dream Log of Mackerel. (LD 1/1)

      I figure if I transcribe dreams to a second place, that just increases my intent to Lucid Dream, right?
      Non Lucidity
      Partial Lucidity

      1. Green Flames & Skyscrapers: 05/13/10

      Out of the pitch dark, I see glowing rectangular lights flicker into sight. Soon a skyscraper develops from them. I am now looking at a city skyline scene at night time, from miles away. I gain focus, and instantly zoom to within 100 feet of this 60 story skyscraper. I am disembodied being pulled upwards like a camera on a dolly, the wall of the building is transparent, interior clearly viewed. I stop a few floors from the top and enter - I weave through the building underneath desks, through corridors and finally up stairs to the top great room.

      There stands a lone man in a suit, dimly lit by a few lamps. He is holding a few hundred dollar bills in his hand. I am flung into his body and become him, holding the money. I walk to a glass cabinet full of trinkets to grab a lighter and begin setting the money on fire. I notice the flame is yellow when it should be green, and as I am thinking this the flame seems to insistently change to green. I realize I might be dreaming, throw the burning paper to the floor and stomp it out - it turns to sticky goo under my shoes like soft gum.

      I look up, out a window and see the World Trade Centers. I want to go into the city so I teleport to the ground outside the building and begin walking and counting in my head for unknown reasons.
      When I reach 4, I STOP, realize I am dreaming - then rub my hands together, and spin around. I feel a trembling vibration through my dream body as my awareness heightens. I begin walking and feel the ground hard against my feet. I start running to the center of the city, but within 30 seconds I am over excited and loose lucidity. The dream fades. I should have calmed myself.

      ((DISCLAIM: Anything dealing with numbers, i.e. "60 stories", is an estimate.))
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