Matt C. - Downriver M.I. 20yr.

Tho ive had them off and on most of my life the times are so random, changes in anything cause them but the one I had last night made me look stuff up online just to see some of other people's dreams.

Right now I am currently w/d from Vicodin (complete other subject with me) a bit I think this had a lot to do with my offset of sleep with the absence of depressants. But I laid down around 1A.M. like usually a hour or two off, and most of mine happen id like to say before i get up at least the ones im most likely to remember that is, mine was about meeting a girl who was beautiful prostitute. If i would have posted this as soon as i woke up I would remember how I met her but the dream just kept going on and on like me ^^ sorry for this too. I suppose it was all in random but any how we went to a place of her knowing cause it was just easier for it, It's almost like I fell in love with her like some sort of ecstasy but i suppose that's all in all in the LD, it went on and on from her coming to my house with my parents and older brother live to just have phenomenal sex to me the whole entire time trying to seduce her. In which after we woke up of that Monday (odd day) she assured me wed meet up on Wednesday. I didn't pay her anything which would make sense to my longing and it ending picture perfect and i know most dreams like this are probably very normal but Id just like to get to know other peoples opinion's especially when they ask questions. It was so vivid I wish I could have the same dream over and over, i still wanna look and see some dejavu experiences with this, this definitely was meant for a newb forum but idk ill continue to post more especially if i get feedback, all i can say is this dream was AMAZING.