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      djonkoman's dreamjournal

      first my 2 dreams of tonight

      1str dream(non-lucid) :
      I'm walking down a stair, made of dark wood, with walls of the same dark wood at both sides
      the whole scenery has a classic look to it, maybe the wood also had clasic-looking patterns to it, but I don't really remember, it was the same kind of wood as our couch
      there was someone, not someone I know, about 5 metres from me away, I don't know anymore if he/she was up the stairs or down the stairs, but he/she was walking in the same direction

      then I suddenly ascend in to the air, gliding through the air above the stairs(the stair-room must've had a ceiling, but I don't really remember seeing it, but there was a boundarie to how highI could fly , around 10 metres high, the ceiling was the same hight above thw whole stairs, it didn't descend together with the stairs)
      the other person on the stairs looked surprised to me above him/her, while I yelled WWHHIIIIIEEEEE in excitement of being flying

      what I also remember, but what wasn't really in the dream(I just know it was that way), was that it was a special kind of weed that made me fly

      I woke up after thist 1st dream, I repeated the keywords 2times to myself(drea about weedstraibn that made me fly, anything else I didn't know anymore back then but I reconstructed the whole dream this morning in the shower, just like the 2nd)
      2nd dream(non-lucid) :
      this was kind of a false awakening
      it was today, I was at home and I asked my mother if my package from dealextreme already arrived(simce I always come downstairs after the package-service of the mail has been here)
      she said no, because it was in hard paper
      I didn't understand wtf that ment, so I asked her why it wasn't and if it maybe would come in tthe afternoon(with the regular mail) she said no, it would take another 1-2 weeks because it was in hard paper(I still was puzzled about that hard paper part)

      and that was the dream, I woke up, and when I came downstairs the package also wasn't delivered yet in reality

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      then now some dreams from the past

      first all nightmares I remember:

      1st one(had it 2 times)(non-lucid) :
      I'm i the bushes, watching myself being chased by a lion, and eventually caught and eaten
      but at the same time, I'm that other me being chased and eaten

      2nd(also had it 2, maybe 3 times)(non-lucid) :
      I'm swiming in the pool of bergum(where I also had swimminglessons with school)
      I'm around halfway the pool
      then, suddenly I can't move, I try to scream but no sound comes out my mouth, and I'm in my bed(I think this was SP, the feeling was a lot like the time I know for sure was SP, altough I didn't know that at the time)

      3rd(only one time, luckily)(non-lucid) :
      I'm in my neighboorhood with all the other kids from the neighboorhood that I used to(and at that time still did) play with in the evenings
      but, we're chased by some weird shadowcreatures down the street, and the whole scenery has a dark and frightening feel to it, as if shadows rule the world
      we're around halfway my house and the corner of the street, when I fall(under a streetlight)
      the creatures aproach me, and I know thy will assimilate me(a little like the dementors in harry potter, only I didn't had read harry potter back then yet, but in multiple ways they were similar tto the dementors, they only didn't have capes, they were just dark, evil shadowcreatures)
      when one bowd down to me I yelled at the others, that stopped, to keep running, and then I woke up when the creature almost assimilated me

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      and now some random dreams

      first dream ever that I remember(I must've been very young, since I remember I had it when sleeping with my parents in their bed, but I must've been older then 3, since my first memorie is from when I was 3 and I know it didn't predate that)

      it wasn't really a dream, more a image
      I se collored rabbits(a red rabbit, a green rabbit, and so on)
      the background is just black, there also didn't happen anything, just this image

      then a dream , I think I must've been 4 or so(because of the scenery in the dream)(non-lucid) :
      I was at school(the kindergarten part of elementary still) and I went to the toilet
      weird part was, the walls(those cubicle walls) were around 50 metres high
      and it was a maze
      eventually I found the toilet, wich was around 40-45 metres high on the wall(I don't know how I got up there)
      then I started to pee, and woke up in my bed because I peed in my bed....

      ok, this one is from a little later, I think around when I was 10 or so(non-lucid at first I thik, but it is possible I was lucid in the ater part, but I'm not sure about that):
      the scenery is a place in my village, it's a bicycle path behind the elementary school(on wich I was still back then)
      its'a canal, with on one side the path I'm talking about, and on the other side houses
      there is a bench/couch at one point between the path and the canal, and some bushes and grass
      on the other side of the path is the school
      I was hovering/floating about 3-5 metres up in the air at one end of the path
      I think there was someone else at he other end also doing the same, but I don't know anymore, maybe I even had the same as with the lion-nightmare
      I then flew to the other end of the path
      I also remember being stationary and going higher at one point

      another random dream(non-lucid) :
      I don't remeber much from this one, besides that it was very weird, but it all seemed logical and true in the dream
      a kind of park, wich is actully 5 kilometres from our house, was next to our house
      between it was a ditch, wich I had to cross on a cruiseship that was a ferry
      I was on the cruiseship, then something happened(it sank or so)(the ship is btw full of people I don't know, but there are always lots of people I don't know in my dreams)

      another random dream wich I only rememer partly(non-lucid) :
      I'm in our backyard
      one of our guinea pigs got youngs
      but there was something weird with it, I don't remember exactly what(maybe the youngs had weird colors like red, blue etc, maybe the 'mother' was actuallt our male guinea pig
      my mom was also in this dream, but I don't re,ember what her role was

      next post wil be my lucids till now, but first a break

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      ok, first my last lucid
      it was last week, after waking up around 12(in the morning, noon for you, night for me) and going back to sleep

