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      So I was waking up after each dream, I remembered 3 of them and then I went to try WILD'ing, I was lying there relaxing for a while saying to myself how the next scene will be a dream, I will look at my hand and realise I'm dreaming and have full control over the dream (Since I lacked that usually). Then after a while I stoped and just relaxed thinking of nothing, like I was going normaly to sleep, after some time I felt WILD beggining (Mild vibrations this time and nothing else).

      I woke up in my room, I sitted in my bed and piched my nose and tried to breathe trough it, finding out I was dreaming. I became fully lucid, I stood up from my bed but I noticed something was wrong with me, one of my eyes (Right one) was shut tightly and I tried to open it but I couldn't, I could feel it and everything, even the eyelashes but I couldn't open it no matter what so I decided not to pay too much attention to it and rubbed my hands together. After I did that I tought I could try flying and I start jumping but aside from jumping higher than usually I couldn't fly. So after that I decided to change the scenery around me, I shut my eyes tightly and started imagining the scene around me, my head hurted alot and my both eyes hurted at one moment and I opened them, aside from my room looking a little different nothing happened. I then decided to explore the room and just do passive control since all ways of trying to control failed (I tried imagining the scene around me a few times but each time It would hurt and when I opened my eyes my room would just look differently.) I exited my room and saw my mom walking around the kitchen and my stepdad sitting and working on his lappy. I asked my mom why was my right eye shut and I was unable to open it, she just told me that I might have tried opening it too fast and now that I can't. She sits down where she usually sits and lowers her face (I didn't see it for a moment) and when she turned her head back up her face was a sceletons with hair, I screamed a little in fear and asked her if she could turn her face back to normal, she said "Awww....ok fine" and her face was back normal. I said it scared me and she said "Ok", so I decide trying to ask her now where someone was who I wanted to have a shared dream (Don't ask, I just try this every time no matter what xD) I asked her "Where is Moonlight?" she told me "He isn't here" I said "I know he isn't here, that's why I am asking where he is" and then after a while she replied "He's outside with one of your girl classmates" I think this was the point where I fell into a Semi-lucid state. I said "Ok" and went into the hall, I clicked the light switch but the light in the bathroom turned on, I turn the switch off and the light in the bathroom turns off, I don't pay it much attention and rub my hands (I tought that alot of time passed in the dream and would be a good idea to rub my hands together so it lasts longer) I exit my home to the flat's stairway, I try turning the light switch on but nothing happens, I turn it off and say to myself that it turns on the lights and I turn the switch on and only the light on my floor where I was turns on, I decide that it's hopeless so I just rush down the stairway in the dark, when I was close to the end I notice some girl on the stairway (I didn't really see her clearly) and scream as she scared me, she says "Don't be scared, I'm not gonna hurt you" I just quickly leave and rush outside. When I'm outside I notice people walking around carrying....mobile lawnmovers? (What the? xD) I look a bit scared of it all but then go outside and go towards the other end of the town, I got there pretty fast (For some reason I didn't have to walk alot at all) I got there and saw my girl classmate crying and being comforted by her friends, she was dissing Moonlight really badly, I just wanted to go there and give her a piece of my mind but I just decided to let that go and find Moonlight, but as I did so I woke up.

      So yah, I call this a barely fully lucid dream because I couldn't do anything I wanted, I couldn't even open my right eye trough the whole dream. xD;;
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      About 1/12 of my dreams have involved either seeing really dark shapes and objects (vision impairment, not dark environmental lighting) or having one eye blurry and dark, or just unable to see. Pretty annoying, huh?

      But at least you were lucid! You can always go back to doing stuff in the next dream.

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