i rote down as much as i could remember, its a bit weird in places and i cannot remember the start. so here it goes.

'Its nite and i walk into my backyard. its quite light as of torches or something. lots of people are sitting around. one in paticular a famous person "kendra wilkinson(girls of playboy mansion)". nothing explicit. i remember being with another person just a meter away from her then some how sliding like i was on a coveyer belt over to her. i think i got a hug. sun was raising. well a moon which looked like a asteriode which looked like i was watching it on a monitor crashed in mid air for no reason then my dream is blank.

the next bits i remember:

im down another street, one close to my house. walking with my mates, cant remeber what was going on. mite have been blowing up condoms (they do that at school in reality).
im walking with my mates down an alley. the alley for which i used to get to my first primary school. their is gravel type road with mini like buildings with yellow squares. i walk down the path. everything is very runescape. everything seems quite similar to runescape too. then the next thing i remember. im with some dude back where i was near the mini buildings.

the first bit in the backyard was the best part.

i have had many famous people in my dreams. miley cyrus(i hate her) benny hill (my idol), john cleese(fawlty towers, monty python)