I am walking in a familiar neighbourhood and I see this really nice mansion on the other side of the street. I am walking with some random person who apparently I know really well. So we decide to go over and check it out because we see these wooden animal statues in front of the house and a yellow Porsche.

The other guy with me starts messing around and starts to pose in the same way as the statues. It was quite funny until I tried it. As I moved closer to them, they came alive. At this point I was sitting on the ground surrounded by them. There were 6 of them but I could only remember 3 vividly, a lion, snake and giraffe. The lion bit the giraffe and killed it. Then the snake bit my ankle and would not let go. I tried so hard but it just would not move. The guy who was with me just disappeared and then I woke up. However it was a false awakening and I realized this because I told my parents and they were saying that its common. They said depending on the different type of wood and the water that goes on it can affect it. So I went back into the dream realizing it was a dream and pulled out a gun from nowhere and shot all of them.

Then I went to another dream where I was playing hockey with my neighbours and they wanted to burn something. They had a school desk with a whole bunch of stuff on it. Then right when they were about to go, some lady started yelling at us. So then we went to a park and there were skeletons where they wanted to burn stuff. Then the lady told us again that she knows where we live- at this apartment building where 'chuck' lives. The same chuck from the show 'chuck'.

So then the dream takes me outside the apartment building at night. There's a soccer field right outside the building and I was standing in the middle with everyone going around me playing. Then everything goes black and I wake up.