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      Jongeh's Dream Journal

      I have yet to become lucid within a dream.

      I will post as much as I can of each dream I have on this thread. At the moment, I am not really having fully recallable dreams, only dreams where I can only recall certain parts. Some of the dreams I will have will be very vague and will not make sense... Some of the dreams I will have will not be as vague, but will still not make sense. I will try to explain the dreams in as much detail as possible for your sake, if not for my own.

      18/05/2010 - Non-Lucid.

      I remember the setting, it was dark, but not dark enough to not be able to see. I presume it was mid-evening and I was with a girl whom I know in real life and we were lying on this mattress on the left hand side of the road, with the occasional car coming towards us and glaring it's lights, but we just took no notice. The mattress was not exactly in pristine condition, it looked quite old and dirty. I am beginning to think that we possibly found it by the side of the road and put it in the road. The road we were on had an embankment on the left side of it a and it slightly curved to the left, going up a shallow hill. To the left of the road was a set of woods or a forest. I began getting off with this girl and we must have been doing it for a while. I had started to do other sexual acts to her and time passed and I remember her beginning to take my top off so I started to undress her. We were just about to have sex when I realised I didn't have a condom, so both of us got a little annoyed at that.
      We got up from the mattress and I said I would go and look for a condom. She got up too and we walked up the road and arrived at a house. The house was pointing towards to road and looked like a typical rural house you find in England. There were windows which were pointing towards the woods and I looked inside and I could see people. The girl who I was with went and asked someone inside the house for a condom (not even knowing who lived there) and then before you know it, loads of people who I know started turning up at this house as it looked like there was going to be a party there. I started to get embarressed as the girl who I was with was asking people for a condom for us to have sex. Before you know it, another girl who I know just came up to me and gave me a condom, so feeling embarrassed and stupid, I just took it and ran off into the woods. I don't know if the girl who I was with in the first place followed me, but I could see lots of the people from the party following me to possibly watch us have sex.

      That part of the dream then concluded and I found myself in this canyon, which a road ran through, with some friends (whom I cannot recall.) It looked like mid afternoon, the sun was beating down and it was hot. There were huge bins on one side of the road and it looked like this area was a rubbish dump or a place to recycle your glass/plastic etc (people who live in the UK will know what I am talking about, them big green metal bins you put recycleable waste in.) In this area, a landrover or rangerover was parked there. I had the backpack I wear for school on and I remember my friends suddenly saying something along the lines of "yeah, it's amazing what you can find in these bins!!" and then suddenly I agreed and started routing through the rubbish trying to find something of value to put in my backpack. At this point there was no one around, just I then noticed the back of the landrover/range rover was open and I looked inside and I found a shoe which was of the Nike brand and looked cool, a bit like nike dunks with the high tops. I got inside the back of the car and picked the shoe up. I then looked around and could see a couple of other shoes but they did not match this one. I then looked under the seats and there it was, the other shoe to make the pair, so I reached under and pulled it out.
      I rememer looking at the shoes. They were kind of metallic in colour, possibly silver and gold with other colours and were in pretty good condition. However, I noticed some scuffs on the front, but these were minimal. I looked at them for a while, feeling what they felt like, feeling how heavy they were and looking at the sole which clearly had the 'Nike' written on it. The sole was brown.
      After doing this, I showed the pair of shoes to my friends and they were like "wow, nice" but did not seem keen about it, it sounded like they had a shadow of a doubt in their voice, or a tone to warn me of something - I didn't listen. We then got up and started walking in a straight line, single file through the canyon and we got to a small tunnel which the road ran though and suddenly the road was jam packed and congested. The narrow pathway we were walking down had cars to the right of it on the road, and I looked right and noticed the car I had taken the pair of shoes from was right next to me. A guy driving it, possibly mid 20's or 30's was looking at me, but didn't say anything. My friends started talking about he was following me because I had stolen his shoes or something, and I remember having the shoes in my backpack as we were walking. He continued to follow me in his car, keeping directly to the right of me, watching me and by this point I realised that he was pissed off that I had stolen his shoes, but was not fully confident in it as he was not saying anything to me and he wasn't making it obvious he was following - he could have just been trying to go though the tunnel.
      Eventually I lost him and then I remember putting the shoes on in a place with completely different settings. I stood up and thought they were a cool pair of shoes.

      This is where I cannot recall the dream any longer.
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