So i had this weird dream a few days ago
The first thing i can remember was gaining awareness of the fact that i was dreaming,most likely because i noticed i was floating,and i decided to be in my own video-game(not sure if it was my idea though)
I was in this huge white-gray like city and there were zombies,at first i floated away from the zombies
until i cheated me some basic blade,i proceeded to escape to a building where i dismembered some zombies that crawled on the ground near the stairway(i know it doesn't seem like a pleasant dream,but i really had fun,i knew it was a dream and i kicked ass,the setting was mostly out of my control) there was a underwater level to i can't remember the details though
eventually i found myself in a room with some friends where i chilled back for a while
for some reason i lost my lucidity back then and stepped accidentally on a very sharp samurai sword
i was cut mildly in the leg(a small cut),i decided to keep the sword
with the looming threat of zombies we decided to take of and i searched all the blades that belonged to me and i couldn't find the exact ones,i saw similar ones,but not the exact
after looking around a lot i started to notice the blades where always different looking,they were transforming,at that point i became lucid again.
moments later when drawing out a knife whist in the air i noticed the thingymagic that covers the blade was in separate parts,like a puzzle,it was pretty weird

after that there was a big blank(can't remember)
then i found myself in this big hall with water at the bottom and platforms(with zombies of course) to get to the exit, so decided to float as far as i could(i couldn't stay in the air for a long time)
so i hacked and slashed my way through the air to the seventh platform which was pretty close to the exit.
blank again (probably a lot more aerial ass-kicking)
much later i found myself in the sky where this voice was somehow guiding me and telling me what was going to happen next(i probably wasn't lucid any more by this point)then i fell at immense speed to different locations across the world,every time flying very fast back up above the clouds,oh yeah and then i regained lucidity and woke up,it was morning by then so i called it a night

extra fragment of a dream the next day:
i was in a classroom at school and wasn't in the mood to walk up to my desk ,and what was my conclusion?i simply swam through the air above all other students to my desk
for some reason this seemed perfectly logical to me(wasn't lucid) and no one in the classroom seemed to think this was odd