      the scene was some kind of city, I don't know, but there were a lot of people, it had a little amiddle-eastern touch to it(but I only know that from later in the dream, at this part it wasn't that clear)
      I realised I was deaming, and I became lucid
      I didn't want to do an ordinry RC(I already knew I was dreaming), then I got the idea to go masturbating in public, partly for the fun, partly o get maximum confidence in my LD
      nobody reacted to it oor looked at me
      after a while I ended up in building/room, don't know exactly how I got there, I guess I just suddenly was there, and there was a winding staircase(I know I waled up it, but I also know after that I was in the same room so I think I walked up it and then down again)
      by then my dik wasn't hard anymore, so I stopped publicly masturbating
      then I got my next idea, I got the idea to go shoot fire with my finger
      I saw someone I knew in fron of me, I pointed at his neck and there was fire(but no fire between my finger and the neck)(I doubted before that a little it would work, but it worked at the first attempt)
      he didn't react to it btw, or I didn't see it anymore because after that the dream ended

      my other 2 ld's, from longer ago, I don't fully remember, and weren't that deep(I still felt my body laying in bed)

      btw, now writing this suddenly a thought submerges that in that previous deschribed LD there was a statue in the first scene, altough I don't remember that

      anyway, back to th 2 earlier LD's
      I know that in one I was in a van, I knew one person, the others I don't know, but I don't know if I knew that person in real life too, or that I only knew im in my dream(I vagely remember it was my uncle, but I'm not sure)
      in that van I realised I was lucid, I got out of it and started exploring the dreamworld, it was just a regular scenery, but not anything I knew, some kind of city or village or so, I tried finding people I knew in real life but there were only people I didn't know, and no one of them was an atractive female(some seemed at first sight, but when I aproached them or spoke to them it tuned out every time they weren't that atractive as they looked at first, not really ugly eother, just regular) so the LD was pretty boring...(and I didn't try any superpowers)

      the other LD I know I had I don't remember anything at all(only that I still feltr my body in bed at the same time)

      and it could be I had another LD, but that I don't know for sure, if I hadone it was also that I still felt my body in bed

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      a new entry, now dreams in the mean time(only the day after those last dreams I remembered I had a dream, but not what it was about or anything, just that I ad it, wich is already a mjor improvement for me, knowing I had a dream 2 days in a row)

      but yesterday-evening I had a dreamrelated experience again

      I wasn't aiming for a LD, I just went to sleep normally, but I couldn't sleep
      so I laud there for a while, after a while I notice a little bit of the symptoms I had during my WILD-attempts, but not very strong
      then suddenly, I hear music
      it's too loud and clear to come from outside my room, and it wasn't anything I knew, I think it sounded most like soft rock or so(I mostly listen to metal and some rock), but I'm not sure, it wasn't bad t least
      then when I was enjoying the music, and I knew I was close to a WILD(but I wasn't planning on a WILD that night so I didt really make an effort to get into WILD, I just wanted to sleep)
      then suddenly, I felt the falling into matrass feeling
      first time a little, 2nd time, right after the first a little harder, a bit like the harest of the ones I experienced in my WILD-attempts
      then sudenly a 3rd time, more violent and hard then I ever experienced it, and I knew I was in SP(I recognised it from one time when I woke up at night a few years back and had real SP, the not being able to move kind, not the kind during my WILD-attempts where my body just fekt asleep but I was still able to move
      then I saw the light coming trough a little crack between my window and curtain, but my eyes were closed
      then I felt like I floated away from my body at around a half meter diagonal up from my body(so an OBE, but I don't really remember if I saw my body lying there too)
      the I went back, because I didn't want an OBE, I wanted a LD
      everything was black, so I tried turning(while my body was in SP), then I remember tht indeed a dream scenario emerged, but I can't remember anything from it besides that there were at least 2 people I know in rl
      this only lasted a few seconds, after that I was back in my bed and awake, I did a RC to be sure(too lazy and sleepy to move much so I just tried pushin my finger troughmy chest/belly since I had my hand lying there anyway

      so I finally had a WILD, and an OBE as bonus, but unintentionally
      and altough I didn't slep that much this night(went too sleep a little late since I first showered and then quickly learned a bit for an engglish vocabulaire test I had today), but I felt good rested today(but I have the feeling I'm more rested, and hungry, the last time anyway, also becoming a bit more active instead of my passive self and smell more, far more

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      Good job on your OBE... you could have gone ahead with it!
      Click the door... and welcome to my dream world!

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      I remembered a dream again saturdaynight
      I'm on a strike, multiple nights of remembering dreams in only a few weeks
      I don't remember much of this one btw, only that it was non-lucid and that I was with friends and blew into a beathalyzer(never touched such a thing so don't know where that came from...), and the cop reading it said I was a little over the maximum(he used the word maximum, not specified what maximum)
      I answered it were probably the remains of this night/last night(I just had a night out with friends that night, but I didn't drink that much, only 5 0,5 litre-cans, I mostly smoked weed, so it's also busted that weed destroys your recall, I even smoked some more on my way home and other then normal I didn't watch a movie or tvshow-episode first but went to sleep right away after eating a grilled cheese sandwich)

      I don't remember more of the dream than that conversations, I only remember I wasn't arrested or anything in that dream so it was no problem I blew over the max, that(trying the breathalyzer) was just for fun
      but I don't remember what WAS the reason I was there(I was at a police station or at least something similar, I think it looked a bit like the police station that was in that 70's show once)

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