Firstly, Hey all! Haven't been on in a while, but I had my first proper kind of lucid dream this morning and it was pretty flippin awesome, so I'm gonna join again and hopefully be able to dream up some awesome fun!

Well, here's the dream (unformatted this time, but later I'll use the DreamJournal program)

I was sitting on a swingset (the kind you get for your backyard), swinging with LC. I faced her on the swing, which made it begin to swing diagonally, like it would in real life but very emphasised.
BC was apparently sitting behind me, and he threw a third swing that was apparently attatched to the swingset, in between LC and me. It hit me on the head (I knew this, but nothing else indicated so), so while I was still sitting on my swing, I grabbed the swing he threw and threw it at him. Being attatched to the swingset, it swung back, past LC, and then came back down, hitting her in the back of the head.
I didn't stay on the swingset, but I didn't get off either. I was sort of on it but moving towards her as if it was a normal way of moving. I tried to say sorry, but I was so quiet I couldn't hear myself, and neither could she. I tried to be louder, but it wasn't working. Something seemed a bit wrong here, but it felt like I was really tired/lazy, so it still felt believable. I got off the swing now, and she was at the far end of the backyard. I was walking sidewards, not towards her, still trying to talk. I had my headphones in (they slid in unnoticed at this point), so I tried to turn off the music playing to see if I could hear. When the music wouldn't stop playing, I wondered why, then I realised I was dreaming.
I was concerned about getting up on time for school, as well as panicking a bit, so I tried to exit the dream. I felt like I was shaking, and everything was begining to stop existing. Everything went black, but I was still conscious. I was afraid it would feel like dying when I tried to do it, and if it did, dying isn't anything to be afraid of (just from that experience alone, let alone other things).
Don't worry, I'm not saying I want to or have tried to die.
I woke up, and realised I still had the music playing from my phone. It never missed a beat either